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11 Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress to Enhanced Customer Support

If you are running a blog or a website on WordPress, there is a high possibility that you need to create a knowledge base at some point. A knowledge base is a set of information that lets your users become familiar with your site, products, or services. It is beneficial for both you and your users. How? It allows you to address queries of customers again and again efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.  

But the question is, how to create a knowledge base for your WordPress site? Simple, by using the best WordPress knowledge base plugins.

However, with plenty of knowledgebase WordPress plugins in the market, it becomes challenging to choose one. To simplify your task, we have curated a list of simple to advanced WordPress knowledge base plugins, along with their features and pricing. Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a developer, there’s sure to be a plugin on this list that will meet your needs. 

So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the best knowledge base plugin for WordPress.

1. Heroic Knowledge Base

heroic knowledge base plugin for wordpress

Heroic Knowledge Base is one of the most popular WordPress knowledge management plugins. It’s used by biggies like Pagely, Crazyegg, and more. And while the price might make you balk, you are getting a ton of functionality that goes beyond just listing out articles as well as beautiful designs.

Here are some of the key features of the Heroic Knowledge Base WordPress plugin.

  • Instant AJAX search – visitors will start seeing search results as soon as they start typing.
  • Article feedback – visitors can vote your content up or down so that you can quickly see which articles need to be improved.
  • Built-in analytics – get detailed information on what people are searching for, which articles are helpful, and more.
  • Article attachments – attach files to your articles to make them even more helpful.
  • Widgets – display categories, authors, and more

The feature list is solid. The plugin costs $149 for a single site, $199 for 3 sites, and $399 for 5-sites per year.

If you want more information, we’ve previously written about Hero Themes’ products.

Get Heroic Knowledge Base

2. Helpie

helpie - knowledge base plugin for wordpress

Helpie is a new advanced documentation plugin for WordPress sites. It has many features that can help you create product documentation, a public/private knowledge base, or even a wiki website.

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Some of the features that you’ll get access to include:

  •  It has an unrivaled search with partial matching, keyword-weighted sorting of results. And yes, it also has a live AJAX search. It was tested with over 1,000 articles and is blazing fast.
  • Automatic Table of Contents + many other sub-features and options for the Table of Contents.
  • It offers branding, styling, and layout options for all the Knowledge Base templates.
  • It shows you advanced insights into your articles and users
  • It has two powerful User Access control features. You can either control access to specific user roles or use password protection.
  • It has two voting systems: Classic voting and emo-voting.
  • It has front-end editing. You can also choose which user roles get access to front-end editing.

There’s much more to Helpie, and you can try the demo yourself.

The price of the Helpie plugin starts from $49 and goes up to $69 per year.

Get Helpie

3. MinervaKB

minervakb - knowledgebase wordpress plugin

MinervaKB is a premium WordPress knowledge base plugin available for sale at CodeCanyon. It’s well-rated, with a near-perfect 4.84-star rating on over 105 reviews and 2,469 sales.

Here’s what you get with MinervaKB:

  • Instant live search with seven different themes
  • Dedicated Gutenberg blocks for the new editor
  • Automatic table of contents generator
  • Option to restrict access to some/all of your knowledge base
  • Dedicated FAQ module to create FAQ sections
  • Like/dislike button to see how helpful your articles are
  • Search analytics to track what people are looking for, along with a Google Analytics integration
  • Option to enable/disable comments on help articles
  • Estimated reading time
  • Related article display
  • Glossary tooltips
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of knowledge base articles/topics

There’s also an Elementor integration if you want to use our favorite page builder to design your knowledge base content.

MinervaKB costs $69 for lifetime updates on a single site and six months of support

Get MinervaKB

4. Knowledge Base from PressApps

knowledge base from pressapps wordpress plugin

Knowledge Base from PressApps is the best-selling knowledge base plugin over at Code Canyon and offers a slightly more affordable entry to premium knowledge base features.It’s 3.44-star rating on over 3,800+ sales is OK but not great.

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Knowledge Base from PressApps sets you up with a similarly helpful set of features like:

  • Live article search for instant suggestions
  • Article voting to determine helpfulness
  • Easy sorting and display options

But it is missing the depth of analytics offered by Heroic Knowledge Base. You do get the article helpfulness voting, but that’s about it.
As you can see in the screenshot above, it definitely gives you a more polished look than many of the free plugins.

