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Review on Motors Theme: the Ultimate Dealership and Classifieds WordPress Theme?

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023


This Motors theme is an excellent aid in expanding your website. Making it look more appealing, this versatile car listing one has the ability to encompass many of your ideas. This exceptionally useful theme provides clean, modern, and elegant look and feel to the content. It is user-friendly and clearly defines various categories of cars, motorbikes, and other related automotives.

This car listing WordPress theme decided to put an end to complicated manual entries and untidy listings. Let’s take a deeper look at this pinnacle of automotive website customization.

Check out this video to know more about this theme.

Theme features

The enhanced inventory manager

Most business owners are disgruntled due to the slow flow of business coming their way. As a major reason for this, they cited their lack of coding knowledge. Even if they do attain some basic knowledge of coding, this isn’t even nearly enough to create an attractive layout. With this specifically designed automotive WordPress theme, things get a little different.

What we liked the most about this theme is the automatic, enhanced inventory. The modus operandi is really simple, with clear instructions on how to create entries. All the basic boxes and text spaces are highlighted. Just by filling them out, you will have a filled out spot that is ready for interaction with customers from all over the world.


If you’re intending on using this theme for your car rental website, there are numerous features to help you set up an ideal landing page. You can, for instance, equip your website with a GPS tracker for all your cars or for all your shops.

This creates an organized type of view that is crucial for a no-nonsense landing page. Therefore, this Google Maps integrated tracker is an example of state-of-the-art WordPress website layouts.

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A variety of discount options

Something that presents a problem for many automotive business owners is the inability of a theme to represent all of their ideas. This mostly concerns discounts. You have surely had some brilliant ideas about checkout discounts, codes, and promotions, but didn’t have the coding knowledge to make them a reality.

With this automotive classified listing WordPress theme, you have a readymade list of options. You can set special discount code entries, check out discounts, a discount lottery or the classic buy 2, get 3 strategies. Such a layout is extremely appealing, with an effortless look.

Special one-page layouts

If you’re running a car service, not many customers will have the time to click on a thousand different tabs to find out what they want. An overabundance of clicking on landing pages is something that plagues the conversion rates of many websites. In order to inject new life into your business, you are going to need a one-page layout.

With this WordPress theme, you can pack all the necessary info into an interactive one-page option. A big advantage here is that the layout does indeed look futuristic, but it doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever. A simple picture-text entry is all you need.

Multiple types of layouts

If you’re running a successful automotive business, you’re going to want to make sure your website theme suits your product the best. Not all vehicles can be presented the same way.  Boasts, motorbikes, luxury vehicles, and trucks – they all deserve different layouts. And that is precisely what this car listing WordPress theme provides you with.

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We’ve tested all the possible layouts and the results were quite astonishing. You could never guess that this is one single theme. Regardless of the vehicle type, the layout was clean and down to the point. You can even promote yachts with it, which is something not many themes can pull off.

The different layout under this theme are as follows:

  1. Simple Layout

This one-page layout suits every car dealer who is willing to provide service/repair related services to its clients.

2. Dealership Layout

This layout is ideally suitable for car, boat, motorcycle dealers. It involves a single dealer at a time.

3. Directory Layout

This versatile layout brings together multiple dealers together on a single platform.

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4. Rental Layout

For all those who are busy dealing vehicle rental, this site most suitable for vehicle rental business. It has customized custom-built Woo-Commerce based booking system.

Listing manager

If your landing page is a list, then you’re going to need a lot of parameters. Whether it is car services, car renting or even sales, a lot of parameters makes sure that your customers are well informed about your endeavors. This adds up to a full experience.

The taxonomies on this theme are concise and versatile. With prices, discounts, locations, and alternative subheadings or each entry – you can provide your customer with a plethora of info through the listing manager.

Comparison of Different products

Now, when we got to this part, we were quite a bit skeptical. Many automotive WordPress themes feature this segment, but the section is often stretched out without a clear overview. This Motors theme actually pulls it off as smoothly as one can expect.

The compare slot allows you to let up to three products go head-to-head, without the need for additional scrolling. It’s a pleasant and effective refreshment in the world of WordPress themes. The lack of need for coding is an additional plus.

About the creator of the theme

StyleMix Themes are respected in terms of providing quality, multimedia content to all those who are in search of quality layouts.  They have exactly 1600 ratings on themeforest.net, with an average grade of 4.6. Therefore, you can be sure that the quality is never in questions.

Motor theme pricing options

A one-off payment is in place for $55. This may prove to be a steep price for some, but we’ve concluded that the benefits you get from adding it to your WordPress automotive site are far greater than that specific number.

Final thoughts

With cleanliness and simplicity for the operators and extravagance and effectiveness for customers, this automotive classed WordPress theme is just what you need if you’re running an automotive site. This may prove to be the deciding factor in your quest for more conversions.

With multiple landing page setups and a plethora of options, it really gives you a sense of freedom. Also, the sheer number of different layouts for different products is not to be ignored.

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