Maintain Killer Security on your Blog by using one WordPress Plugin

The importance of a secure blog can never be under-estimated – Securing your website allows you to make your readers/visitors/clients feel safer. Why risk damaging your reputation by getting hacked? You work hard on your website’s design and content and also your search engine rankings so dont let some hacker ruin that for you.  I spent hours securing my blogs from hacking attempts which, sadly, are all too common these days.

While I was working on scaling my blogs for high stream of traffic, I came across a nice free plugin for WordPress called WP Security Scan  , it made me realize that maintaining a secure website has never been so simple, easy and effective.

WP Security Scan is a powerful yet effortless website security tool, enabling you to focus on delivering quality content to your customers instead of spending hours recovering from an attack.


Some of you might ask what are the threats ?

Well, online there are a lot of ways that can hacking can damage you and your visitors. For example some hackers turn your website into launch pads that may install some malware on the computers of your site visitors, by which they can obtain the victim’s passwords (possibly even obtain credit card numbers or bank details).


So just what can happen if your WP site is hacked ?

  • Google can ban your site.
  • Your site’s rankings can go right down.
  • Bad for SEO & SERP even if you recover your site.
  • Loss of data, with certain unpredictable problems in future.


WP Security Scan is a simple tool which monitors your site with efficiently,  It alerts you about Backdoors (bad queries could be added to your theme), Malware (Can be anything, like a simple link), Root-kits (shell scripts installed on your server), Insecure configurations & suspicious activity.

To keep your site’s work-flow smooth, WP Security Scan allows you to change the settings of your website by guiding you through each step, it narrates about the problem and tells about the perfect solution.It makes an online profile of your blog (an optional feature) that tells you about your site’s security level and alerts you about threats by emails.

  1. Critical Threats
  2. Medium Threats
  3. Low Threats
  4. Informational Stuff

WP Security Scan checks your WordPress and suggests you for correct information about :

  1. Passwords
  2. File permissions
  3. Database security
  4. Version hiding
  5. WordPress admin protection/security

The plugin author states that:

 The plugin will always remain FREE and the service will be OPTIONAL – You will be able to use the plugin without having to subscribe to the service.


The WP Security Scan plugin is a great way to make your site secure this plugin can be used for a lot of functionality.

e.g. It can

  • Scan your WordPress blog for any security vulnerabilities left by you or any other plugin.
  • Provides documentation on threats that can harm your online blog or your visitors.
  • Monitor your blog for any Administrator password changes, file changes etc
  • Provide easy solutions to web security issues that your blog may encounter.
  • Hide the WordPress blog version you are using for security purposes.

About a million people are already using the WP Security Scan plugin with great success.

Download the WP Security Scan plugin for free here.

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais

I am a senior Full Stack WordPress Developer, WP Core Contributor, Front-end Fanatic and an accidental writer. I love to write, talk, build, and share everything about WordPress. You can reach out to me at Twitter @MrAhmadAwais.

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13 thoughts on “Maintain Killer Security on your Blog by using one WordPress Plugin”

  1. I really wonder how you can publish an article about security and then showing a screenshot that says an update to WordPress 3.0.5 is available. That is like sometime two years ago? You had that screenshot just lying around or did you perhaps have the article lying around?
    Publishing content like this, no matter if you mean good with it, is not leaving a great impression on in general!

  2. Very nice plugin. The thing is that lately I see many premium plugin and theme developers echoing WordPress version in HTML for debugging purposes.
    This is just not acceptable.

  3. Great article ahmed. I am also using this plugin and surly all WordPress bloggers must have this free plugin.

  4. I would not advise using only one plugin. This plugin will not do everything such as injections or uploads. Many attacks are made against the server and not against the site, so the plugin would only be useful for site based attacks.
    I would not call this “killer security” I would call it “a good start”. You need to understand what attacks can take place and what can be done to protect against them.

    Far too many people are using plugins like this instead of addressing the issues that have led them to use these plugins such as updating wordpress, only using plugins that work with the latest version of wordpress and maintaining a good level of security on your hosting account and server.

  5. Informative article Ahmad, but Plugins alone cannot improve the security of WordPress websites, for best security you also need to remove unnecessary files, use unguessable usernames and passwords and secure the database, to name but a few! 

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