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Pojo Themes Review: Drag & Drop WordPress Themes for Every Occasion

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

Published on January 12th, 2016


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If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your next project, then this article might be able to help point you in the right direction. Today we’re going to be reviewing the WordPress themes on offer from Pojo, a theme shop you might not be familiar with.

Their themes cover a range of purposes and include useful features that make it easy to get your site online quickly and then give it a personal touch.

So, whether you’re looking for a theme for a new website, or you want to give your existing site a makeover, why not take a look at what’s on offer from Pojo.

Pojo WordPress Themes Review

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The Pojo WordPress Themes

So far, the Pojo team has released 16 themes. Each theme has been built with a specific purpose in mind; however, they are flexible tools that can be easily tweaked to suit a range of different projects. From creative portfolios and news websites, through to corporate homepages and e-commerce stores, there is a theme for every occasion.

So, let’s get started by taking a look at some of the highlights from the Pojo WordPress theme collection:


Pojo Themes Buzz

Buzz is a theme that is ideal for creating magazine or news style websites. This theme includes a number of page layouts that can be used to define how your content is displayed.

You’ll also find a portfolio section that can be used to highlight your best work and content, as well as full e-commerce support for selling products online from your website. Thanks to the range of advertising locations, if you do want to monetize your website, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

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Pojo Themes Poza

Poza is advertised as a fashion theme, making it a great choice for anyone seeking a stylish design for their blog or website.

Whether you are simply blogging about fashion and other similar topics, or selling products online, Poza and its e-commerce support could be a good choice. If you do decide to use this theme for your store, you’ll find all the necessary e-commerce templates, such as those for product listings as well as the shopping cart and checkout pages.

Poza has a clean and modern design that looks equally good on large screen displays as it does on smartphones and tablets.


Pojo Themes Toscana

Toscana is a flexible, full-screen theme that can be used for a range of purposes. If you take a look at the demo version, you can see it does a great job of promoting a guesthouse business.

However, any type of project that makes use of large full-screen images can benefit from the Toscana theme. Thanks to the fixed sidebar menu, your visitors will always be able to find your content, while the range of blog and portfolio layouts means you have plenty of options for how that content is presented.

With an optional homepage slider and plenty of animation effects, Toscana makes it easy to grab the attention of your visitors and then draw them into the rest of your site.


Pojo Themes River

If you use River in its default configuration, your visitors will be greeted with a slideshow that explains how you can help them and what services you provide. Of course, the homepage slider can also be configured to display your best blog posts, your latest products, or any other content that you want to take center stage.

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If you are looking for a theme that is focused on promoting services and products online, River is a great option.


Pojo Themes Firma

Firma is marketed as a theme for creating lawyer and attorney websites, so if that matches your project, it’s a great choice. However, thanks to its neutral design and flexibility, Firma could be used for a range of different purposes.

Firma gives you plenty of opportunities to display what you have to offer, as well as publicizing the clients you’ve worked with. If you are building a corporate website, then this theme is up to the job.

This is just a sample of the themes available from Pojo and you can view the full collection on their website. However, if you like what you see, read on to find out more about the underlying features of each of the Pojo themes.

The Pojo Framework

All of the themes from Pojo run on the same custom-built framework. It’s a framework that has been developed in-house, by the Pojo team. The Pojo framework includes a number of useful features that all their themes have access to.

Integrated Page Builder Tool

Pojo Themes Builder Layout

As part of the framework, you get access to a drag and drop page builder tool. Through the Page Builder, you can create custom layouts for your WordPress pages, and then populate those layouts with a selection of content modules.

Pojo Themes Builder Modules

Some of the content modules on offer include buttons, testimonials, animated numbers, maps, videos, as well as a selection of e-commerce product display options.

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Creating your custom pages takes place on the back-end of your website, through a visual interface. Each element in your layout can be easily dragged and dropped into position, before being customized through the module settings.

Each page also gets its own layout settings. So whether you use the builder or not, you can easily give each piece of content a custom look, simply by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Pojo Themes Advanced Options

Through these advanced page options, you can quickly select a layout, decide which elements to include on the page, such as the title, then customize the appearance of the background image, plus a lot more.

Another great feature of the Pojo framework is the ability to quickly create custom post archive pages. These can be used to display the posts from specific categories, in a custom layout. Rather than having to use the default post archive templates, or code your own, you can now easily build them through a set of visual controls.

Pojo Themes Archives

If you want more flexibility from WordPress, without having to write any code, this page builder will come in very handy.

Live Customizer

Pojo Themes Customizer

The themes from Pojo include support for the WordPress Live Customizer tool. Through this tool, you get a live front-end preview of your website, with the ability to customize many of its elements.

Pojo Themes Customizer Header

This includes the text styles, such as colors and fonts, link effects, page layout, images and logos, and much more. The front-end Live Customizer nicely compliments the backend page builder tool, allowing you to quickly create custom layouts for your site, and then personalize their appearance.

Demo Content

Setting up your new website is very easy with the Pojo themes, as you have the option of importing the demo content in just a few clicks. This then gives you a structure to work from, saving you from having to start from scratch.

Supporting Plugins

Each theme from Pojo also includes a number of plugins, helping to extend the functionality of your website. As well as the free purpose built plugins that are included in the theme packages, you’ll also get access to the commercial Slider Revolution plugin. This helps you to save $19, but more importantly, gives you access to a powerful slideshow builder tool.

Pojo Themes Accessibility

One of the most impressive in-house plugins included with the Pojo themes is their accessibility tool. This plugin adds an optional fly-out menu to your website, which contains a number of options to help make your site more accessible to impaired users. These accessibility controls cover changing text size; adjusting the site contrast; and underlining all links.


Pojo Themes Pricing Options

Each of the themes from Pojo can be purchased individually for $59. This includes use on one domain and access to updates and support for a year. However, choosing the $199 All Themes Package represents much better value for money as you get access to all 16 of their themes.


Each option includes a 14-day money back guarantee and you can view the full pricing details here.

Pojo Themes Review Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ll agree, the WordPress themes from Pojo look great. Each template has a distinct purpose, yet they all share a similar commitment to ease of use and clean and modern design.

The Pojo framework that powers each of their themes includes some great features that help elevate their products to the next level. The integrated drag and drop page builder tool is very easy to use. It includes some very useful modules that will allow you to create a wide range of page layouts.

The full support for the WordPress Live Customizer also makes it very easy to personalize your website, all through a visual interface with a live, front-end preview.

No matter what type of website you are planning to build, I’m sure you’ll find a template from Pojo that is right for the job. If you do like appearance of these themes, you can rest assured that beneath the surface, they have a great selection of features to ensure your website works just as well as it looks.

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