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WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log is the most comprehensive WordPress security log plugin that enables you to monitor all WordPress users activity and much more. By keeping track of everything that is happening under the hood of your WordPress and WordPress multisite you can easily spot suspicious behaviour and stop malicious attacks before they happen and damage your WordPress, while at the same time ensuring users’ productivity.

audit log viewer

You can also extend the functionality of WP Security Audit Log with the premium plugin extensions to get the best out of the WordPress security audit log. For example you can use the Notifications Extension to receive an email when someone logs in to your WordPress outside office hours, when a user’s password or role is changed, when existing content is changed and much more.

Key Features

  • Monitor WordPress users’ activity on both WordPress and WordPress multisite
  • Realtime WordPress security audit log viewer that allows you to watch user activity as it happens
  • Configurable WordPress dashboard widget highlighting most recent critical WordPress activity
  • User’s role, avatar and connecting source IP Address is reported in WordPress security alerts
  • Ability to enable and disable specific security alerts to allow you to monitor what you want
  • Monitor WordPress users activity and productivity
  • Limit who can manage and view the security alerts of the plugin via users and roles
  • Configurable email alerts allowing you to be instantly notified when important changes happen on your WordPress (premium extension)
  • Ability to generate reports from any source of data to record WordPress users’ productivity and meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements (premium extension)
  • Search functionality; search automatically through the audit log with free based text searches. Use filters to fine tune searches (premium extension)
  • Ability to store the audit log in an external database to improve the security of your WordPress setup and ensure your website is compliant to regulatory compliance requirement (premium extension)