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8 Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers

Last Updated on May 15th, 2024

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WordPress Developers

WordPress is recognized as one of the premier platforms for developing websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Creating a WordPress site is straightforward, and accessible even to novice programmers. Distinguished for its flexibility and user-friendly interface, WordPress serves as a powerful content management system (CMS), supporting a vast expanse of the digital landscape, and facilitating easy website creation and management. 

However, for more specialized requirements, engaging WordPress experts is beneficial to enhance your brand’s as well as the website project’s scope and quality. In the context of businesses seeking to forge a robust online presence, the engagement of some of the best WordPress developers is crucial for augmenting customization, and elevating functionality. 

When you consider hiring WordPress developers, you may have questions regarding where to find the WordPress experts, and what to look for in them. Don’t worry; we are there for you.

Here, we will walk you through the top places to hire WordPress developers. But, before that, we will offer you some essential factors that you should look at when hiring the best WordPress developers.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring WordPress Developers

When hiring WordPress developers, consider these steps for success:

Scope of Work: Clearly Specify the scope, skills needed, timelines, and budget to attract suitable talent.

Technical Expertise: Check out the developers’ expertise in WordPress overall. This includes themes, plugins, custom development, and more.

Evaluate Portfolios: Review candidates’ work and feedback to gauge their expertise.

Communication and Collaboration: Ensure the developer has robust communication skills and is comfortable working with you and your team.

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Availability and Responsiveness: Consider the developer’s availability to manage your project and their overall ability to respond to concerns and queries.

Project Management: Thoroughly examine the developer’s project management skills and capability to deliver projects on time and within your desired budget.

Maintenance and Support: Ask the developer what kind of support they will provide after launching your website.

We have curated a selection of platforms specializing in various WordPress nuances, whether the priority is securing highly skilled freelancers, targeting a particular expertise, or seeking more cost-effective alternatives:

  1. Codeable.io
  2. UnlimitedWP
  3. Remote OK
  4. Toptal
  5. ClickWP
  6. WPHired
  7. WordPress Jobs
  8. Upwork

Here are some of the top places for hiring the best WordPress developers for your project.

1. Codeable.io

Codeable - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

Codeable sets the gold standard in WordPress development services, with its unparalleled commitment to excellence. It operates as a niche platform, connecting businesses with the very best of talented WordPress web developers, rigorously vetted through a meticulous six-step process including professional reviews, technical exams, and an assuring, 45-day trial period. 

This ensures access to experts skilled in theme development, plugin customization, and coding. Codeable simplifies the task of finding and hiring top-tier WordPress professionals, ensuring clients easily solve WordPress challenges with the best in the field. 

The recruitment procedure is pretty much straightforward: you simply articulate your requirements, and Codeable will match your project requirements with proficient WordPress and Shopify developers. Codeable provides a secure hiring experience, ensured by a refund guarantee, should the outcomes not align with your expectations.


WordPress developers on Codeable are available at approximately $70 – $120 per hour. 

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2. UnlimitedWP

UnlimitedWP - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

UnlimitedWP stands as a beacon of excellence in the space of WordPress white-label services, catering to a broad spectrum of digital, design, and web agencies across the globe. Whether it’s crafting a new site from scratch, revamping an existing one, customizing themes, or developing plugins, their expertise spans the full WordPress spectrum. 

The brainchild of Ronik Patel, a seasoned Boston entrepreneur with a decade of WordPress experience, UnlimitedWP was launched in 2019 with a clear vision. Ronik recognized the burgeoning need for white-label WordPress solutions and set out to meet this demand by offering unmatched services at a flat monthly rate. 

Starting at a competitive $747 per month, their unlimited WordPress tasks package is a game-changer. With a robust team of over 100 WordPress specialists, including developers, designers, and QA experts, UnlimitedWP has successfully completed more than 2,000 projects for numerous agencies across various sectors worldwide. 

Their commitment to understanding each agency’s unique needs and goals sets them apart from typical WordPress outsourcing firms. By adhering to the highest WordPress development standards and practices, they ensure timely, budget-friendly project delivery.


Beginning at just $747 per month, you get unlimited WordPress tasks with their Starter plan.

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3. Remote OK

Remote OK - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

Remote OK serves as a hub for proficient WordPress and Shopify developers to work from any location. Its skilled WordPress and Shopify experts, renowned for their expertise, are able to seamlessly connect with potential employers. This flexibility encourages numerous WordPress experts to enlist and respond to job offers from prestigious firms.

Companies in search of WordPress developers can sketch detailed job postings, outlining necessary qualifications, additional advantages, benefits, and competitive pay to lure elite talent. Likewise, various remote job boards like Remotewokr, Flexjobs, and No Desk are available for remote recruitment of WordPress developers.

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If your enterprise is in the market for a WordPress developer, you can advertise a WordPress position by drafting an exhaustive job listing, specifying required qualifications, including extra incentives and benefits, along with compensation to attract superior applicants. 


Post your job and hire developers directly, checking the pricing pre-fixed by developers.

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4. Toptal

Toptal - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

Toptal stands out as an elite freelance platform, rigorously selecting fewer than 3% of applicants annually from over 100,000 submissions. This discernment ensures access to a premier global talent pool when hiring WordPress and Shopify developers. The engagement process is streamlined, starting with an inquiry into service requirements, project duration, and budget, ensuring a perfect alignment with top-tier WordPress and Shopify developers. 

