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12 Best Restaurant Reservations Plugins for WordPress

Last Updated on March 5th, 2024


Are you running a restaurant or cafe, or do you belong to the catering field? Do you already have a website in WordPress? If yes, now is the time to want to provide your users with an option for online booking. 

Why? This is because 34% of users prefer restaurants that provide the facility to make reservations online.

Thankfully, WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems that helps you tailor the website to your needs.

The CMS allows you to accept bookings from your customers with the help of WordPress restaurant reservation plugins. 

However, with so many restaurant reservations plugins for WordPress, choosing the right one becomes tough. 

We have researched and curated 12 of the best WordPress table booking plugins.

  1. Bookly
  2. Five-Star Restaurant Reservations
  3. WPCafe
  4. Amelia
  5. ReDi
  6. StartBooking
  7. Vik Restaurants
  8. Quick Restaurant Reservations
  9. Webba Booking
  10. Booking Calendar
  11. Oracle GloriaFood
  12. eaSync

Let us look at WordPress restaurant reservation plugins in detail.

1. Bookly

bookly restaurant booking wordpress plugin

Bookly is not a restaurant-specific booking system; instead, it is a general booking plugin suited to many applications, including restaurant reservations.

With Bookly, your customers will be able to make reservations online from any device, after which they will receive a confirmation by email and SMS. They can also get an SMS reminder of the upcoming reservation.

Key functions of the free version of Bookly include:

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  • Customizable reservation form
  • No limit on the number of reservation forms on your site
  • Intuitive admin interface
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily calendar admin view
  • Customer list management
  • The booking list is filterable, sortable, and searchable
  • Variable booking slot durations
  • Customizable notifications by SMS and email
  • Multilanguage support thanks to WPML integration

The free version of the Bookly has over 70,000+ downloads and 4.3 stars out of 5 from users worldwide.

Bookly Pro costs $89 for an annual license and adds the following extra features:

  • More booking form customization options
  • Social media logins
  • Unlimited staff members, each with individual working schedules – great for managing personnel
  • Receive payments through your website
  • Extra email notification templates, such as reminders, follow-up messages, birthday greetings, etc.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Import and export customer lists, including details of bookings and payments
  • Integrated analytics for the number of bookings, customers, and payments
  • Range of paid add-ons available for further customization
  • Future updates and six months’ support

Bookly is immensely popular due to the fact you can use it for so many applications. Over 50,000 active downloads are in operation, and users have scored it 4.1/5.0 stars.

Our Opinion: Bookly is a great WordPress restaurant plugin for bookings and offers exceptional features. However, you need to pay extra money to resolve some bugs and errors.

Bookly is an excellent WordPress restaurant plugin for bookings. It automates the entire process of appointment scheduling. Thus, it helps you save time on administrative tasks, and improve the organization and overall productivity of your restaurant.

Go to Bookly

2. Five Star Restaurant Reservations

five star restaurant reservations plugin wordpress

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a hugely popular table booking WordPress plugin for capturing reservations for restaurant businesses. It comes from the same developers who produce other catering-related plugins such as Five Star Restaurant Menus and Five Star Restaurant Reviews.

The free version of this restaurant reservation WordPress plugin brings you the following handy features:

  • Create your own customized reservation form, which is mobile-responsive and works on all device types
  • Gutenberg block and shortcodes for adding the reservation form to any page
  • Ability to quickly and easily confirm or reject bookings with automatic email notifications to the customer
  • Automatic administrator notification by email when a booking request is submitted
  • Add or amend bookings directly from the admin panel
  • Configurable times and dates for when reservations can be made, with exceptions for holidays, special events, etc.
  • All notifications are customizable
  • Ability to ban undesirable customers, e.g., abusive or no-shows
  • Configurable minimum and maximum party sizes
  • Option to require a phone number to secure a booking

Those features should be enough for smaller restaurants. For larger or expanding ones, upgrading to Premium will bring many additional features that will help automate and streamline the booking process further:

  • More layout and styling options for greater customization
  • Custom fields for things like dietary requirements, special seating requests, etc.
  • Greater customization options for emails, including adding your own logo and brand colors
  • MailChimp integration
  • Export bookings directly to PDF, Excel, or CSV
  • Configurable dining block length and maximum number of reservations.
  • View bookings page: displays upcoming bookings in the front end and allows check-in of guests as they arrive
  • Automatic reservation confirmation

Even greater functionality comes with the Ultimate subscription, which, in addition to the above features, also brings you:

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  • SMS and email reminders for upcoming bookings and late arrivals
  • Accept deposits for reservations
  • Table selection and assignment

The Premium version of Five Star Restaurant Reservations is available from $67 for a single site, $247 for five sites, and $397 for ten sites. All of these licenses are available for a lifetime. Moreover, you get six months of free support from them. 