Knowledge Base from PressApps is also fairly affordable, coming in at just $49.

Get Knowledge Base from PressApps

5. BetterDocs

betterdocs - best wordpress knowledge base plugin

You can get started using BetterDocs with a free version at WordPress.org. Then, if you want more features, the developer also offers a premium version.

Some of the most useful features are:

  • Ajax live search helps people quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Automatic table of contents to help people navigate each help doc.
  • Multiple template options for the page that lists all of your knowledge base articles.
  • Analytics integrations to help you track which pages get the most views.
  • Drag-and-drop ordering to easily categorize all of your help articles.
  • Customization options via real-time customizer.
  • Custom sidebar that lets you list articles in an accordion slideout.

The premium version also adds some cool tools. One of the best is an instant answer bot that lets people search for your help documentation from a live chat widget.

You’ll also get:

  • Better analytics
  • User role management
  • Some other advanced features

The price of the paid version of BetterDocs starts at $55.

Get BetterDocs

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6. WeDocs

wedocs - wordpress knowledge management plugin

WeDocs is another best WordPress knowledge base plugins available for free. It is built by weDevs, the same team which is behind popular plugins such as Dokan Multivendor and WP User Frontend Pro.

It gives you a simple solution to add and manage your knowledge base. You can divide articles into different categories and use drag-and-drop to change their ordering. It also includes dedicated widgets to add a documentation search option and table of contents.

As for the front-end appearance, the out-of-the-box design is pretty simple but workable for a simple knowledge base. However, you might want to add some of your custom CSS to spruce things up a bit.

WeDocs is 100% free.

Get WeDocs

7. Echo Knowledge Base

echo knowledge base wordpress plugin

Echo Knowledge Base is a popular free plugin at WordPress.org that lets you quickly set up your FAQs or knowledge base. There are also premium add-ons that give you more functionality.

It gives you multiple layout options to control how your knowledge base looks. You’ll also get 26 different pre-defined themes to control the style.

Other useful features include:

  • Automatic table of contents
  • Live search results
  • Up to five levels of hierarchical documentation (for creating sub-categories/articles)
  • Option to add comments to articles
  • Special shortcode to help you create FAQ sections

If you want more features, you can turn to premium add-ons:

  • Access manager to control which users can create and/or view knowledge base articles
  • More layout options
  • Ability to create multiple knowledge bases (for example, separate knowledge bases for different products)
  • Advanced search, including search analytics to see what users are searching for
  • Article rating and feedback so that you can analyze how helpful your articles are
  • More knowledge base widgets, such as displaying recently-added articles

You can start with Echo Knowledge Base for free at the WordPress directory. If you want basic add-ons, it costs $46 for the first year for a single site. Further, it has different plans which cost more. You can choose a suitable paid plan as per your needs.

Get Echo Knowledge Base

8. BasePress

basepress - best wordpress knowledge base plugin

BasePress is one of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins. It is another freemium option that comes in a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version with more features.

With the free version, you can build multiple knowledge bases if needed.

You can use drag-and-drop to control the order of your sections and knowledge bases (you need the premium version to order individual articles). There’s also a Gutenberg integration that lets you build everything using the block editor.

Other useful features in the free version include the following

  • Instant live search bar
  • Related articles
  • Dedicated widgets to display knowledge base content
  • Three different knowledge base themes

If you want more features, the premium version also adds:

  • More advanced search
  • Article voting for visitors to mark articles as helpful (or not)
  • Option to show the most popular articles based on votes or visits
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Knowledge base stats
  • Multisite support
  • Insightful analytics
  • Multiple knowledge bases

You can get started with BasePress for free at WordPress.org. The premium version starts at $59.

Get BasePress

9. KB Support

kb support - wordpress knowledge management plugin

KB Support is the ultimate knowledge base plugin for WordPress websites. With the help of this user-friendly plugin, you can offer support & help desk services to customers efficiently.

It comprises a ticket management system and knowledge base platform to provide an overall support system that operates on the site.

Some of the most crucial features of the free version of the KB Support plugin are as follows.

