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WP Guidant Review: Convert More Traffic Into Leads & New Customers

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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Are you looking for a WordPress plugin that will help you convert traffic into leads easily?

While various users may visit different sites, searching for the perfect product to buy, some users might find it challenging to browse through large product catalogs.

Not to mention, some website visitors might not find the product that they might be looking for. 

Now, this is where the WP Guidant comes in.

As the name hints, this is a plugin that streamlines the shopping process by guiding website visitors as they are shopping, making it easier for site visitors to find different products in a short time.

Since WP Guidant comes with various functionalities that can help you convert traffic into leads easily, we are going to give you an insight into those features. Let’s dive in.

WP Guidant

Designed to integrate smoothly with your WordPress database, the WP Guidant organizes and filters data easily, making it easier for site visitors to find various products.

Whether your site features tons of products or services, this plugin can organize data in a simplified manner to give users the results that they might be searching for.

Think of it like a step-by-step guide plugin, which analyzes the input of visitors, then lists the products that the users might be looking for.

On top of that, it is quite effective in analyzing the user input in a short span of time to produce results quickly, converting traffic into leads quite easily. 

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Main Features


Since this plugin comes with various filters, it makes it easier for you to design guides for various products.  Not to mention, WP Guidant allows you to feature different guides on your WordPress site.

Moreover, this plugin comes with different settings and options for creating unique layouts and organizing filters, depending on your personal preferences.

While this plugin has tons of features and functionalities, guides play a big role in boosting the conversion rate of your site. Plus, WP Guidant automatically redirects customers to a custom URL once they complete a certain guide.


WP Guidant packs different types of filters that can help users find different products quite easily. Such filters are also designed to sort out different types of data.

Card Filter

Well, the card filter displays various filter options in form of a card. For instance, if your site offers monthly-subscription services and weekly subscription services, those two options will be displayed as two cards.

As a result, any potential customer that is interested in your product/services has to choose one of those two options to get the desired results.

It doesn’t stop there.

Such cards also have different fields that can be used to display text, images, and titles.

Form Filter

Forms have certain fields, which helps site visitors choose different products/services based on their personal preferences. Such forms also come with options that make it possible for you to determine the fields that you are planning to include on the final form.

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They also come with different functionalities that make it easier for you to determine how users are going to select the product/services offered on your site.


This is an effective filter that helps customers look for products/services by moving a slider through a range of various options.

It gets better.

This filter comes with different functionalities, making it easier for you to determine the field that will be displayed on the slider. Furthermore, the slider filter can display the value of a certain field in different forms—as a range or as a single output data.

Email Options

Unlike other plugins, WP Guidant comes with various functionalities that can help you manage and sort emails. For starters, it comes with a functionality that makes it easier for you to send an email once he/she completes the guide. The email can be customized based on your preferences to target various users.

It gets better.

WP Guidant notifies you once a user goes through a step-by-step guide and completes it.


WP Guidant has multiple customization options that can help you customize various elements, complementing your site’s theme. For starters, you can change the color of various elements based on your personal preferences.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

WP Guidant customization options are grouped into different categories, making it possible for you to design various elements individually. It comes with guide design options, filter design options, card design options, and slider design options.

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Conditional Logic

Since this WordPress plugin was developed to help site visitors find certain products in a short period, it comes with conditional logic for streamlining the whole process.

The conditional logic is a function that generates a certain output, depending on the options selected by your customers.

For example, if you are offering two types of services on your websites such as monthly subscription services and weekly subscription services, this plugin will display different outputs to users who have different options. A user who selects the monthly subscription services will get different options than the user that chooses the weekly subscription services.

Thanks to the conditional logic functionality. you can easily create a step-by-step guide system that leads various users to certain products. Plus, you can use various types of conditions, which might be suitable for your WordPress site.


Well, WP Guidant integrates smoothly with third-party applications such as Mailchimp, offering various options for organizing and managing your email lists and emails. Since this plugin integrates with Mailchimp, it makes it easier for you to import your subscriber list 

Apart from that, this plugin integrates smoothly with WooCommerce, making it easier for you to guide users while they are shopping. Not to mention, the WooCommerce integration gives you access to more functionalities.


The WP Guidant comes with a report functionality, which gives you some insight into different aspects of your WordPress site. The report function analyzes how different users interact with your guides, making it easier for you to know whether your site has amazing user interaction or not.

Furthermore, the report function highlights some of the areas that need to be improved.

By revealing the options that various users select while looking for the perfect product, this plugin helps you know whether your filters are effective or not.

Moreover, the WP Guidant has a CSV export option that lets you export data for analysis, making it possible for you to export various data.

On top of that, the WP Guidant plugin gives you more than enough information to determine how various services and products are performing.

Is WP Guidant Really Worth It?

Unlike other WordPress plugins, the WP Guidant has filters that can help you convert traffic into leads quite easily. Such filters can display different types of fields and are quite versatile.

Not to mention, this plugin has different types of filters, making it easier for you to use the one that suits you the most.  

It might be a suitable plugin for you if you have an online store with a large product catalog.

On top of that, the WP Guidant might also be an ideal plugin for online entrepreneurs who offer different types of services at a certain rate.     


The WP Guidant is available in two different versions; the free version and the premium version.

The free version of WP Guidant is available on WordPress.org and the official site. On the other hand, the premium version of this plugin is available in three different plans. The Achiever plan costs $59 and is suitable for a single site. The Freelancer plan is $159, and it’s ideal for 10 sites. The Agency plan is $259. The top-tier plan lets you install the plugin on unlimited sites.

All those plans have a one-time price, which gives you access to lifetime support, unlimited guides, and lifetime plugin update. Since such plans have a one-time price, it is quite affordable as compared to other WordPress plugins. The license of the premium version can be purchased at WP Guidant’s official website.       

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, everything you need to know about WP Guidant. Clearly, WP Guidant is an effective WordPress plugin that can help you increase your overall sales by guiding users while they are looking for various products/services.

It comes with various filters that are quite effective in sorting various options. Apart from that, it has a logic condition function that helps you create a step-by-step guide that guides site visitors while they are looking for various products on your site. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that will help you convert traffic into leads quite easily, WP Guidant might be suitable for you.

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