5 Best Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

Managing one WordPress site is easy. Managing ten WordPress sites? Well, that’s a lot of logging into different WordPress dashboards!

Whether you’re managing WordPress sites for clients or running your own collection of WordPress sites, staying on top of maintenance, updates, backups, security, and more can be a pain as the number of sites you’re responsible for grows.

To address this pain point, people have built great tools to help you manage multiple WordPress sites from a single unified dashboard, and I’ve collected the best options in this post.

Keep reading to learn about five tools that you can use to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard…

1. ManageWP


Acquired by GoDaddy in 2016, ManageWP is one of the most popular tools to manage multiple WordPress sites (and still run independently from GoDaddy, for the GoDaddy haters).

Once you hook your site up with the ManageWP Worker plugin at WordPress.org, you’ll be able to manage all of your sites from the ManageWP cloud dashboard.

From there, ManageWP helps you with maintenance, security, monitoring, and more.

It includes both free and premium features, and offers a modular pricing approach that lets you create a plan that meets your needs.


  • Automatic incremental backups as frequently as every hour, complete with off-site storage
  • Cloning/migration
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Safe updates (automatically create a restore point before updating sites)
  • Malware scans powered by Sucuri
  • White-labeled client reports
  • Unified Google Analytics reports
  • SEO keyword ranking monitoring
  • Manage themes and plugins
  • Manage comments
  • Backlink monitoring


The core ManageWP service is free for unlimited sites. So without paying a cent, you’ll be able to manage updates, plugins, and themes, run performance and security checks, and perform some other helpful actions.

Then, you can choose exactly which premium add-ons you want to use. For each add-on, you’ll pay per website you want to use it on. Currently, there are 8 premium add-ons. The prices below are per month per site:

  • Backup – $2
  • White label – $1
  • SEO ranking – $1
  • Uptime monitor – $1
  • Advanced client reports – $1
  • Automatic security check – $1 (manual is free)
  • Automatic performance check – $1 (manual is free)
  • Link monitor – $1

Get ManageWP

2. MainWP

MainWP helps you manage multiple wordpress sites

There are two notable things about MainWP:

  1. It’s self-hosted, whereas most of the other tools require you to use the service’s cloud dashboard. If you’re privacy-conscious, you might prefer this approach.
  2. It has a very generous free version.

To create your own MainWP dashboard to control other sites, you can create a blank WordPress install and install the MainWP Dashboard plugin. Then, you’ll need to install the MainWP Child plugin at all the sites you want to sync to your dashboard.


Here are the features that you get across the core plugin, free extensions, and premium extensions:

  • Easy updates
  • Plugin and theme management
  • Backups via a huge range of backup solutions including UpdraftPlus, WP Time Capsule, BackWPup, and more
  • User management
  • Security scans via Sucuri SiteCheck
  • White-labeling
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Broken link checker
  • Bulk settings manager
  • Comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic maintenance
  • Article uploading and post dripping
  • Content spinning
  • Staging
  • SEO
  • …plenty more – there are a lot of extensions


The core MainWP plugins are free. Then, you have two options for getting access to the premium extensions:

  • You can purchase individual extensions, which range from $39 to $69 per year each. There are also tons of free extensions.
  • You can purchase a bundle of all current and future extensions for $19.99 per month or $399 for lifetime access.

Either way, you’ll be able to use whatever you purchase on unlimited sites.

Get MainWP

3. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP manage multiple WordPress sites

InfiniteWP is another popular multiple WordPress site management solution. Like MainWP, it’s a self-hosted solution, which is good for the privacy-minded.

To install the self-hosted InfiniteWP admin, you can either use a dedicated installer plugin or manually install it by uploading the files via FTP.

From there, you can install the InfiniteWP Client plugin at all the WordPress sites that you want to manage via your dashboard.


With the free version, InfiniteWP offers:

  • 1-click admin access
  • 1-click updates
  • Manual backups and restores

Then, the paid plans give you access to:

  • Automatic/scheduled backups
  • Migration and staging
  • Malware scans
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Client reporting
  • Comment and user management
  • Content publishing
  • Broken link checker
  • Bulk file uploads
  • Integrations with WordPress security plugins


InfiniteWP offers a limited free version for unlimited sites

After that, you’ll pay based on the number of sites you want to use the premium features on, starting at $147 per year for up to 10 sites ($1.20 per site per month).