As we’ve already mentioned, Five Star Restaurant Reservations is extremely popular, with over 10,000 active downloads from the WordPress plugin directory and a user score of 4.7/5.0 stars.

Our Opinion: You can go with this plugin with your eyes closed. The plugin has everything that you want to grow your restaurant business. However, it might not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Go to Five Star Restaurant Reservations

3. WPCafe

wpcafe restaurant reservations plugin wordpress

WPCafe is much more than just a plugin for capturing bookings. It also includes online menus and an ordering system for takeaways and deliveries, so it could be perfect if you have a restaurant that offers eat-out as well as eat-in dining.

Reservation functionality of the free version of this plugin includes:

  • Customizable reservation form
  • Single and multi-slot schedule booking
  • Seat capacity management
  • RTL support form and calendar
  • Early and late bookings
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Bookings can be created or canceled by customers on the frontend
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Integrated online menus
  • Integrated online pickup and delivery system

That is pretty impressive functionality for a free plugin. The plugin also has paid plans. The Standard plan costs $69 per year and offers support for a single site. Besides this, there is the Premium plan, which costs $80 per year for ten sites, and the Agency plan costs $145 per year for unlimited sites.  For that, you get enhanced features, such as:

  • Display the reservation list in the admin dashboard
  • Place automatic date and time restrictions on reservations
  • Place the booking form in pages, posts, and widgets
  • Option to display and print reservation details
  • Widget for restaurant opening and closing scheduling
  • Day-wise restaurant opening and closing schedule for single or multiple slots
  • Booking for special days
  • Greater functionality for the menus and takeaway/delivery system
  • Support and updates

So, with WPCafe, you can automate your restaurant business for free or a small amount of money. The plugin has over 7,000+ downloads and has 4.5/5.0 stars from users worldwide.

Our Opinion: If you are looking for an affordable WordPress restaurant reservation plugin for RMS (restaurant management system ), WPCafe is a good option. It helps you manage your food business and serve users well. 

Go to WPCafe

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4. Amelia

Amelia - Restaurant Reservations Plugins

In search of a booking plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website? Consider Amelia. Amelia simplifies appointment scheduling for restaurants (as well as other services too!), as an all-encompassing solution automating the booking of appointments and events.

Tailored for service-oriented industries such as hair salons, yoga studios, private clinics, and consulting services, Amelia provides hassle-free appointment scheduling.

A free version of this plugin, Amelia Lite is available with restricted features as a demo plugin for developers to try it out. The free version of this plugin includes:

  •  A robust booking Calendar
  • Organizes and displays services and events in a user-friendly format.
  • Effortless navigation options set by business owners.
  • Easily identify convenient time slots for securing appointments.

Plans offered are Basic, Pro, and Developer. Each plan is priced for a year as well as lifetime use. Here are the pricing details along with usability or usable features:

Basic: $69 per year, $216 for lifetime use, 1 site, automated notifications, 4 payment providers, discount coupons, and more.

Pro: $159 per year, $414 for lifetime use, 5 sites, Basic plan features, WhatsApp integration, cart, resources, etc.

Developer: $299 per year, $899 for lifetime use, 1000 sites, REST API, and Pro plan features.

The paid versions provide the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface, beautifully designed, calendar for online appointment reservations.
  • Offers a wide range of features, like booking forms, recurring events, etc.
  • Sends automated reminders and notifications to improve business efficiency.
  •  Seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress plugins, calendar applications, etc.
  • Ideal for everyone including restaurants, private clinics, beauty salons, law consultants, etc.
  • Perfect for online coaching sessions and online yoga classes.
  • Super easy to use, and works right out of the package. 
  • Create events for clients to book, as well as customers can also book appointments.
  •  Amelia’s include its integration with calendars and payment processors.
  • Built-in event management lets you create, manage, and promote events alongside appointments on one platform.

