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Password Protected Categories

The WordPress Password Protected Categories plugin is the easy way to lock down any type of content on your WordPress website.

Do you want to create a private WordPress blog or password protect categories within a public blog? Maybe you want a private portfolio or case studies for your WordPress site? Would you like to create password protected or hidden product categories for an e-commerce store, perhaps for a members shop or wholesale area? Perhaps you’re looking for a protected business directory or event categories that are only visible to pre-approved people? Do you need to create hidden areas of your website for specific customers?

Whatever you want to hide or protect, WordPress Password Protected Categories is the plugin for you. The plugin offers 2 ways to protect your WordPress content:

  1. Password protected categories in WordPress – enter the password to unlock the products inside.
  2. Private categories that are only visible to logged in users with the correct role.

Password Protected Categories Video

Key Features

  • Supports any type of category (hierarchical taxonomy) in WordPress, whether it’s a standard post or custom post type.
  • Password protects all types of custom post type category, whether they’re created by you, your theme or a third party plugin – e.g. portfolio posts, testimonials, WordPress e-commerce or events plugins.
  • Tested with major themes such as Avada, Divi, The7 and X, plus popular plugins such as WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and The Events Calendar.
  • Adds a ‘Visibility’ section to each WordPress category, where you can select Password Protected, Private or leave it Public.
  • By password protecting a category, all its contents and any sub-categories are automatically protected with the same password. Users only have to enter a password once to unlock the entire category.
  • Automatically hides protected categories and their contents from search engines.
  • Supports multiple passwords for each category – create a shared password for all your users, or a unique password for each person.
  • Private categories only appear for logged in Administrators and Editors. You can change the roles that can see private categories by modifying the WordPress user roles.
  • Creates a global WordPress category login page. On entering any correct password, users are instantly directed to the correct category.
  • Customisable login page text and button.
  • Choose whether to show or hide protected categories and their contents from the public parts of your site, e.g. your main blog page, menus, widgets and WordPress search results.
  • Specify how many days before users have to re-enter the password to access their protected categories.
  • Also works with WooCommerce, but WooCommerce users might prefer the dedicated ‘WooCommerce Password Protected Categories‘ plugin.
  • Developed and supported by top UK agency Barn2 Media (est. 2009)