WordPress as a Project Management Tool: Free Plugins

Published on January 20th, 2012

Last Updated on May 8th, 2019


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Yesterday we looked at productivity plugins for your business website, one area I have been looking at a lot lately is using WordPress as a project management tool – my whole business is based around WordPress so it makes sense to use it for project management as well?

Up till now I have been using things like Basecamp to track projects and collaborate with the team working on it. I thought I would look into what WordPress can offer so today’s post is a round up of the plugins I found – I will make a follow up post later on with a full review of the plugin I chose.

Project Tasks

This WordPress plugin is a complete flexible Projekt Task Management System. It helps you take control of all tasks when developing a WordPress Theme in a team or with a client.

Project Tasks »


CollabPress adds project and task management functionality to WordPress. Easily create projects and assign tasks to users. Works with WordPress, Multisite, and BuddyPress.

CollabPress »

Ndizi Project Management

Ndizi Project Management is a Project Management solution, akin to offerings like Basecamp. But it’s free and runs under WordPress.

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Ndizi Project Management »


BP GTM System will turn your site into a developer center, where tasks, projects, discussions, categories and tags will help you maintain products.


iProject Web

iProject Web is an easy to use project management and task management software. It has a minimalistic set of features required for organizing effective project team work. It simplifies collaboration between team members and is designed for people online.

iProject Web »

Gamatam Tasks

Gamatam Tasks tracks tasks between Worpress users, allowing users to edit the description, change the task status, change the priority and assign the task to a different user. It is not as comprehensive as most issue trackers (no work flow etc) by design, I found a lot of clients looking for something more useful than a spreadsheet or todo list, but not as complicated to use as bugzilla, trac et al.

Gamatam Tasks »

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WP Task Manager

Wp-Task-Manager is a plugin for wordpress which add a small task manager inside the administration panel. You can add task to your self or to the other contributor of the blog.

WP Task Manager »

WP Project

The WordPress administrative interface is friendly and comfortable. For web designers and developers, there is no better place to spend your time. Instead of having to visit several disparate websites to manage your projects and project progress, why not do it from the WordPress interface? Well, now you can with WP-Project.

WP Project »

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