Get InfiniteWP

4. iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync is, unsurprisingly, a tool to manage multiple WordPress sites from iThemes. Where I think iThemes Sync is especially valuable is if you’re using other tools from iThemes, like BackupBuddy or iThemes Security.

However, you can still certainly use iThemes Sync even if you’re not heavily into the iThemes product ecosystem.


  • One-click WordPress updates
  • Uptime monitoring and email notifications if any of your sites go down
  • SEO Checker tool
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Manage themes and plugins
  • Integration with BackupBuddy for remote backups
  • Integration with iThemes Security for security management
  • Client dashboard tool to hide certain WordPress menu items (great for client sites)
  • User management
  • Comment management
  • Monthly maintenance reports that you can share with clients


iThemes Sync has a free tier with limited functionality that you can use with up to 10 sites. Most other tools let you use unlimited sites even on the free tier, so this is a bit of a disappointment.

If you want to go Pro, plans start at $6.99 per month for up to 5 sites. You can also test out Sync Pro with a 30-day free trial.

If you host at Liquid Web, you can also get access to Sync Pro for free as part of your hosting subscription.

Get iThemes Sync

5. CMS Commander

CMS Commander

CMS Commander takes a unique approach to managing multiple WordPress sites that’s a little more focused on marketing and creating a network of automatically-updated sites.

You don’t have to use it for that, but it comes from the same developer as the popular WP Robot autoblogging plugin.

For example, it can help you bulk post across multiple sites, including tools to import content or rewrite/spin articles across multiple sites.

It can also display backlink data and show you an integrated Google Analytics report that shows you the aggregate traffic across your entire network.

If you find those features attractive, CMS Commander might be the best option for you. You can learn more in our detailed CMS Commander review.


  • One-click updates for all or some of your sites
  • Manage user accounts and comments across all sites
  • Copy WordPress settings from one site to another
  • Automatic backups, including option to store backups on cloud providers like S3
  • Deploy new WordPress sites with pre-configured settings
  • Auto-post content across multiple sites
  • Import content from external sources or RSS feeds
  • Use popular article spinning services to create unique content
  • Monitor backlinks for all your sites
  • Uptime and Pagespeed monitoring
  • Aggregate Google Analytics data to see traffic across your entire network


You can try CMS Commander for free for 30 days – no credit card required. After that, you’ll pay based on the number of sites you want to manage.

They have a number of pre-set plans, and they can also create a custom plan for you if you need to manage hundreds of sites.

Paid plans start at just $8 per month for up to 5 sites.

Get CMS Commander

What’s the Best Tool to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites?

Now for the important question – which is the best tool to manage multiple WordPress sites for your unique situation?

First, I think it depends on whether you want to go with an entirely self-hosted solution or are happy to use a hosted option.

If you want something self-hosted, your two top options are MainWP or InfiniteWP. Of those two, I think MainWP has a more generous free plan, so that might be the best option if you’re on a budget.

On the other hand, if you’re happy to use a hosted solution, my recommendation is ManageWP. ManageWP has been around for a while now and has built a great reputation. It also has a generous free plan and the modular approach to premium features lets you build a plan that suits your needs.

Do you have any questions about the best tool to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard for your situation? Or have any personal experience with these tools? Let us know in the comments!

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.

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23 thoughts on “5 Best Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard”

  1. Thanks for the great reviews. Some detail correction..

    I use InfiniteWP on dozens of sites.
    Additional cool (paid) features include:
    – malware scan multiple sites with sucuri
    – manage users on multiple sites
    – bulk comment moderation on multiple sites.

    Another option not mentioned here is CMS Commander.

  2. I didn’t know there were that many. About a year ago, I made the tradeoff myself between ManageWP and InfiniteWP. I chose for InfiniteWP because of the price tag and the self hosted solution. What I like the most right now, a year later, is the slick interface and the active development of InfiniteWP. New addons are being built all the time. Uptime monitoring, cloning, installing developer themes from github… You name it and they’re building it.

    Sick Network is also something to keep a close look at.

  3. I’ve got ManageWP’s free service currently since it allows me to easily upgrade the plugins and themes that I have, which is primarily the reason I used the services.

    Just one note, the backup option is not available for a free account. You need the Standard plan as a minimum to use this.

