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WooCommerce Order Form_ Increase Your Conversion Rates

WooCommerce Order Form: Increase Your Conversion Rates

When the default WooCommerce layout doesn’t fit with how your customers browse and buy products, an order form could be exactly what you need. For many online stores, adding a WooCommerce order form is one of the most efficient ways to improve conversion rates and boost sales. Shops with large product directories, restaurants selling online, and wholesale stores are just

Weekly WordPress News

Weekly WordPress News: Elementor Gets Theme Building

This week, Elementor, the page builder that we use here at WPLift, got a massive new feature. Elementer Pro now offers full theme building. You can use the same Elementor interface to build your header, footer,

Weekly WordPress News

Weekly WordPress News: Gutenberg Gets Drag And Drop

This week, Gutenberg 2.6 dropped with a much-needed new feature: drag and drop block sorting. Now, instead of needing to jam on the up or down arrows, you can simply drag a block to a new

pixelgrade club

Pixelgrade Club: The Netflix of WordPress Themes?

WordPress has long been a popular blogging tool. It is currently the world’s most popular CMS. While WP can be used to create a wide genre of websites, it is still a very versatile and nifty

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