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Lafka Theme Review: Create food delivery website in less than 30 minutes

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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If you are looking for a reliable theme that can enable you to take your restaurant business online, this blog post is perfect for you. While there are loads of popular food delivery themes and plugins out there, they lack some essential functionalities. Some have suitable ordering mechanisms but fail to give a good UI or vice versa.

This article will review the Lafka WordPress theme, which focuses on making burgers, pizzas, and food delivery easy with WooCommerce.

Lafka Theme Review: Quick Overview

Developed by AIThemist, Lafka is a highly customizable and powerful theme that offers seamless integration with WooCommerce. You can easily set up an eCommerce shop for your food or restaurant business with this theme. On top of the WooCommerce compatibility, Lafka comes with unique features that make product listing and customizations as easy as ABC.

One thing that I found interesting is that the theme is designed after consulting real fast food business owners to provide a custom-made solution that fits the restaurant and online food delivery business real needs.

Here are some notable features of Lafka:

  • Combo Products functionality allows the website owners to up-sell products and offer their customers discounts and other benefits while maximizng the average order amount and profit.
  • Variable Product add-ons – You can set free or paid product addons or even let your customers customize their products like ‘build your own burger’.
  • New Order Push Notifications, so you never miss an order
  • Highly customizable order hours functionality, so you can limit the order timings for online food orders based on the operating hours of your business.
  • The automatic RDI calculator tells your customers the reference daily intake values based on WHO and FDA recommendations for a 2000 calories diet.
  • Seven ready-to-use templates for fast food websites.

You can get this theme for $59 from ThemeForest.

These are just the most notable features of this theme. If you want to take a closer look at the features of this theme, read on!

Lafka Review: Features

Lafka is a well-designed niche theme for Fast Food businesses focusing on expanding their online presence and food delivery services. It hosts multiple features that can help you operate your online pizza/burger delivery. 

Non-technical Features (Business Side)

1. Product Addons with Variable Pricing

This is undoubtedly one of the most unique features of this theme. With variable pricing, you can set custom prices for different customization of individual food orders. For example, if you are running a pizzeria, you can set different prices for a single topping (say pepperoni) depending on the size of the pizza. Larger the size of the pizza, the more price you can ask for the same topping.

You can set global addons based on product category (e.g. apply to all Pizzas), but there is also a possibility to exclude certain products and even цреате product-specific addons. Each addon can have an image (optional) and you can also set limits for each group (e.g. – choose up to 3 additional toppings for your pizza). You can set a radio group addons for single choice options, checkbox addons for multiple choice and a text block for additional information (imagine a custom cake with text wishes on it).

If you are a true business owner, you know the potential of these small features and how you can maximize them to grow your business.

2. Build Your Product Functionality

Since you know it is possible to set variable pricing on addons, I am sure you must have guessed this one. This theme allows your customers to build custom products for their order by choosing their favorite ingredients as easily as clicking on checkboxes and radio buttons.

For example, if you are selling burgers, you can give your users to select the type of patty, toppings, and even the bun. Lack of this functionality is why still most people prefer ordering on the phone or in person, and with this feature, you can reduce the manual work on your end and put things on automation.

3. Combo Products

Having the option to upsell is always good, and with the combo products feature, you can offer discounts on bulk products like combo meals or even create custom products like “Half & Half” Pizza with different flavors on each half. For example, if your customer is placing an order for a burger, you can pitch in meal sides like fries and a drink for a discounted price. The best part is that you do not have to reduce the price manually and it works by combining products already existing in your shop. The system does it automatically for you. With that functionality, you can even set minimum, maximum or pre-defined quantities of products in the combo meal in order to get the discount.

4. Limiting Order Hours

Since not all restaurants operate 24/7, you need a system that starts and stops taking orders during specific hours. With the Lafka theme, you can simply set up ‘order hours,’ and customers will only be able to place orders in that time frame. Also, it is worth mentioning, they can check out the products and the restaurant menu during the non-operating hours, so the audience is not deflected. You can set different hours for each day of the week by just dragging your mouse over the timetable and additionally set vacations, national holidays, etc.

5. New Order Push Notifications

To make sure no orders slip through the cracks, the theme has push notificationс feature that fires off when someone places a new order. No matter on a computer or an Android phone, you always get the notification with a sound alert.

Now that’s all with the business-side features. Now let’s take a look at the technical aspects of this theme.

6. Restaurant Menu Custom post type

Leaving the extra WooCommerce features found in Lafka aside, for those who don’t really need online orders functionality, the theme offers a dedicated menu custom post type where you can list your menu items in different ways (with or without image, with separate single item page OR a static list, sortable lists etc.