Our Opinion: Amelia is a multi-faceted plugin with scores of features and functionalities, suited for restaurants as well as other service-oriented businesses, at a bit premium price!

Go to Amelia

5. ReDi

redi restaurant reservations plugin wordpress

Even in its free form, ReDi (short for Reservation Diary) will provide you with a fully automated reservation system for your restaurant, with seat availability checked in real-time and bookings confirmed instantly.

The free version of ReDi comes bundled with the following great features:

  • Fully automated reservations with availability checked instantly in real-time
  • Customizable reservation form with custom fields
  • Responsive form – works on all device types
  • Instant automated customer notifications, including confirmation of reservation upon acceptance
  • Admin notification of new reservations
  • Unlimited reservations
  • A daily email detailing reservations for the day
  • Waiting list when fully-booked

For €19 per month, you can upgrade to the “basic plan.” It comprises all the features of the free plus additional features given below:

  • Display next 24 hours / last 3 hours bookings on any device with data refreshed every 15 minutes
  • Multiple daily opening hours
  • Configure the maximum number of available seats for online reservation by weekday
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Customizable email templates for all supported languages
  • Booking confirmation emails sent directly from WordPress
  • Table assignment with daily notes and internal comments
  • Automatic post-visit customer feedback requests
  • Export reservations to CSV
  • Control access to specific roles
  • Configurable blocked time for when reservations will not be permitted

Additional add-ons and extensions are available for many other specific functions. Prices for those are available directly from the developer.

ReDi scores 4.5/5.0 with users, and over 1,000 active downloads exist.

Our Opinion: ReDi is one such WordPress restaurant plugin that offers best-in-class support than other plugins in the list. However, updates are limited.

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6. StartBooking

startbooking restaurant booking wordpress plugin

StartBooking is another general booking plugin that is suited to many different applications, including restaurant businesses. As well as accepting bookings, it can also help you manage your staff schedules.

The free version has pretty limited features, but it does allow you to accept payments through your website. That is great where you require a deposit to secure a booking. Key features include:

  • Accept unlimited bookings
  • Accessible by one administrator
  • Limited to one bookable service (which is adequate for most restaurant businesses)
  • Google calendar integration
  • Ability to accept payments via Stripe

Three paid plans are available. The basic plan costs $79 per year. The business plan costs $149 per year, and the Pro plan costs $299 per year. Even though these plans are somewhat expensive, they come up with some of the best functionality as follows:

  • Unlimited appointments and bookable services
  • Customizable form fields
  • Classes and group bookings
  • Advanced availability
  • Fully customizable emails
  • Advanced reporting (Business only)
  • Multiple users (Business only)
  • Designated booking rooms, e.g., for function rooms (Business only)
  • Priority support (Business only)
  • Personal setup and onboarding directly with the developer

StartBooking has more than 1000+ downloads and a rating of 3.7/5 from users worldwide.

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7. Vik Restaurants

vik restaurants restaurant reservations plugin wordpress

Vik Restaurants allows you to accept table bookings and also orders for takeaway food. That is perfect if you have a seated restaurant combined with a takeaway or delivery business.

With this plugin, you can enjoy the following great features for no charge whatsoever:

  • Online reservation and management of tables and function rooms
  • Manual and offline reservation capability through the backend
  • Maps for a visual, real-time overview of table reservations
  • Various options for takeaway/delivery order capture and management, e.g., menus, delivery address restrictions, invite generation, etc.
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Various widgets
  • Opening hour management, including special days such as holidays or special events
  • Ability to offer discount coupons
  • Email notifications of bookings and order purchases
  • Multilanguage support

Upgrading to the Pro version costs €109 (one-time payment). However, that will give you much greater flexibility and functionality, including:

  • Full backend management of bookings and orders
  • Further customization options through widgets and custom forms fields
  • Tool to easily create a live map of your tables and rooms
  • Management of customers and delivery locations
  • Private frontend area for restaurant operators
  • Over sixty custom payment gateways
  • SMS notifications
  • Unlimited interactive menus, products, toppings, and available delivery areas (these are all limited in the free version)
  • Automated offers and discounts
  • Stock management system to avoid accepting orders for unavailable products
  • SVG tables builder
  • Customer reviews
  • Custom codes to flag reservations and orders, such as in preparation, delivered, paid, etc.

