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10Web Review: WordPress Platform with + 50 Premium Plugins For One Price

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023


10Web is an intriguing new service that aims to make it a heckuva lot easier to manage a fleet of WordPress websites. It’s:

  • Part all-access theme/plugin club
  • Part website management dashboard for multiple WordPress installs

So where do those premium themes and plugins come from? Well, I can’t find anything officially linking the two, but I’m pretty certain that 10Web is a project from the Web-Dorado team because most of the included plugins and themes are Web-Dorado products.

I’ve used some of Web-Dorado’s plugins in the past and found them to be high-quality, so I actually think this is a pretty big value-add rather than just a throw-in.

Read my 10Web review for a look at everything you get in the package and how the site management dashboard works.

10Web Review: What It Is And What You Get

If you’re familiar with services like WPMU Dev, you might notice some similarities with how 10Web operates.

10Web is a monthly service that gets you access to:

  • 10Web Builder
  • 20+ templates
  • Managed WP hosting on Google Cloud
  • 50+ premium plugins
  • 6 premium themes
  • An ongoing cloud backup storage service (the cloud storage space depends on your plan)
  • An ongoing image optimizer service (you get a hefty allotment of optimized images per month, again depending on your plan)
  • A unified cloud dashboard to manage all of your WordPress sites and connect to some of the plugins
  • 10Web dashboard that helps you access, install, and manage all of the premium tools from each site’s WordPress dashboard (you can also do this from the cloud dashboard)

But it’s more than just a glorified theme/plugin club because these services actually connect together.

For example, one of the included plugins is Backup WD. Rather than just letting you install the plugin on your site, Backup WD actually connects to the 10Web cloud interface so that you can manage backups for all of your sites from one spot.

Similarly, you can view stats and manage the image optimizer for each site from your single 10Web dashboard.

The 50+ Plugins That Are Included

Here’s a snapshot of some of the huge list of plugins that you get with 10Web:

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full plugin list

To view the full list, head here.

You may have heard of some of these plugins before. Some of my favorites are:

  • Instagram Feed WD
  • Google Analytics WD
  • Event Calendar WD

In addition to these core plugins, you also get access to all the premium add-ons, which you can also manage via the 10Web interface.

The Premium Themes That Are Included

10Web’s premium theme list consists of 20+ ready-made templates with 10Web Builder based on Elementor. So, while you might be able to find something, this part is a good addition to the plugins that you get:


You can view all of the themes here.

A Quick Look At The Dashboard

I’ll give you a deeper look at the dashboard in the hands-on section (that’s next!). But here’s a quick peek at what it looks like:


Hands-on With 10Web:

Ok, so I’ve got a test account at 10Web. The first thing that I want to try is adding my own site to the 10Web management dashboard for the demo account

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Connecting Your Site To 10Web:

To connect your site to 10Web services, you first need to go for WP plugins of the site you want to migrate and search for 10Web Manager plugin and install:




Once you do that, you install it at the WordPress site that you want to connect.

After you’ve activated it, click “10Web Manager” from the left side menu click “Connect”. And then, you should see the 10Web dashboard and can start managing your site:


Your test site should instantly show up in the 10Web interface, as well:

All in all – pretty dang simple. The process to connect your site to the dashboard takes less than a minute.

Let’s check out what’s inside the 10Web WordPress dashboard first – then I’ll take you through the 10Web cloud dashboard.

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10Web WordPress Admin Dashboard Tour

In the 10Web WordPress admin dashboard, you can manage the included:

  • Hosting Services
  • Plugins and themes
  • Backups
  • Image optimizer
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Website performance

Rather than relying on the regular WordPress plugins interface, you can manage everything from 10Web Dashboard and some components are already automated for your convenience like SEO, Image optimizer and Website performance. For example, you can even see that all 50+ premium plugins by 10Web are already installed and my favorite Form Maker, as well:


While the interface of 10Web Dashboard is definitely a bit slicker than the regular WordPress interfaces for plugins and themes, it’s still the same actions to deactivate plugins, perform bulk actions, etc.

It is definitely more convenient though. For example, rather than having separate plugin lists for all of the add-ons, you can easily use the drop-down menu of 10Web Builder:


To install a new plugin, add-on, or theme, you just click the Install button – no need to upload a ZIP or anything:


While you can already do this for free plugins at WordPress.org, there’s still a little bit of a convenience upgrade because you’re dealing with premium plugins here.

Overall, while this interface is well-designed and pretty slick, most of its value still comes from the fact that it gives you access to all those premium tools, plugins and managed hosting on Google Cloud that I talked about in the introduction.

10Web Web Dashboard Tour: Where You Manage Multiple Sites

I already gave you a peek at the dashboard. It looks like this:


When you hover over a site, you can click to either:

  • Access that site’s wp-admin dashboard
  • Manage that site in the 10Web cloud interface

I think you already know how the wp-admin dashboard works, so let’s check out the 10Web area.

Here, there’s some overlap in that you can also remotely manage plugins, themes, and add-ons and even manage your site’s other plugins.

The Backups area is great because it lets you quickly back up various parts of your WordPress site:


You can also set up automatic backup schedules in the plugin’s actual interface at each site.

You can configure the backup plugin to upload to additional offsite locations, like Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

And you can also manage all of the backups that you send to the TenwebCloud from the Backups tab in your 10Web cloud dashboard, including one-click restores:


The backups feature is definitely convenient, especially if you’re managing multiple sites.

Finally, you can view stats for your optimized images in the Image Optimizer tab, though you’ll need to actually run the plugin by visiting your site’s WordPress dashboard. You can click Optimize Now to jump straight to the site’s WordPress dashboard which, again, is convenient:


How Much Does 10Web Cost?

All the 10Web plans get access to the premium plugins and themes. The main difference between the plans is:

  • Number of supported domains
  • Amount of cloud backup storage
  • Number of images you can optimize per month

Prices are also affordable, starting at just $25 per month billed monthly or $20 billed annually:


Final Thoughts On 10Web

10Web is an interesting service. It’s kind of a hybrid. It’s not as powerful as the dev/agency-focused tools for managing multiple sites (at least not yet), but it includes the huge list of easily accessible plugins, which those tools don’t offer.

It’s an affordable middle-ground that I think will be intriguing to people who want access to all those premium themes and tools, as well as easily managed cloud backups.

Depending on your needs, it might come in significantly cheaper than WPMU DEV, as well.

10Web also has plans to add additional services for hosting, security, and uptime monitoring, which should put its feature list more on par with some of the heavier duty solutions.

If you’re interested, you can get a free 7-day trial to test everything out. Like I said, it only takes a minute or so to set up, so you it’s pretty easy to give it a test:

Go To 10Web

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