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19 Most Popular Celebrity Websites Built Using the WordPress CMS

Last Updated on March 14th, 2023


When visiting websites, most people don’t give two hoots about how it was actually created, or the platform used. All they care about is whether the site looks nice and grabs their attention.

The same applies to celebrity websites. Most of us assume that famous celebrities have the financial resources to use top web designers to create amazing sites for them. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity website where you thought “Eww! That’s bad!”

And yes, most celebrities do invest a ton of money in creating and maintaining their websites. Being one of their main marketing tools, it makes sound business sense. They all want their sites to ooze with the latest features and have the right brand image. Armies of top content writers, webs designers, graphics experts, etc. don’t come cheap.

What may surprise you, though, is that the websites of many top celebrities spawned from humble, free origins – WordPress. Loved the world over for its versatility and adaptability, many top site designers use it when creating sites for their biggest clients.

To inspire you, we list below 15 top celebrity websites that are running on WordPress.

1. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

the duke & duchess of sussex - celebrities websites

As one would expect from royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk, aka Harry and Meaghan, have kept their site classy and elegant. The landing page has a very simple block layout and minimal text – nothing more is necessary because everyone already knows who they are! The royal blue color scheme was a deliberate choice too, aimed at reinforcing their status as members of the British monarchy.

Go to the website of The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

2. Dolly Parton

dolly parton - celebrity wordpress

Moving from the British Monarchy to the queen of country music, Dolly Parton.

This playful, vibrant site speaks volumes about Dolly whilst still managing to show the visitor what her personal values are. The pastel shades are feminine, but the dirty pink appeals to guys too. The homepage boldly shows her passion for religion, LGBTQ rights, as well as her family values. Dolly Parton is a shrewd businesswoman too, so there are plenty of CTAs to her various other ventures such as Dollywood. And of course, no musician’s site would be complete without an online store selling music and merchandise.

Go to the website of Dolly Parton

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3. Helen Mirren

helen mirren celebrity wordpress

Renowned actress Helen Mirren’s homepage uses a clean block layout with pictures interspersed with text, blog style. Such format lends itself well to both desktop and handheld devices. Despite being a showcase for her brand, the website focuses on news and things she is passionate about, like supporting British theatre and various charities.

To make a little extra cash on the side, she has a page dedicated to her subscription-based acting masterclass. Being an actress, the emphasis of the site is on her visual image, with minimal text so as not to clutter things up.

Go to the website of Helen Mirren

4. Martha Stewart

martha stewart list of celebrity websites

Yes, even the darling of home crafts and gardening, Marth Stewart, uses WordPress as the basis for her website. Following a fairly standard blog format, as you’d expect, it contains tons of stuff that is totally relevant to her fans. Crafts, plants, recipe ideas, etc. are all covered.

As with all celebrities, Martha Stewart is a business enterprise. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise to you by the level of monetization that exists on the site. At every opportunity, links to her various products and stores have been included. Heck, she’s even got Google Ads popups on there! Way to go, Martha!

Go to the website of Martha Stewart

5. Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg - best celebrity websites

It’s surely a coincidence, but Martha Stewart’s buddy, Snoop Dogg, also uses WordPress for his website.

Unlike Martha’s site, though, Snoop’s is not in blog format. Instead, it was obviously designed to promote him as a musician. He’s been super bold by including an immediate CTA promoting his new album the instant you land on the site. It has a super cool vibe to it, with a dark background offset by great pops of color from the photos. The entire website speaks one hundred percent Snoop Dogg. Being his brand site, a press kit is available for download, and there are sections for press releases, social media buttons, and tour dates, too.

Go to the website of Snoop Dogg

6. John Grisham

john grisham - celebrity official websites

Author John Grisham’s website has a completely different feel to those of celebrities in the entertainment industry. Unashamedly designed to showcase his literary works, it includes pages dedicated to his published works, as well as his bio describing his rise from a humble beginning to best-selling author.

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Naturally, all his books are available to buy through the site, and clicking on the “Buy the Book” buttons gives several buying options to choose from.

Go to the website of John Grisham

7. The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones - list of celebrity websites

The legendary rock band that changed the course of modern music has a simple but beautifully designed official website. The home page features the latest news about the bend and a variety of animations that provide visitors with a unique experience.

The site’s intuitive structure guides you through the band’s history and gives you an overview of the upcoming dates of the current tour. Visitors can buy tickets for the site’s homepage or visit the official store where they can find collectible clothing items and limited edition LPs. 