Vik Restaurants is a relatively new plugin with only a hundred or so active downloads in operation. That said, it has already attracted a full 5.0/5.0 star user rating, which is highly promising.

Our Opinion: It is the best plugin if you want to handle two functionalities for your restaurant: reservation and takeaway.

Go to Vik Restaurants

8. Quick Restaurant Reservations

quick restaurant reservations wordpress plugin

As clearly indicated by the name, Quick Restaurant Reservations makes accepting and managing bookings for your restaurant business fast and simple. Customers can check table availability, and once they have booked, the restaurant booking plugin will automatically send them an email notification.

Other useful features offered by the free version of Quick Restaurant Reservations include:

  • Unlimited number of schedules plus the ability to restrict bookings to certain times
  • Configure the total capacity, dates, and time frame for different schedules
  • Schedules can be opened or closed, enabled or disabled
  • Accept an unlimited number of bookings
  • Status options: pending, confirm, reject, or cancel
  • Manual confirmation of bookings with email notification
  • Minimum and maximum party size
  • Early and late bookings
  • Responsive booking form with confirmation message and form redirect after submission

Please be aware that the free plugin can only be used with one restaurant. If you need to use it on more than one, you can upgrade to “Add-On Capacity.” That costs $59 $69 and expands the plugin’s functionality to include:

  • Unlimited restaurants
  • Restaurant page with form
  • Auto-confirmations switch to manual upon reaching the maximum restaurant capacity or party size
  • Set maximum restaurant capacity by the number of seats or tables
  • Custom email logo and email address on notifications
  • Monthly and daily calendar views

If you need the option to add custom fields to the reservation forms – for example, special dietary requirements – you can do it for $39. That will give you greater flexibility with the forms.

Quick Restaurants Reservations is currently active on over 1,000 sites. Users clearly love it as they have awarded it an average rating of 4.5/5.0 stars.

Go to Quick Restaurant Reservations

9. Webba Booking

webba restaurant booking wordpress plugin

Like Bookly, while Webba Booking is not specifically for restaurants, it is eminently suited to capturing table and private room reservation bookings as well as managing staff rosters.

The free version offers the following main features:

  • Range of customization options for the frontend, e.g., design presets, editable text, etc.
  • Responsive to all device types
  • Basic mode for a quick and easy booking process, or extended mode with advanced time search
  • Hidden or visible (with the option to add user’s data) booked time slots
  • Option to hide or redirect form after booking
  • Customers can cancel bookings without registration
  • Create and manage bookings manually in the backend
  • Shortcode builder
  • Responsive appointments table
  • Booking form appearance preview
  • Export to CSV
  • Configurable backend access
  • Backend customization options
  • Administrator approval or cancellation of bookings without logging into the dashboard
  • Editable customer and administrator notification emails
  • Administrator schedule for the following day
  • Compatible with most SMTP mail plugins
  • Multilanguage support through WPML integration

Annual plans for the Pro versions are priced from $19 to $69, depending on how many websites you have. Lifetime subscriptions cost between $239 to $799. Those prices add the following features to Webba Booking:

  • Capture payments with PayPal or Stripe
  • Coupons for discounts and special offers
  • Export data to CSV
  • WooCommerce integration
  • iCal and Google Calendar synchronization
  • Notifications and reminders via SMS
  • Future updates and support for the license duration

Webba Booking has accrued a very respectable 4.9/5.0-star rating from users, with over 2,000 downloads currently active.

Go to Webba Booking

10. Booking Calendar

booking calendar wordpress table booking plugin

The list of businesses that can use the Booking Calendar plugin to offer and schedule their services extends far beyond restaurants. The plugin doesn’t limit the number of booking resources, which means your guests will be able to book multiple tables with ease. 

The Booking Calendar also offers an online payment option, allowing you to introduce a booking fee or adjust the rates based on dates and other booking arrangements.

