Weekly WordPress News: WP 4.4 “Clifford” Released, WPEngine Security Breach & More.

Published on December 11th, 2015

Last Updated on June 16th, 2020

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WordPress 4.4 shipped this week, this new release included the new default Twenty Sixteen theme, responsive images, WordPress embeds and the first half the REST API. The responsive images features means that when you upload an image now, WordPress will create different sized images and will automatically detect which version to show depending on the viewers browser size which will save you some bandwidth by only shower smaller images to smaller screen sizes.


The Embed feature, means that if someone now pastes a link to a WordPress post, it will create an iFrame with a link and extract from the post along with links to your comments and a share icon. Im not sure how I feel about this one and whether it will affect SEO or not ?


The new default theme is a clean, classic style blogging theme. While there is nothing remarkable about it, it should serve as a nice clean starting point for developing your own themes.


Here is the rest of the news from the last 7 days, have a great weekend everyone!

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