WP Media Folder Review: Organize Your WordPress Media Library With Folders

WP Media Folder Review: Organize Your WordPress Media Library With Folders

When you have hundreds, or even thousands, of files in your WordPress media library, it’s mindbogglingly difficult to find individual files. I have a site that’s almost ten years old – it’s dang near impossible to find something I uploaded that long ago if I don’t remember the exact file name. WP Media Folder fixes this by letting you create folders inside your media library.

Slider Revolution Review

Slider Revolution: An In-Depth Review on the World’s Most Popular Slider

As of this article, Slider Revolution has over 174,000 sales on CodeCanyon. Pair that with 6,400 ratings for a 4.8 average star rating and you’ve got yourself the most successful WordPress slider ever. This popularity, and the fact that the Theme Punch folks partner with various WordPress theme companies (giving away Slider Revolution for free) makes it interesting when completing a review.

Optimus Review

Optimus Review – Lossless WordPress Image Compression

Of the twenty web performance experts who KeyCDN interviewed, nine said that image optimization was their number one priority or focus. With results like that, it’s easy to see why KeyCDN decided to create the Optimus plugin.

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