The feature that stands out the most is the site’s loading speed considering the number of videos and animations on each page.

Go to The Rolling Stones

8. Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton - list of celebrity websites

Even many politicians use WordPress to power their websites. The landing page of Hillary Clinton’s website uses simplicity as its weapon to create impact. The visitor is initially confronted with a huge black-and-white image of her, a menu bar, and very little text. Color use is minimal across the entire site, and what little exists has been carefully chosen to reflect her political slant.

The main purpose of the site is to showcase Hillary’s policies. However, it includes an extensive biography detailing her life and achievements along with some family photos to inject her personality and ‘connect’ with the people.

Go to the website of Hillary Clinton

9. Joe Biden

joe biden celebrity official websites

Now, surprisingly, this has to be one of the most basic sites you are ever likely to see. It consists of one page containing the text of the US President’s victory speech and an embedded video. As with Hillary Clinton’s site, its power is in its simplicity. The color scheme is the Democrat’s blue. The only other things on the site are a language selection button, a link to the Democrats online store, terms and conditions, and social media links. And all done using WordPress!

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Go to the website of Joe Biden

10. Russell Brand

russell brand - celebrity websites powered by wordpress

Jumping over to comedy now. Like those of other celebrities, Russell Brand’s website showcases both what he does and what he is passionate about. It uses a very masculine, black-themed color scheme, and landing on the homepage presents the visitor with a large black-and-white image of him. The use of a dark background is clever too, as it makes the color images stand out very vividly. The choice of font used for the text also reflects Brand’s ‘dare to be different’ personality.

The site includes some monetization via the podcast section. Taster audio clips are available there, but to enjoy them in full, a paid subscription must be purchased.

Go to the website of Russell Brand

11. Tiger Woods

tiger woods celebrity wordpress website

Famous sports personalities are also turning to WordPress as the basis for their websites, and Tiger Woods is no exception.

Whilst on the first impression it looks as if the pictures on his site are all in monochrome, they actually change to color when hovered over. That’s a very cool feature. The color scheme is simple – white background with some red accents here and there. Everything is arranged in blocks which is ideal for viewing on handheld devices. The landing page has a very minimal dropdown-style menu, but all other pages have the full menu displayed.

Go to the website of Tiger Woods

12. Rihanna

rihanna - list of celebrity websites

Rihanna has really pushed the boat out with her website. The moment you land on the homepage, pictures float in from all angles and assemble themselves into a grid. Unfortunately, that feature is only available on the desktop version. And like Tiger Woods’ site, Rihanna’s images appear to be monochrome until you hover above them, then they turn to color, and some text pops up too. Very cool indeed.

Being a musician, the website’s primary function is to showcase Rihanna’s music, videos, and charity interests. But of course, there is a link to her online merchandise store.  

Go to the website of Rihanna

13. Katy Perry

katy perry - celebrity official wordpress websites

Staying with pop divas, Katy Perry’s website clearly shows she is in the entertainment business.

On reaching the site, the visitor is immediately confronted by a bold blue and red color scheme. These align with the color scheme from her latest album. The landing page also contains two large CTAs – one to listen to that album, and the other to visit her online merchandise store. Clicking the “Enter Site” button adds a menu bar, and the color scheme changes to a more subtle combination of red, white, and blue. But the big CTAs are still there – she really wants you to buy from her!

Of course, her music and videos are showcased, and you can listen to or buy tunes through the site. Accessing her social media pages is easy thanks to the buttons placed at the top of the page beneath the menu.

Go to the website of Katy Perry

14. Jay Z

jay z - celebrity official wordpress websites

Jay Z’s website is pretty unique. Arriving on it, the visitor is presented with a huge grid of colorful images. You can swipe left or right to see even more images. Hovering over any of those images displays a pop-up snippet of what clicking them leads to. So basically, it is a blog site as each of the images leads to an article. Once you are on an article page, the grid shrinks to become a header with the menu visible below it. And all using WordPress as the basis!

Another interesting feature about Jay Z’s page is that it is not just a blog about him and his professional career. It includes articles on a huge range of other things such as technology, sport, and leisure. That is reflected in its URL, which is not jayz.com as you’d expect, it’s lifeandtimes.com.

Go to the website of Jay Z

15. Danielle Steel

danielle steel celebrity wordpress websites

Like John Grisham’s website, author Danielle Steel’s website is a showcase for all her novels.

