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Tumblr Launches Open Beta for Semi-Private Communities, an Automattic’s Masterstroke

Last Updated on June 4th, 2024

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Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social networking site that was initially acquired by Yahoo in 2013. Later, Tumblr was acquired by Automattic in 2019, the same company behind WooCommerce and JetPack, and the makers of WordPress.com. Over the years, Automattic has transformed WordPress.com and helped the WordPress community significantly.

The Tumblr Labs division recently announced that Tumblr has just released the “Communities” feature in open beta. This new feature provides a unique space for people with similar interests and passions to connect and engage on various topics, separate from Tumblr’s main dashboard.  

Tumblr has been experimenting with the communities feature in closed beta, and now, after making its open beta, it highlights its changing focus under the new parent company, Automattic.

So, are you excited to learn about this new feature and how it will benefit communities? Here, we will uncover various aspects of this feature.

Transforming the Social Experience with Communities

With this new feature, Tumblr is trying to provide a more personalized experience to its communities. 


Here, Tumblr’s Communities will work as “semi-private” hubs, with their own moderators, rules, and privacy settings. This feature is almost similar to the Subreddit on Reddit and the Communities on X(Twitter); both companies have started experimenting with AI.

As the community feature will be in open beta, it simply denotes that the platform is ready to evolve according to the users’ needs. 

For those who don’t know, open beta is a phase in development during which the product is available for the public and developers to test, try, and provide valuable feedback.

Tumblr allows users to create their own communities and add them to the waitlist. Currently, more than 5,800 communities are on the waitlist on Tumblr. The platform will continue to work on this and ensure the feature is available for more people soon.

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The platform has introduced the test feature with the aim of allowing community creators to experiment with various functionalities and integrate the right ones based on their feedback. 

Meeting the Needs of Growing Private Spaces

Tumblr’s launch of the semi-private communities is one of the most fantastic decisions ever.


With the new feature, Tumblr addresses the growing need for privacy and more control in the digital world.

Moreover, with the new feature, Tumblr allows users to connect with more private spaces they like and have better conversations, a growing need in the digital world. Here, communities can be created across many topics, such as movies, video games, board games, friends, and anything users like.

Lastly, Tumblr will now be sufficient to compete with leading platforms like Reddit and Twitter. 

Potential Impact and Future for Tumblr Communities

By introducing the community feature in the open-beta phase, Tumblr has an excellent opportunity to showcase to the world that it is popular whenever we talk about social media and blogging. This feature has the power to attract new news, urge them to build new communities, have interactive sessions, and reinvent the previous image of the platform.

In short, Tumblr’s potential impact and future are absolutely fantastic, as it is not only serving users’ needs but also growing its platform in the right direction.

Final Thoughts on Tumblr’s Communities

By introducing semi-private communities, Tumblr aims to serve the growing preferences of web users needing privacy. With the launch of this new feature, the social networking platform wants to offer a superior user experience through controlled and exclusive spaces.

Ultimately, Tumblr is setting itself far better than other platforms by responding to the growing demand for spaces where interactions are personal and private. The platform encourages users to create new spaces and interact with the other members of the group in a highly protected environment. Lastly, Tumblr balances openness with privacy in our increasingly connected world. 

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