Technical Features (Non-Business Side)

1. Fluid Design

No matter what device the user is using to access the website, it works flawlessly with this theme. I created a test environment and played around with the theme to test its limits, but the theme didn’t break at any point.

2. Lightweight and Fast Theme

Although I didn’t get a chance to set a bunch of menu options, so far, the experience using the theme was pretty decent. The page loaded quickly and even showed an excellent score on GTmetrix. So you can rely on this theme to give your customers a smooth purchase experience rather than making them reload the page 10 times to order the same product.

3. Well documented

When you install the theme, you get to go through a setup process that helps you add the products you want to show on your website. Apart from that, if you face any difficulties and want a quick fix to a problem, you can check out the theme’s documentation. The theme is well documented and covers almost every question you might have regarding managing the theme.

4. 7 Ready To Use Templates

With Lafka, you can choose from 7 different professionally designed templates for your food/restaurant website. All the designs are fully responsive and have the advanced features we discussed earlier. You can easily switch between the designs, and if you wish to import a demo, you can do that from the theme options in the admin dashboard with a single click. Here are the 7 templates:

  • Fast-food chain
  • Burger shop
  • Pizzeria
  • Food truck
  • Bakery
  • Mediterranean tavern
  • Sushi bar

5. Multiple Product Layouts

The theme allows you to list your products in several different ways. You can choose between the standard 2-6 columns listings or enable the list view option which allows you to show the products as a standard restaurant menu. Same list view option is integrated even with the default WooCommerce shortcodes, so you are not limited to the product archive pages only. Additionally, you can display your products in 3 different gallery layouts: Image list, Standard WooCommerce Gallery, and Mosaic Gallery. Even more – you can set a default gallery type and overwrite it on a per-product basis, so every product is presented based on its unique characteristics.

6. Extensive Theme Options Panel, so you can make it your own

While having pre-designed templates is always a good thing giving you a quick start, it’s also worth mentioning the theme’s extreme customization capabilities. With more than 1000 customization options available, you can easily match your brand identity by changing every color, background or font. As a modern WordPress theme it also gives you the possibility to create unlimited sidebars, AJAX product filters, AJAX search suggestions, off-canvas sidebars, mega menus and so on. Most of the settings can be set globally, but you can also override them for each page, post or even product category and attribute archives.

7. Reliable Support Team

The support for this theme comes from AIThemist. Looking at their support threads, I could easily see how committed they are to solve any query thrown at them. So you can rely on them if you ever find yourself stuck while using Lafka.

7. Gutenberg Ready

The fact that this theme comes with full integration with the Gutenberg builder is enough to tell that it is regularly updated. You can make custom pages with dedicated blocks and make your website’s look and UX better.

Other features:

  • Option to show food nutrition details and allergens info for helping people.
  • The theme has a solid framework that allows it to function blazing fast and smoothly.
  • Easy to install on any WordPress installation and works seamlessly with WooCommerce and other popular plugins.
  • Capable of serving local markets as it is 100% WPML ready.
  • It comes bundled with the popular WPbakery page builder and Slider Revolution plugins, which gives you room for even more customization.
  • Off-Canvas options: You get an off-canvas sidebar, shopping cart, and search option allowing you to use the real estate on your home page effectively.
  • The product quick view feature allows your customers to take a look at the menu item before opening it. Your clients can also order specific product variations directly from the listings without the need to open a single product page.
  • Lafka comes with a cool deals functionality that allows you to run promo offers with countdown timers.
  • SEO optimized design to help you rank better on Google and other search engines.
  • The theme comes with more advanced features like AJAX search suggestions and a built-in price filter that makes the search of menu items easy.

Pricing and Plans

Coming to the pricing, you can get the theme for $59. You get access to all features, functionalities, future updates, and support for six months for this price.

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Lafka Theme: Is it Worth It?

Running an online restaurant business with WordPress is not easy. To make things easy on the technology side, you need a reliable theme that has the potential to take care of everything while you can focus your energy on fulfilling the orders.

In my opinion, Lafka is a reliable and robust WordPress theme that can take care of your restaurant business easily. I’d highly recommend this theme. You can leave the heavy lifting on this theme while you can focus on growing your brand. 

Additionally, you get over $400 worth of custom, built-in features and some of them don’t even have alternatives (neither free nor premium). No third-party plugins needed, no hidden costs. Everything you see is part of the theme functionality.

Download this theme

What do you think of the Lafka WordPress theme for a restaurant or food business? Are you ready to take your pizza/burger/food delivery business to the next level with this theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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