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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 5.2 Is Out

This week, we got a new major WordPress release – WordPress 5.2 “Jaco”. It includes fatal PHP error protection, recovery mode, some accessibility improvements, and

Weekly WordPress News: We Have Projected WordPress 5.0 Release Dates!

Weekly WordPress News: 2017 In Review

This week, we have two separate 2017 in review posts – one from ourselves and one from Pippin Williamson. Both are worth checking out! Beyond

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8.1 Is Out

After a brief delay from its original release date of August 1st, WordPress 4.8.1 is out to fix some maintenance issues, including that pesky rich text widget that was causing people trouble.

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Weekly WordPress News: What’s Coming in WordPress 4.8?

This week, we have a roundup of all the new features in WordPress 4.8. While there’s nothing too exciting, you will get some cool new widgets on June 8th. There’s also an interesting interview with Ionut from ThemeIsle on how he and his team built the ThemeIsle brand.

What's New in WP 4.8

What’s New in WordPress 4.8 – Features and Screenshots

It’s that time of the year again. The time when all around the world, the WordPress community wakes up to an update notification with a whole new number! I’m talking about WordPress 4.8 – the update to the current WordPress 4.7 base version that we’re all running.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress TV Ads

This week, we get a preview of the brand new WordPress.com TV ads. You can also learn about the WordPress REST API from the perspective of a non-developer. And Eric Mann has some interesting thoughts on whether WordPress.com is actually “WordPress”.

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Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8 on June 8th

This week, we got a look at the WordPress 4.8 release schedule. Right now, we’re less than a month away! You can also read some impressive numbers from Weglot, who just closed on a massive €450,000 fundraising round. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Apache and Nginx, Tutsplus has the perfect post for you.

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Weekly WordPress News: WooConf 2017 in Seattle

This week, we got the location of WooConf 2017. Spoiler alert -it’s Seattle. There’s also an interesting article from James Laws on moving Ninja Forms to automatic renewals.

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Weekly WordPress News: Tabs Are Back at the Plugin Directory

This week, tabs made a triumphant return to the WordPress plugin directory. There’s also an interesting plugin that runs your content through IBM’s Watson to gauge its emotional “feel”. And if you’re using Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 (or your readers are), you’ll be out of luck starting with WordPress 4.8. Those browsers are getting kicked from WordPress’ target browser coverage.

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Weekly WordPress News: Do You Love Paying for WordPress Plugins?

As far as news goes, it’s been a fairly quiet week. We have an article discussing whether or not you need to make the switch to managed WordPress hosting. And if you’re interested in some bug fixes, WordPress 4.7.4 Release Candidate is out.

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Weekly WordPress News: WooCommerce 3.0 and Jetpack 4.8

Two big plugin updates this week! WooCommerce 3.0 dropped, as well as Jetpack 4.8. You can also read Colin’s article on some of the interesting ways in which you can use Elementor Pro. And WP Tavern has a nice piece on why some people feel that their feedback about the new plugin directory was ignored.

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