Restaurant owners can also use the Booking Calendar’s email templates to send personalized reservation confirmation messages to their guests.  

The plugin’s least expensive version, which comes with the license for use on a single website, costs $79. The developer offers several plans tailored for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs. 

Developer and Multi-Site Editions of the Booking Calendar give you permission to use the plugin on two or five websites. 

Each edition features multiple plans, so the booking resources you’ll have at your disposal or online payment gateways you can use will depend on the plan you select. The cost of the developer edition for two websites starts from $119 per site, and the price of a multi-site edition for five websites begins from $149. 

When writing this article, all of these plans are available at a 51% discount, so the price of 1 website, two websites, and five websites costs $39, $34.50, and $15.80, respectively.

Go to Booking Calendar

11. Oracle GloriaFood

oracle gloriafood table booking wordpress plugin

Taking online orders or showcasing your restaurant’s finest dishes is easy with the Oracle GloriaFood plugin. You just have to create an account, upload the restaurant’s menu, and publish the widget on your site. 

GloriaFood allows its users to automate online orders and doesn’t limit the maximum number of orders a restaurant can take. Moreover, you can use it to accept and manage table reservations from your site. 

Restaurant owners can rely on this plugin to promote daily menus or offer discounts for specific dishes. The GloriaFood plugin is responsive and features a mobile menu that ensures customers can place an order without difficulty. 

The plugin is free and easy to configure, so customizing the order and table reservation buttons won’t take more than a few moments of your time. The best part is that you won’t have to pay commission fees even if you receive thousands of orders and table booking requests every day.

Go to Oracle GloriaFood

12. eaSync

easync wordpress table booking plugin

Even though it has fewer than 500 active installations, eaSync is one of the best WordPress restaurant reservation plugins. Its restaurant reservation module offers a variety of features available on a website’s front and back ends. 

The plugin allows guests to choose at which of the restaurant’s locations they want to book a table or choose a date and time for their visit. 

The website’s admin can use eaSync to set up a restaurant’s Thank You page, send automatic emails to guests after they make a reservation, or create a digital version of the restaurant’s menu. 

All three modules share the following features: 

  • Active, Inactive, Pending, and Trash booking categories 
  • Email headers and footers are customizable 
  • Automatic currency and price adjustments based on the customer’s location 
  • All pending bookings are arranged automatically

It’s worth adding that having a PayPal Merchant account is a prerequisite for using the eaSync plugin. 

Go to eaSync

Wrapping Up

We hope you liked our list of the best WordPress restaurant reservation plugins. 

All of the plugins we have suggested are available as free versions. As such, if you have no budget available, you can still add table booking capabilities to your website.

Get the perfect plugin for your restaurant website, packed with features that make managing your eatery a piece of cake!

General booking plugins such as Bookly or Webba Bookings may not be targeted directly at restaurant websites. However, they are still helpful in capturing bookings, with the added advantage that they can also help you manage your staff schedules – something that is usually a significant headache for restaurant owners.

As always, all plugins we have suggested work with the latest WordPress version, and are up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins

How Do I Make a Table Reservation in WordPress?

The quickest way to create a table reservation on a WordPress site is to install a theme with a built-in reservation system. You can also install a restaurant reservation plugin on your site, and use it with a theme that doesn’t have this functionality. 

Plugins like Five Star Restaurant Reservations add a block to the Gutenberg editor, allowing you to place a reservation button on any page or create a dedicated booking page. Restaurateurs can use the plugin’s features to create booking forms, specify available dates, and send confirmation emails.  

In most cases, WordPress restaurant reservations display the booking system on the website’s frontend, so there’s no need to go through this process manually. 

What Are the Types of Restaurant Reservations?

Restaurant owners commonly utilize consumer-facing and operator-facing reservation systems. The Oracle GloriaFood is an example of a consumer-facing system that allows restaurants to accept online orders or manage table bookings from their accounts. 

The plugin lets users add reservation and online order buttons on their websites, eliminating the need to build a complex reservation system that can slow down a site. Operator-facing systems deliver a multitude of marketing channels and integration options. Consequently, these systems often have white-label reservation widgets and other branding features that help restaurants establish identity and attract customers organically.

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