  4. I am missing wordshell in your overview. I use it for the management of some 20+ sites for some time now and as this a commandline tool you can automate it very easily. http://Www.wordshell.net for more info…

  5. Thanks for the informative post, as I add more websites they are starting to get really unwieldy. Not sure where to start, maybe ManageWP it seems popular in the comments.

  6. This is a great list, I can recommend checking out Paul’s product iControlWP. I just interviewed him and he really has a unique perspective on pricing and the software itself.

    Plus, he’s a downright nice guy!

  7. Thanks Matt, appreciate the kudos! :)


    Huge thanks for including our iControlWP service in this round-up, I appreciate it.

    I’d like to just add, if I may, to the conclusion of “Best Premium Service”. You mentioned about cost/pricing flexibility – one of our unique approaches is the ability to pick-and-choose and pay-as-you-go with all our additional features.

    We’ve priced the entry level cost per-site tiny, so you have full flexibility to add and use extra services as and when you need them, or they become available. There’s no lock-in and no prohibitive pricing tiers. We even remove unused licenses from your account when you don’t use/need them! :)

    I hope you don’t mind me adding to this… I thought our unique approach got missed in the final conclusion and wanted to share a bit more on the details.

    As to whether it remains to be seen if we can stand next to the rest and succeed, we’re already there and doing it :D

    Thanks again for including us and helping us get the word out! Much appreciated.


    • Paul,

      Thanks for adding that extra information about your product.

      Glad to hear iControlWP is doing well and has lots of happy users.



  8. Hello,

    great review, I’m about to decide wich solution I will dive into. Maybe Worpit is missing to your comparison!

  9. After trying several of these, I went with InfiniteWP and a couple of their plug-in bundles. A great value and time saver for me.

  10. Just a note; InfiniteWP isn’t quite pay once and done. You have to pay yearly for continued support and updates to the addons.

    • Yea, InfiniteWP’s pay yearly gets really expensive for small website owners who run only a handful of WP sites =(

  11. Really nice write up. Just a little bit ago I started out with WPRemote until I realized there was no help with restoring, just a zip of the site + DB downloaded to my computer. Not too bad for a free service, but with ManageWP I pay very little and have access to automated backups and what looks like a one click restore. ManageWP has also made moving WordPress sites to a new host easy as pie…I’m now a huge fan.

  12. Is there a way to test InfiniteWP’s premium features before I can buy it? I need the ability to Publish posts from a central location with different users. I think InfiniteWP offers those options, but I want to test them before buying.

    Also i can’t understand MainWP’s prices. Are those monthly, annually or all-time prices?

  13. Hi,
    I’ve been using ManageWP for a while now and I am quite happy with it except for one feature which is the Backup to remote server feature.

    And my problems started when I added a site which had a large backup file size( around 300MB) then the backup kept failing and I tried to contact their support and they asked for more server resources which wasn’t easy to fix in this case and I still face problems with sites that are having a PHP memory limit of less than 256MB.

    I wonder if anybody else has similar problems with ManageWP or any of the other services in this aspect?


  14. Thanks for this review. iRemoteWp is new face of managing multiple WordPress sites.Free for 5 WP sites without limit. I think you should try it.

  15. Useful information thanks. I have used WP Remote but often found that the info varies from what is on my Dashboard.

    I might have missed this, but are you or anyone aware of a site where you can view the stats of all of your websites (WP) on one page?

    Seems to me this would be a great time saving instead of having logged into each.

  16. I have changed to MainWP. They are really good. Support is quick (solving my problem in 1 day – creating a beta child plugin in advance) and the prices are low.
    I came from Infinite WP. They forgot my problem/bug and didn’t give me response 14 days!!! I had to open a new ticket to give me feedback again. They services don’t work (backup – main feature) for me but don’t give me support. I paid for something but never got it.
    ‘Of course’ they won’t refund my money becaus nobody else report bugs… pathetic…

  17. I tried MainWP but it was hopeless – always crashing and the backup feature just wouldn’t work on any of my sites. What a shame because it looks great, but just doesn’t work.

    I switched to infiniteWP and so far I have to be honest and say it’s been fantastic. I wish the pricing was a bit more in line with MainWP – however – it works and at the time of writing they have a 50% off promotion fro 4th July.

  18. I have many sites but I have not been managed my sites
    then I have use CMS Commander it is a very best WordPress plugin

    Thank you for sharing this article

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