10 Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Workflow

If your blog based on WP you are certainly a lucky fellow! Firstly, because new constant releases of this CMS make it really comfortable and friendly place to work, secondly, you always have a good variety of different plugins to manage your workflow and make the process of editing and managing quickly and easy. But if you are generally impatient active person and are always in a hurry which is quite normal if you usually spend your free hours writing or thinking about what to post. You may not always have time to investigate new plugins that can simplify your relationships with WordPress.

And we have a great solution! A well-chosen kit of plugins should solve specific problems and provide important functions. In our quickly developing Internet World exist hundreds of useful software components, but we’ll focus only on those that help users in:

  • 1. Quick Drag and Drop editing
  • 2. Effective Traffic tracking;
  • 3. Successful Post Promotion.

If these three important aspects are in order your website like a boat will achieve the desired shore of success.

Drag and Drop editing

We’ll gladly share the set of useful drag and drop plugins that enable your website to stand out among others. Let’s take a closer look at them:


MotoPress is your fast and successful way to edit the appearance of your website, blog or online store based on WordPress. This easy to use plugin allows you to create, move and change page templates quickly and easily.


By using MotoPress WordPress plugin you are able to:

  • easily create, change and duplicate website’s pages;
  • remove template pages with ease;
  • fully change the layout’s structure;
  • display and hide website’s blocks on different devices;
  • quickly manage content right on your WordPress site;
  • change, move and add content blocks only with few clicks;
  • edit blocks with website’s data and view the changes at once;
  • manage media with ease;
  • edit new widgets, posts and pages;
  • make your website responsive and adaptive;

The gold of MotoPress is the opportunity to edit and arrange the content of your website in hereafter. Without any particular technical knowledge you will be able to add new content blocks, manage media and arrange data right in the editor and view all changes in real time.

Download MotoPress »

WYSIWYG Visual HTML Editor & Drag And Drop Web Page Editor

This plugin is useful for anyone that has a WordPress site or stand alone plugin for any site (Read bottom for non WordPress sites.), it’s a simple to use WYSIWYG drag and drop visual HTML editor with advanced options. Brand new section for building HTML web pages outside your wordpress template.


Download WYSIWYG Editor »

Drag and Drop featured image

Drag and Drop featured image plugin does one thing but does it really good. It replaces the default ‘Set featured image’ metabox with a new one containing a Plupload drop and compresses all sizes just as a common upload method.


Download Drag and Drop Featured Image »

Plugin organizer

Plugin Organizer is your helper to make an order in your WordPress.  By using it you are able to change the sequence of your current plugins, disable plugins by any post type and easily adds grouping to the admin panel.


Download Plugin Organizer »

Traffic Ranking

The next valuable and no less important component of WP site is traffic. We are sure, you don’t expect to see Google analytics in our list and you are right :) It gives you very useful and valuable data, but mostly general one. To understand what people do on your website, what touches them and what leaves absolutely indifferent you need to try the Crazyegg WordPress plugin.


Crazyegg is a heatmap, which displays what is hot on your blog, what links are in the right place and what of them should be better replaced. These beneficial tricks can quickly increase conversion and bring you more visitors. The best thing about this helpful eye tracking technology is that you’ll see the first results within a few hours.


Don’t be afraid of its price you can always try absolutely for free. Take up a 30 day trial and ensure by yourselves how cool it is. We’ll gladly read for your honest feedback in the comments section.

Download Crazy Egg »

WordPress Seo plugin by Yoast

WordPress Seo plugin by Yoast will improve all the technical optimization of your website. By focusing on right keywords it helps you to write better content and understand your target audience. Powerful plugin identifies whether your title is too long or too short and enables to understand rankings and increase the click through for organic search results.


Download SEO by Yoast »


WassUp is a WordPress plugin which provides a quick access to page views stats. It enables to track the visitors of your website in real time, view what your guests do when they surf the website. Moreover WassUp gives the detailed data about each single user session in chronological order.


Download WassUp »

Promotion Plugins

When you’ve finished with your website’s appearance and statistics it’s time to make your blog popular There are countless plugins that help to spread a word about your site.


Sharebar is built out of one or more social buttons. It adds a vertical box with the networks signs that contains links to popular websites. It’s by far the great way to bring traffic to your blog or even e-shop based on WordPress. The gold of Sharebar functionality is that it simply turns into horizontal position if the viewing area is small, which is perfect to responsive themes. This essential WP plugin will make your road to triumph much easier and allow you to focus on content and less on promotion.


Download Sharebar »


ShareThis is an innovative sharing platform for Web. It will quickly help you to increase social activity on your website. Very easy to install, just look at an intuitive settings page and go ahead!


Download Share This »


Mailchimp WP Tool gathers emails for those who would like to sign up to your weekly newsletter or get news about free stuff. It lets to design email letters. It’s really handy for newbies, share them on social networks and track the conversion.


Download Mailchimp »

It goes without saying, that we haven’t mention all useful plugins in one article, but hope that listed above will help you to broad the common possibilities of a classic WordPress website. If we missed your favorite plugin or didn’t mention really helpful one, we would love to hear from you! Share your beloved plugins in the comments below!

Emily Williams is a passionate blogger and curious researcher, now working with MotoPress Team. You can follow her on Twitter or join on Facebook.

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Guest Blogger

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6 thoughts on “10 Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Workflow”

  1. Thank you for your post, MotoPress is a great find, I didn’t know that one yet. I like the way WordPress gets the Drupal like blocks.

  2. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Edit Flow, which adds workflows to WordPress blogs. Excellent plugin. I just read that it’s coming to core WordPress 3.6. But you can download it now!

  3. Good list! Another two plugins I would recommend to help with workflow (but keeping blog healthy and not crashing) ….. (do search in “Add New” plugins)

    Better Plug In Capability – For example, two of the above plugins are outdated, but that doesn’t always mean it doesn’t work. This plugin checks older plugins to see if compatible with current wordpress version

    Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades – it’s easy to automatically update themes and plugins after minor or major modifications and then suddenly wipe out all your changes in a flash .. this will protect and make copies even if you don’t.

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