  • Create multiple forms without any kind of coding. Customize the manage the forms effectively.
  • Email notifications ensure that the customers, admins, and support agents are alerted about the latest ticket events.
  • Use a shortcode on the WordPress page to showcase your knowledge base articles.
  • Restrict the tickets that agents can view.
  • Customers can access tickets made by various members of the company. 
  • Offers templates that enable quick customization of the front-end pages, shortcodes, and CSS styles.

There is also a paid version of the plugin, which lets you improve the functionality with the help of paid add-ons, canned replies, Zapier, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. The price of the paid version starts from $74 and goes up to $150. 


10. Yada Wiki

yada wiki - knowledgebase wordpress plugin

Yada Wiki is another popular knowledgebase WordPress plugin that you can consider for offering support to users. Compared to other plugins, it lets you link the site’s support posts without considering the search or dedicated knowledge base page. 

The plugin offers a wiki post type, custom tags and categories, an index, and a table of contents option. It enables you to link the wiki pages with the wiki page titles.

Some key features of the free knowledge base plugin for WordPress are as follows.

  • Two shortcode buttons are available on the editor toolbar. You can utilize these buttons to generate shortcodes for you.
  • Add Wiki Link button lets you enter the title of the wiki page you are linking to the “Link” text box. You can enter the text you want to display for the URL or keep it blank to display the title.
  • Add Wiki Listing button provides three options for collected output. These include the Output TOC page, Output Wiki Category, and Output Index.
  • Extensive documentation helps you resolve various issues while using the plugin.
  • It is available in two languages: English & Spanish.

The plugin has over 2000+ downloads and a rating of 5 out of 5 in the WordPress directory. 


11. WP Glossary by wpinstinct

wp glossary by wpinstinct - best wordpress knowledge base plugin

Want to include a glossary of terms in your WordPress site? WP Glossary is the best WordPress knowledge base plugin for the same. It allows you to build your own glossary of terms on your website. Using this plugin, you can create a new custom post type or any existing post type for the terms, gather them on the index page, and present them with a modern interface.

Some of the key features of the paid plugin are as follows.

  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes & plugins.
  • The auto-linking feature allows you to scan posts and pages and link to the dedicated term page, ultimately increasing your SEO.
  • The Glossary tooltip feature lets you display a tooltip window whenever the user hovers over the glossary linkify terms/pages in your pages/posts. 
  • The Glossary Custom Styles allows you to give custom styling to the fonts, colors, and more without needing CSS skills.

The plugin has over 1680+ sales on the Code Canyon marketplace and a rating of 4.97 out of 5. The price of the plugin is $39 for a regular license, and it comes with a 6-month support.



In the end, you require an excellent knowledgebase WordPress plugin for your website or blog to offer high-quality support and information to its users. We hope you liked our list of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins. All the plugins come with a range of features to help you build an adequate knowledge base for your audience.

Now, it’s your time to choose the right knowledgebase WordPress plugin. If you are tight on budget, you can go with WP Glossary, BasePress, or BetterDocs. If you don’t have issues with the budget, go with the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin. However, if you are new to this and want a free option, try WeDocs or Yada Wiki. 

In the end, the decision depends on your requirement and goals. By choosing the right knowledge base plugin, you can provide your customers with the information they need quickly and easily, making their experience with your brand more positive and memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a knowledge base to WordPress Site?

The best way to add knowledgebase to a WordPress site is by using a plugin. You can install a relevant plugin on your website. Further, add categories to your knowledge base and create suitable articles. In the end, configure crucial things, and your knowledge base is ready.

What to look for while choosing a knowledgebase WordPress plugin?

Here are some things that you should consider while choosing a knowledgebase WordPress plugin.

  • Ensure it is easy to use, even for non-technical users. It should enable you to create, edit, and organize articles efficiently.
  • It should enable you to customize the look and feel of your knowledge base. It includes changing the colors, fonts, and layout.
  • The plugin should have robust search functionality that lets users find articles without hindrance. 
  • Ensure it allows you to organize your articles into categories & tags, so users can easily find the information they need.
  • The plugin should easily integrate with WordPress themes, page builders, and third-party apps.
  • It should offer analytics that allows you to track usage and see which articles are most popular.
  • The plugin should come with good support. Go for a plugin with a strong community of users and developers that provides regular updates and bug fixes.

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