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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8.1 Is Out

After a brief delay from its original release date of August 1st, WordPress 4.8.1 is out to fix some maintenance issues, including that pesky rich text widget that was causing people trouble.

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Weekly WordPress News: What’s Coming in WordPress 4.8?

This week, we have a roundup of all the new features in WordPress 4.8. While there’s nothing too exciting, you will get some cool new widgets on June 8th. There’s also an interesting interview with Ionut from ThemeIsle on how he and his team built the ThemeIsle brand.

What's New in WP 4.8

What’s New in WordPress 4.8 – Features and Screenshots

It’s that time of the year again. The time when all around the world, the WordPress community wakes up to an update notification with a whole new number! I’m talking about WordPress 4.8 – the update to the current WordPress 4.7 base version that we’re all running.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress TV Ads

This week, we get a preview of the brand new WordPress.com TV ads. You can also learn about the WordPress REST API from the perspective of a non-developer. And Eric Mann has some interesting thoughts on whether WordPress.com is actually “WordPress”.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8 on June 8th

This week, we got a look at the WordPress 4.8 release schedule. Right now, we’re less than a month away! You can also read some impressive numbers from Weglot, who just closed on a massive €450,000 fundraising round. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Apache and Nginx, Tutsplus has the perfect post for you.

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Weekly WordPress News: WooConf 2017 in Seattle

This week, we got the location of WooConf 2017. Spoiler alert -it’s Seattle. There’s also an interesting article from James Laws on moving Ninja Forms to automatic renewals.

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Weekly WordPress News: Tabs Are Back at the Plugin Directory

This week, tabs made a triumphant return to the WordPress plugin directory. There’s also an interesting plugin that runs your content through IBM’s Watson to gauge its emotional “feel”. And if you’re using Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 (or your readers are), you’ll be out of luck starting with WordPress 4.8. Those browsers are getting kicked from WordPress’ target browser coverage.

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Weekly WordPress News: WooCommerce 3.0 and Jetpack 4.8

Two big plugin updates this week! WooCommerce 3.0 dropped, as well as Jetpack 4.8. You can also read Colin’s article on some of the interesting ways in which you can use Elementor Pro. And WP Tavern has a nice piece on why some people feel that their feedback about the new plugin directory was ignored.

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Weekly WordPress News: Learn WordPress Development With Up and Running

If you’ve been wanting to learn WordPress development but haven’t quite found the right resource, be sure to check out Colin’s review of the Second Edition of Up and Running, a recent release from the guys at WPShout. It takes you through everything you’ll need to finally get a grasp on WordPress development.


Competitors: How to Spy on Them (And What They Can Teach You About WordPress)

You don’t need the name Aldrich Ames or Hercules Mulligan to be considered a great spy on the internet. What’s even better is that you won’t be thrown in jail for treason if you get caught peeking in on what your competitors are doing. In fact, spying on your competitors is one of the more prudent strategies you can follow, considering there’s a good chance your competition has knowledge that you’ve yet to discover.

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Weekly WordPress News: Can You Have Too Many Plugins?

This week, Colin discusses whether or not there’s such a thing as “too many WordPress plugins”. You can also check out an early prototype of the new Gutenberg Editor for WordPress. It looks very interesting.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.7.1 and Google Mobile Popup Penalty

This week, WordPress 4.7 got a minor tweak to fix some security and maintenance issues. Freemius also has a good breakdown of the reasoning behind their decision to start using a WordPress page builder. And if you’re using mobile pop-ups on the first page readers see after coming from Google search results, you’ll want to knock that out immediately.

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Weekly WordPress News: Virtual Reality and a New WordPress.org Homepage

This week, we got news that the WordPress.org homepage is getting a facelift sometime in the near future. The change is primarily aimed at marketing better to new users. There was also big news for fans of virtual reality – all WordPress.com sites now support VR and 360 degree content. This functionality will likely be making its way to Jetpack sometime soon.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.7 + Cool Data

WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” shipped on December 6th in the biggest news of this week. GoDaddy also snapped up another WordPress business with their acquisition of WP Curve. And there are two great data filled posts from Freemius and WP Dev, one on ThemeForest themes and one on developer salaries.

