11 Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Site

Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Site

Are you looking for some purpose-oriented free WordPress plugins to improve your website? Then you might find our collection quite useful! We’ve handpicked the best


Making Sites Accessible With WordPress Plugins

When most people build a WordPress site, one of the oft-overlooked elements is accessibility. They work hard on writing quality content, installing the best plugins and using a beautiful theme. But most don’t even know about the accessibility aspect. If you are serious about your users, designing your website for accessibility is one of the best things you can do.


WP Robot Review – Autoblogging Made Easy

Autoblogging often gets a bad rap because it can be abusive. And that’s true – I certainly won’t deny it. BUT, there’s nothing inherently abusive about autoblogging. As long as everything is above board, autoblogging can be a valuable tool for your site. Today, I’ll be looking at WP Robot Version 5, the latest incarnation of the popular WP Robot autoblogging plugin. This version brings a whole new interface and a slew of new features.

ThreeWP Broadcast

ThreeWP Broadcast Review – Automatically Multipost to WordPress Multisite

Picture this…You’ve got a WordPress multisite install with tens, or hundreds, of sites. You want to publish content to each site – maybe a site wide announcement, a sale, or a product update. How do you do it? Copy and paste the same post to every site? I think that sounds like a ton of work. ThreeWP Broadcast from Plainview Plugins makes that process a heckuva lot easier.