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Qi Addons for Elementor is full of plugins that offer addons for Elementor, but none of them will offer more, free of charge, than Qi Addons for Elementor. This plugin comes with no less than sixty excellent widgets, ready to prop your website to a whole new level.
The idea behind making this plugin was to give the widest possible pool of WordPress users the benefits of Qi’s creators’ talent and experience. The addons not only work well, but they look good while they work, too.

The plugin is easy to find and install – you can get it right off and install it in just a few clicks. Immediately after activating it, the whole suite of sixty addons is ready at your fingertips to make your website perform and look like you envisioned.
Sixty widgets are quite a lot – that’s why they’ve split them into eight distinct packs based on what they do.

Key Features

• 60 Elementor addons
• Completely free to download and use
• No coding knowledge required
• Regularly updated
• Fully documented plugin
• Video tutorials available
• Designed with speed and performance in mind

Qi Addons for Elementor Addons Packs

  • Business Addons – If you’re looking for widgets and elements to help you introduce and publicize your business, you’ll find what you need among these addons. From showcasing testimonials and clients to displaying a pricing list, the business addons pack will enable and support the business-critical features your website needs.
  • Infographics Addons – Charts, progress bars, and graphs form the core of the addons you’ll find in this packs. Together, they’ll help you display any type of data you want to grace your website.
  • Showcase Addons – Nothing like an alluring hero slider to anchor the viewers’ attention – but that’s not all you’ll get in the showcase addons pack. Whether you want to build a timeline or create an effective image gallery, you’ll find the right tools among these addons.
  • Creative Addons – Creative addons pack is the set of tools you will turn to after something has sparked your creativity and you want to use Elementor to add something out of the ordinary to your website. Between interactive elements, advanced animations, and imaginative layouts, this pack will bring your website a step – or a few – closer to your vision of a perfect website.
  • WooCommerce Addons – If you’re using one of the most popular plugins in the world – WooCommerce – to power your online store, you’ll be happy to know that Qi Addons for Elementor has a WooCommerce Addons pack. Just like the other addons in the plugin, it brings some much-needed elements.
  • Typography Addons – You can’t have a great design without great typography elements, and the typography addons pack will bring you just that – awesome typography elements. From animation to highlighting and message boxes, these addons will help you get your message across just the way you want it to.
  • SEO Addons – Websites live or die by their ability to communicate with search engines, which is all the more reason to use the SEO addons to give your website some easy-to-understand content. If you want to cover the basics of having a well-structured FAQ, table of contents, or how-to content, this pack is all you’ll need.
  • Contact Form Stylization – If you use Contact Form 7 or WPForms, the widgets in this pack will come in handy when you want to create contact forms with a little bit more style.