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DearFlip Review: Creating Interactive Flipbooks Was Never This Easy

Last Updated on February 5th, 2024

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Traditional PDFs feel like attending a lecture where the professor reads directly from the slides—effective, yet undeniably dull. Now, imagine those slides turning into an interactive exhibit. That’s what DearFlip – WordPress Flipbook stands to offer.

DearFlip is a WordPress plugin that transforms static PDFs into stunning 3D Flipbooks. Designed to captivate and engage, it’s perfect for everything from academic papers to digital catalogs.

I personally tested this plugin using a few documents, and boy, I was impressed. The transition from static to dynamic was like watching black and white turn to color. 

In this hands-on review of DearFlip, I’ll explain how the tool reinvents content consumption and the steps you can take to configure it on your website.

DearFlip: Overview & Key Features

DearFlip is the ideal tool for anyone looking to create an immersive reading experience for their audience. It boasts a user-friendly interface and offers extensive customization control to site owners.

Key features include:

  • Immersive 3D Flipbooks: Delivers realistic page-flipping effects and authentic sounds, closely resembling the act of reading a physical book.
  • Simple conversion process: Easily converts PDFs into dynamic flipbooks with a straightforward link.
  • Enhanced reader interaction: Augments content engagement with interactive zoom, navigation, and new viewing modes like Scroll Viewer and Slider Viewer.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Features integration with Google Analytics for in-depth engagement analysis.
  • Optimized performance: Ensures efficient loading and performance of flipbooks through advanced PDF partial loading and customizable display.

Hands-On with DearFlip

In this section, I’ll tell you how I set up and used DearFlip to add a 3D Flipbook to my website.

First, I downloaded the plugin and opened my WordPress dashboard. Then I clicked on Plugins in the left menu and chose Add New. Afterward, I uploaded the downloaded plugin file (.zip format), clicked Install, and activated DearFlip.

Once activated, I saw a new tab for DearFlip in the admin menu on the left.

DearFlip Admin Menu

Creating a Flipbook

To create a Flipbook, I clicked the Add New Book option. This took me to a new page where I was asked to upload a PDF, write a title for my book, and choose a thumbnail image. If you don’t have a thumbnail, the plugin will make one for you.

Creating a Flipbook

DearFlip also has a General/Layout tab where you can play with the design. I used it to configure how my PDF showed up – as a vertical reader, flipbook, or slider (of course, I opted for flipbook). You’ll also get options to adjust the background color and whether people can search for, print, and download the PDF.

Flipbook General/Layout settings

Making the Flipbook Pop

Moving on, I went to the Flipbook” section and messed around with the 3D settings until I got my desired look. You can customize lots of stuff like how the pages flip, the color of the spiral, and even set it to autoplay. Additionally, DearFlip lets you pick between 3D for a lifelike effect or 2D for something simpler.

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Flipbook 2D or 3D Settings

I left the last section, called Outline, untouched. But if you’d like some info, it has options to enable the Flipbook outline, thumbnail, and overwrite the PDF outline.

After tweaking the settings, I hit Publish and received a shortcode that I could paste anywhere on my site. 

thumbnail shortcode

You’ll find two types of shortcodes—one for a thumbnail and another for a button. Choose where you want your flipbook to go and paste the appropriate shortcode. I added the thumbnail shortcode to a new post, and it looked awesome.

stunning Flipbook

And that’s all I had to do to add a stunning Flipbook to my website.

DearFlip Use Cases

DearFlip turns static PDFs into engaging experiences for various businesses. You can use it to create:


Artists, photographers, and designers can turn their portfolios into something special. Instead of just scrolling down a webpage, people can flip through your work like a book. It makes showing off your projects way more interesting.

Catalogs and Lookbooks 

DearFlip is perfect for fashion, retail, or any product-based business wanting to show off their catalogs and lookbooks in an engaging way. Real estate agents can display property listings, travel agencies can highlight travel destinations and packages, and art event organizers can make digital brochures for exhibitions.

Magazines and Ebooks 

Writers and publishers can give their e-books and online magazines a real-book feel. This makes reading them online a whole lot cooler, especially for stuff with lots of pictures or designs.

Educational Content 

Schools and online courses can change boring PDFs into interactive flipbooks. It makes learning stuff like math, science, or history less of a snooze and more like exploring a storybook.

DearFlip basically turns the usual yawn-worthy PDFs into something way more engaging, whether you’re shopping, learning, or just browsing.

DearFlip Pricing

DearFlip keeps it simple with pricing that fits everyone:

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  • Single site: For $49/year, you’re all set. Or, choose the Lifetime version at $149 to forget about renewals.
  • 5 sites: Manage up to five with $99/year. Prefer a one-time payment? Lifetime is $299.
  • 30 sites: At $249/year, it’s ideal for larger operations. Ready for a long haul? Go Lifetime for $699.

Each plan is a straight shot to what you need, whether you’re starting out, scaling up, or going big.

Final Verdict

Overall, DearFlip turns out to be a great pick if you want to do more with your PDFs.

Setting it up was a breeze and didn’t break the bank. Plus, the way it changed my PDFs into interactive Flipbooks was pretty sleek.

Additionally, DearFlip integrates with Google Analytics to provide key insights into customer behaviors. This means you can analyze engagement patterns and optimize Flipbooks to enhance the customer experience.

So, if you’re looking to give your static documents a serious upgrade and awe your audience, give DearFlip a try.

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