Also don’t miss WP Tavern’s helpful summary of Matt’s talk at WordCamp US.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.7 is Coming!

Perhaps the biggest news is actually dropping early next week – Tuesday, December 6th, to be specific. That’s when WordPress 4.7 officially ships. Beyond a furious Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was otherwise a relatively uneventful week (perhaps due to Thanksgiving).

wordpress 4.7

What to Expect in WordPress 4.7 – New Features and Real Screenshots

Guess what, folks! It’s officially December. And you know what that means…WordPress 4.7 is only a few days away! WordPress 4.7 brings a heap of exciting changes to both the Customizer and WordPress as a whole. Compared to the bit of a snooze fest that was WordPress 4.6 (at least as far as front-end features went), 4.7 is definitely a breath of fresh air.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordCamp Nashville and One-Tap Payments

After WordCamp Philadelphia, next year’s WordCamp US got an official location: Nashville, TN. WP Engine also released big news about a one-tap payment system for WordPress eCommerce. There’s also some news about two cool new WordPress 4.7 features.


Is Google AMP a Win for WordPress? Some Publishers Earn 50 Percent Less Money

Just a couple weeks ago, I told you how you how to add Google AMP to WordPress. I talked about how it can speed up your mobile site, get you featured in Google’s AMP articles carousel, improve your readers’ user experience, and still make you a bit of money. But, as some recent news articles have discovered, publishers are increasingly finding out that this “little bit of money” is nowhere near how much they make from the non-AMP versions of their mobile sites.

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Weekly WordPress News: What Makes a Theme “Popular”?

This week, Alex Denning ponders the evolution and best practices of selling WordPress themes. There was also some controversy involving gaming the “popular” designation on wordpress.org. It seems a new theme managed to impressively wrack up 10,000+ active installs despite only being downloaded 3,000 times. I guess people just wanted to use it on multiple projects!

Update WordPress

The Right Way of Updating to the Latest WordPress Release

I am going to walk you through the right way of updating your WordPress sites to the latest version, without screwing up anything. I will also talk about how you can keep yourself up to date, and how you can contribute or be part of the WP Release Day. Let’s get started.

.blog domains

Why .Blog Domains Are a Good Idea for WordPress?

Earlier this year, WordPress surpassed the 26% mark, and now it powers more than a quarter of all the websites. Last year, after an incredible acquisition of WooThemes, people speculated about many such takeovers in the future. It was no later than WooMattic turned one that Matt Mullenweg once again stepped up to the plate and officially declared Automattic’s acquisition of the .blog domain name. In case you don’t already know, Automattic is the company of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg which is responsible for WordPress.com. Today, in this post, I am going to talk about. Blog domain extensions and their impact on WordPress.


Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.6 Features, WordPress Porn and Gifs in WordPress

We got some new information about WordPress 4.6 features in the form of a broken link detector. Also, a couple of editorials on the WordPress admin area and WordPress “Porn” (ok – that title is a little clickbaity). And finally, if you care about the security of your WordPress site, stay tuned to WPLift. Ahmad will be taking you through every aspect of WordPress security in a massive 14-post series. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.6 is Almost Here

WordPress 4.6 is knocking on the door. The release candidate is ready and the team hopes to ship it on August 16th. There were also some interesting discussions on user experience and minimalism as they relate to WordPress.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordCamp Europe Videos and How-To’s

WordCamp Europe videos are now available for streaming. Check them out if you weren’t able to make the conference. Also, popular site WPBeginner turned 7 and published some thoughts and reflections on the past 7 years. Finally, this week is an unofficial and impromptu “how to” week – we collected 5 great how to’s from the past week for you to learn something new.

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Weekly WordPress News: RIP Alex King

Some very sad news this week was Alex King’s passing after a battle with Cancer, my thoughts go out to his friends and family at