To be honest, this one is quite basic. It adopts a very neutral color scheme, with the main focus of the homepage being her latest book release. Scrolling further down the page takes you to a kind of blog roll which she calls ‘A Letter from Danielle’. Clicking those ‘letters’ takes you to the relevant post page. To the left of every page on the site is a rather wide sidebar. That contains links to her all-important social media pages, plus a calendar for her ‘Letters to Danielle’ blog posts.

Also on offer is a newsletter signup, photo gallery, and, of course, an online bookstore.

Go to the website of Danielle Steel

16. Usain Bolt

usain bolt celebrity wordpress websites

The fans of the fastest man alive can keep up with his latest endeavors on his website. Usain’s photo with his 100-meter record dominates the home page. 

As you scroll down you can see the posts he’s sharing on Instagram and a photo carousel with a selection of Mr. Bolt’s pictures. The site has six easily accessible menus.

So you can navigate to the Athlete section if you want to learn more about Usain Bolt’s impressive career or open the Music menu to listen to his new album. The website also provides information about the Usain Bolt foundation’s latest initiatives.

Go to website of Usain Bolt

17. Blondie

blondie best celebrity websites

The punk rock band that rose to fame with hits like Call Me and One Way Or The Other in the late 1970s is still performing almost half a century after releasing their first album in 1976. 

The band’s official website has a recognizable punk rock aesthetic characterized by photos with halftone dots. Fans can buy tickets for the band’s concerts or one of their albums from the site’s homepage. 

Also, Blondie’s website offers information about the movie made during the performance in Havana in 2019, the band’s long history and it features rich video and photo archives. Aspiring web designers can find the site’s use of subdomains inspiring.

Go to the website of Blondie

18. The Dallas Mavericks

the dallas mavericks - celebrity official websites

The official website of one of the NBA’s most prominent teams that won the championship in 2011 is built on WordPress. 

The Mavs.com has an intuitive structure so visitors can easily check the team’s schedule, buy tickets, keep up with the latest roster updates or become members of the Mavs Insider program. 

Buying jerseys of the team’s stars or any other Dallas Mavericks-themed merch is easy, as you just have to click on the Shop menu to start browsing the team’s store. The site’s Media section features game previews, a photo library, and the free version of the Gametime Magazine.

Go to the website of The Dallas Mavericks

19. Woody Allen

woody allen celebrity wordpress websites

The first thing you’ll notice when you land on Woody Allen’s website is how minimalistic it is. The homepage only features a photo carousel with images made on the sets of movies Mr. Allen made in his fruitful career. 

The menu button is discreetly positioned in the homepage’s upper right corner and you can use it to explore his filmography, purchase the Zero Gravity book or read the synopsis of his latest movie. 

Also, you can use Woody Allen’s home page to discover his Instagram and Facebook account or watch videos on his official YouTube channel.

Go to the website of Woody Allen

Frequently Asked Questions about Celebrity Websites

Actors, politicians, musicians, and various other pop culture icons have official websites built on WordPress. Moreover, the New York Post, Los Angeles Times, and Observer are only a few among countless media outlets that have WordPress sites. 

Despite having thousands of daily visitors, complex animations, and an abundance of video content these sites load quickly and look great on all devices

Moreover, popular WordPress sites often have a straightforward structure that allows visitors to quickly find the information they need. 

Which Celebrity Has the Best Website?

The competition is tough because Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have impressive and beautifully designed websites.

In addition, The Rolling Stones website has a variety of interactive elements and animations that provide a memorable experience to visitors.

Celebrities like Danielle Steel and Woody Allen have minimalistic websites that focus on functionality rather than delivering a strong visual experience.

Rihanna’s and Russel Brand’s official websites are among our favorites because they’re visually impressive and easy to navigate at the same time. However, we also think that Jay-Z’s and Katy Perry’s sites demonstrate just how powerful WordPress can be.

What Can You Learn from Celebrities Websites?

It’s not surprising that so many top celebrities use WordPress to power their websites. It remains one of the most popular and versatile platforms available despite being free. Current estimates are that over 500 WordPress-based websites are created per day. Contrast that with between 60 and 80 per day on other platforms such as Squarespace, and you can really start to appreciate its popularity.

The fifteen examples given above show what is achievable with the platform and giving careful thought to the content. Generally speaking, keeping things simple is the way to go as most of those celebrities have done. They pay huge sums of money to market themselves properly, so they know what they are doing when it comes to having a website design that captures people’s attention and imagination.

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