Weekly WordPress News: No More Child Themes? + Theme Repository Drama

There’s been some drama with the official WordPress theme repository after GoDaddy managed to get their theme approved surprisingly fast.

There’s also a chance child themes will go away as WordPress mulls adding custom CSS to the Customizer. I sure hope so!

You can also check out two cool interviews. One with Kim Doyal, the WordPress Chick, and one with Carrie Dils. Tom McFarlin also has an AMA going on at ManageWP.org.

Let’s get to all of this week’s news…




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Team WPLift

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3 thoughts on “Weekly WordPress News: No More Child Themes? + Theme Repository Drama”

  1. Hey Daan,

    How could you miss my article on going 100% GPL? I am sad now :(

    Just joking, here is the link for anyone interested in: https://www.proteusthemes.com/blog/licensing-pros-and-cons-of-100-gpl-and-why-we-made-a-switch/

    Keep it up here on wplift, I am your regular reader, this weekly news report is great!

    btw, child themes are not going anywhere, CSS is not everything and everyone who will need to override and functionality beyond changing simple styles should still have to go with a WP child theme (to override templates, add/remove actions, filters, etc).

    • Thanks Primoz for the contribution. Nice article – with an everlasting interesting topic. I did indeed miss it before… Have just shared it on twitter.

  2. the purpose of child theme is to edit templates or add new functions not just css.
    no need for child themes again after adding custom css options in customizer didn’t fully fullfill the ‘no need child theme’ conditions.

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