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Growmatik is a Cross-channel Marketing platform for WordPress & WooCommerce. It collects user data in 3 touchpoints (website content, email, and popup), makes segments out of them with 50+ behavioral attributes, and then uses them to personalize your marketing content for every segment seamlessly across all 3 channels.

Growmatik is natively built and tuned for WordPress/WooCommerce and integrates with various WP form builders such as Elementor Pro, ContactForm7, WPForm, NinjaForms, Gravity Forms.

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More Integrations:
Our thirst to provide more and more integration with different plugins will continue. Expect more WordPress form integrations, WPFusion integration, Hubspot, Zapier, and more down the road this year.

New marketing channels for your automation:
We do care about Growmatik’s first and foremost promise of multi-channel marketing automation. We want to add more marketing channels to your automation capacity than emails, webpage content, and popups. Expect some exciting new marketing channels such as SMS, Facebook ads, and more coming in 2021.

Key Features

  • Form a holistic knowledge about your customers by collecting insights from their behavior across all touchpoints,
  • Create segments with 50+ demographic and behavioral attributes covering their demographic, in-site, email, and shopping behavior.
  • Serve every segment their own personalized content in 3 touchpoints: email, website, popups. All from one dashboard.
  • Personalize marketing experiences for every customer using visual personalizer tools and dynamic elements (such as product lists, dynamic blog lists, and dynamic keywords)
  • Measure the performance of every campaign by tailored metrics. Uncover successful funnels in your website and decide what’s next.

Detailed Features:

Customer data, segmentation & targeting:

  • Collect and unify customer data across all touchpoints
  • Segment your audience based on behavior and interests (with 50+ attributes covering referral, in-site, email, and shopping activity)
  • Thanks to a holistic cross-channel segmentation, your marketing campaigns will be able to target users based on website activity, shopping habits, and email activity.


  • Automate all marketing activities for every segment in one dashboard with IF this THEN that automation
  • Create your own automations or use readymade automation recipes to get started fast

Analytics & Attribution:

  • Get reports about the general growth of your website on the Reports page
  • Get specific performance reports for every automation separately
  • Discover what’s going on in website funnels via the customer journey page


  • Personalize Webpages for every segment
  • Send personalized emails to every segment
  • Display personalized popups to every segment
  • Go beyond text-only personalization. Use drag & drop and 100% code-free builders to visually personalize your webpages, emails, and popup or
  • Instead of building templates yourself, you can get started with readymade templates as well (available for different marketing purposes)
  • Use dynamic product list and blog list inside your content that reflects customer history and behavior (related products, product ID, product category, abandoned items, related upsell, related cross-sells, related discounted items)
  • Use 30+ dynamic keywords to further personalize your textual marketing content


  • Pay only for usage, not the features you use. Enjoy using all features in all tiers for extremely competitive prices.
  • With Growmatik’s free plan you can send 15,000 emails, manage 2000 subscribers, and personalize your website for 10,000 visits every month.
  • Growmatik pricing is truly all-on-one. No extra payments for different features such as SMTP third-party services (like Groundhogg does), Server storage for website personalization (like Groundhogg does), or server resources for geolocation targeting (like If-So does)