Projects spanning a week are typically priced between $1,000 and $1,600. Key benefits include access to the world’s most accomplished developers, an efficient hiring process, and Toptal’s adeptness at matching client needs with the right talent. 

The network boasts a diverse range of professionals, including software developers, WordPress experts, and designers, catering to small business websites. Toptal’s commitment to quality is underscored by a stringent vetting process, ensuring only the most skilled professionals are admitted. 

Its personalized matching system considers technical abilities, cultural fit, and project requirements, ensuring clients are paired with developers who align with their project’s goals. Toptal also offers a risk-free trial, allowing clients to validate the developer’s compatibility with their project, and emphasizing its commitment to client satisfaction and quality assurance.


Once you enlist your task or project scope, developers are assigned within 48 hours. Pricing varies according to project requirements. Typically, ranges between $1000 to $1600.

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5. ClickWP

ClickWP - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

ClickWP distinguishes itself as a comprehensive managed WordPress hosting solution, delivering a suite of services that encompasses website hosting, bolstered security, performance enhancements, and streamlined WordPress installations. The platform is further enhanced by a marketplace, meticulously curated to connect users with thoroughly vetted WordPress developers for a wide array of projects. 

This platform simplifies the process of identifying and engaging proficient WordPress developers. The cornerstone of ClickWP’s offering is its rigorous vetting procedure, designed to assure the engagement of developers who demonstrate both exceptional skill and a solid track record. By managing both payments and communication, ClickWP provides a safeguard against potential fraud and project mismanagement, ensuring a smoother execution of projects. 

ClickWP caters to a broad spectrum of project requirements, thanks to its access to developers endowed with varied skill sets. This makes it an ideal choice for projects of any scale, from minor adjustments to major overhauls, accommodating a diverse range of budgetary considerations. 

Whether for small-scale tasks or extensive projects, ClickWP serves as a reliable portal to top-tier WordPress development expertise, streamlining project workflows and enhancing website outcomes.


Pricing starts at $50 for small, 30-min tasks that doesn’t require coding, to $100 for larger tasks or projects.

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6. WPHired

WPHired - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

Launched in 2010 by Jerome Degl’innocenti, a fervent advocate for WordPress, WPhired stands as a dedicated job board exclusively for WordPress-related opportunities. It offers a niche platform where employers and WordPress developers converge, specifically tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the WordPress community. 

WPhired excels in bridging connections between businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations, and skilled WordPress professionals, adept in various facets of WordPress development. This specialized job board makes it effortless for employers to discover developers proficient in WordPress intricacies, catering to a broad spectrum of project requirements. 

From WordPress migration and performance optimization to plugin and theme development, WPhired hosts over a thousand certified developers and experts, ensuring a perfect match for every WordPress site need. WPhired’s commitment to the WordPress community is highlighted by its offering of free job postings, democratizing access to top-tier talent. The platform comprises a diverse pool of freelancers varying in skill levels and experience, streamlining the hiring process for businesses seeking tailored WordPress expertise. 

Founded with the vision to simplify the talent acquisition process without imposing commission fees, WPhired has revolutionized the way employers find and engage WordPress professionals globally. This hassle-free approach enables businesses to efficiently source and hire the ideal WordPress developers, enhancing their online presence and project success.


The owner quotes prices according to the project details and duration. Developers seek out employers based on their availability. 

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7. WordPress Jobs

WordPress - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

WordPress Jobs is the official job listing page handled by WordPress.org. It is one of the best places to find WordPress web developers for your desired project. The platform allows you to post jobs in different categories, and submit them for review. 

On this platform, you can post jobs in various categories, such as WordPress design, development, migration, performance, plugin development, and theme customization. The platform even lets you post jobs for translation, writing, and support to help the community.

The main benefit of this platform is that as soon as your request is approved, your job remains on the platform for 21 days. You have 21 days to find suitable WordPress experts for your project.

One major drawback of the platform is that they don’t conduct a pre-scanning process for WordPress developers. Moreover, the platform will have various freelancers with different expertise, from beginner to pro. Hence, you have to do the hard work of finding the right WordPress experts for your project.


There is no fixed pricing on the platform. You can hire WordPress developers for your project based on your budget.

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8. Upwork

Upwork - Best Place to Hire WordPress Developers

Upwork is one of the world’s leading freelancing platforms where you can find WordPress developers. This platform enables you to post jobs for the developers you require as per the project. There will be developers of every level – beginner, intermediate, and expert. 

All the WordPress web developers of different time zones, cultural differences, and more will bid on the project. 

The platform enables you to check the ratings and reviews of WordPress experts to check out their performance and overall reputation. 

The main drawback of the platform is that you need to do all the vetting yourself when hiring a WordPress developer. Plus, you might have to pay a specific fee to the platform for hiring a professional.


There is no fixed price for hiring developers. Different freelancers or companies on the platform will have different prices. You can hire WordPress developers based on your project requirements and budget.

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Final Words

In the end, it is essential to hire the best WordPress developers for your particular website or project. We have shared 8 well-known resources for this with you, from specialized platforms like Codeable.io and Toptal to white-label agencies like UnlimitedWP, freelance platforms like Upwork, and job listing platforms like WordPress Jobs.

Now, you should carefully evaluate all the platforms and consider the factors we have shared above for hiring the most suitable WordPress developers. With careful evaluation, you can definitely go with a WordPress professional who can help you complete your WordPress project on time without compromising on the quality.

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