Create Attractive, Responsive Pricing Grids in WordPress with the Go Pricing Plugin

Published on July 8th, 2015

Last Updated on November 20th, 2019

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If you are selling services or products online with different levels of features then a pricing grid is an essential piece of your marketing website, they are popular because you can quickly demonstrate to a potential customer the different features of each product and compare them to each other.

They can be confusing though – too much information ( like some hosting companies ) can overwhelm the user, too little information and they are equally ineffective. You need to strike the right balance of providing enough information, the price points need to be clearly identified and you should definitely split test different items in it. Things like the plan names, colors used in the grid, highlighting the most popular plan ( or one you want people to believe is most popular ) can all affect signup rates.


Designing your own pricing grid can be a laborious process so today we are going to take a look at quite a remarkable plugin called Go Pricing which is a hugely comprehensive WordPress plugin for creating pricing tables in many different styles – it contains over 250 different styles, Google fonts, icons, media support for video, images and audio, is reponsive and works with any theme.

Go pricing costs $19 from CodeCanyon.

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Plugin Features

This plugin packs in a huge amount of features, it should be possible to create just about any pricing table you would ever need. Some of the highlights for me are the ability to include social media icons, Google maps, images and videos. Here is a run-down of the features:

  • Unlimited colors and color combination of columns
  • Unlimited and different number of rows in Body and Footer
  • Any number of columns up to 10
  • Paypal and s2Member button shortcode support
  • 650+ Google Web Font
  • 1900+ Font icons
  • 250+ Starter Templates
  • Responsive Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Google Maps
  • Admin Interface

Create a Pricing Grid

After downloading and installing the plugin, you should visit the “Go Pricing” menu item which has been added, here you will see the option to “Create New Table”.


Give the table a name and a table ID to get started, the table ID is what will be used when you generate the short code to place the table on your site.

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Underneath here you will see the “Add New Column” area which is how you will construct your table visuals. Clicking the “Add Column” button will add it and then open a whole load of options which you can use to create it.


The General Options tab lets you pick a style and main color for the column, you can also choose to highlight the column and pick some decoration styles like shadow or add a ribbon to it.


Header options allows you to give the column a style, a title, price and edit the general settings.


Next you need to add rows and then add content for each – this is where you would like the features of that particular item.


Finally, each column has a footer section which is where you will typically add your “Signup” or “Purchase” button.

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You can save your column and then hit the preview button to see how your column looks and test it at different sizes.


Once you are happy with how your column looks you can click the add new column button and begin your next one. A very useful feature of this plugin is that you don’t have to start again from scratch, you can click the “clone” button under your column and it will copy the settings over to a new column and you can just edit the relevant text and colors etc.


Once you have created all the columns needed for your table, just grab the shortcode and paste it into a page or post to see how your table looks live.



Import Starter Templates

As I mentioned before, there are over 250 starter templates included with this plugin. To make use of them, there is an import / export system included, here you can export any of your own tables to use on other sites. To import templates, look in the demo data folder and there are a number of text files, you simply paste the code in and import them


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Visit your main tables page and you will see them all listed for you to customize.


Visit here to view all the included starter templates, here are a few of my favourites so you can see what sort of things are possible with this plugin:







This is a great plugin, it packs in a large amount of features and is well thought-out so creating pricing grids from scratch is an easy process if you need complete control over how your table looks. What is truly impressive is the huge amount of included starter templates – these must have taken a long time to put together. You should be able to find a starter template in a style that you need and then customize it to match your requirements exactly.

The one more advanced feature I would like to see added is the ability to export the exact CSS and HTML code required to create your pricing grid, that way you could add just that to your theme’s CSS file and then deactivate the plugin to cut down on the amount of CSS loaded on your site.

The plugin has sold 4800 copies currently and stands at a 4.59 rating out of 5, For $19 this plugin is a bargain, I recommend you check it out if you need something to create pricing grids for your site.

Check out Go Pricing »

Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift in 2010.