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Looking for an awesome SiteGround deal? There are many options out there for WordPress hosting. Many of these hosts are small operations that could disappear tomorrow. SiteGround is different. SiteGround is one of the best known and most well-established WordPress hosts in the industry. It has been around since 2004, and it has successfully provided hosting services to millions of websites. SiteGround is primarily known for its excellent customer service and its wide level of different hosting options that ensure there is a suitable option for everyone. SiteGround’s hosting options are already quite reasonably priced. With our coupon for a massive discount, you’ll be able to save even more money on your WordPress hosting today.

Pre-Built Caching

One of the most common complaints that the webmasters of WordPress sites will have is long load times. If you’re trying to get your website off of the ground, long load times can be a traffic killer. People just clicking on your site out of curiosity aren’t likely to wait a long time for a page to load. However, your pages may take a while to load, especially if they feature multiple images. SiteGround has a solution to this problem.

SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans all offer a feature known as pre-built caching. If you’re new to running a WordPress site, you may be wondering exactly what pre-built caching is. To put it, pre-built caching allows images and other assets that may take a long time to load to be already saved on the server. This results in significantly quicker load times.

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One-Click Installs

To get the most out of your WordPress site, it’s vital to utilize plugins. However, plug-ins can sometimes take a while to install. SiteGround shortens this process considerably by allowing one-click installs. If you are starting a new WordPress site and you need to install quite a few plug-ins, this feature can save you a great deal of time.

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WordPress Staging Area

SiteGround offers its own WordPress staging area. This feature allows you to quickly and easily edit your site so that you can see exactly how it’ll look when it goes live. Of course, you can also make your changes live in just seconds. Using WordPress can be intimidating for people who are just starting. SiteGround’s WordPress staging area makes the process a breeze.

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SiteGround Has The Right Plan For Your Site

As previously mentioned, SiteGround is known for its customization. It has 3 different plans that you can choose from to ensure that your hosting services meet your site’s current needs and allow you to scale up quickly as traffic to your site grows. These plans range from the StartUp option to the GrowBig plan and the premier plan offered by SiteGround: the GoGeek hosting option. As the names of these plans imply, StartUp is best for a new site, GrowBig is best for growing websites, and GoGeek is right for WordPress-based sites that already get a lot of traffic.

No matter what your WordPress hosting needs may be, SiteGround has the right solution for your site. Read on to learn more about the 3 WordPress hosting options that SiteGround offers.


The StartUp plan offers a full suite of features that entry-level plans from other WordPress hosting services just can’t match. The many features of this plan include email, SSL and HTTPS and even unmetered traffic. The unmetered traffic feature is especially unique, as the starter plans from many WordPress hosts don’t offer it until you get to their more expensive plans.

If your WordPress site is just getting started, try out SiteGround’s StartUp plan with our coupon code today.


The next plan up after SiteGround’s StartUp plan is the GrowBig plan. The name of this plan is pretty self-explanatory. It is aimed at sites that are looking to grow their traffic. While many of the websites that use SiteGround’s GrowBig plan are already established, the GrowBig plan could be the right choice for a new site. If you’re looking to increase your site’s traffic as rapidly as possible, the GrowBig option could be right for you. The additional features of this plan include a free WordPress site transfer, an advanced on-demand site backup, and SiteGround’s proprietary SuperCacher service, which allows for even faster loading times.

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The top-level plan at SiteGround is known as the GoGeek plan. This plan is best for well-established sites that see more than 25,000 monthly visits. The GoGeek plan offers a premium level of hosting that can accommodate up to 100,00 visitors a month. Also, the GoGeek option has features like PCI-compliant servers and pre-installed Git. Also, webmasters that choose the GoGeek plan benefit from priority customer service from SiteGround’s experts.

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If you’ve read to this point, you’re probably ready to give SiteGround a try for all of your WordPress hosting needs. Before you go on over to the SiteGround website to register, make sure to get our coupon code. The coupon we have on this page allows you to get a massive 70% off of your hosting plan. SiteGround’s plans are already quite reasonably priced, so using our coupon code will let you get quality hosting for the lowest price that you’re likely to find anywhere.

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