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25 GeneratePress Examples To Inspire Your Next WordPress Site

Last Updated on February 24th, 2023

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Looking for some great GeneratePress examples to inspire your next WordPress site?

We use GeneratePress here at WPLift, so we already know just how powerful and quick-loading it can be. But if you’re on the fence about using GeneratePress, or if you’re feeling the pressure of staring at a blank page, seeing what other people have built with the GeneratePress theme can be a big help.

To make that happen, we’ve collected 20+ great examples of the GeneratePress theme out in the wild.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dig in. Or check out our Generatepress review.

1. GeneratePress

generatepress examples

No wonder why it is one of the best picks on the WordPress theme repository. GeneratePress is a powerful theme that focuses on performance. It is the fastest and best theme at the moment. Its flexibility makes it even better for site owners. Whatever niche you’re opting for, GeneratePress has it for you. You can build your own portfolio site, eCommerce, or business site. On top of that, it is free to use. However, if you want more extensive features, GeneratePress also has a premium version you can purchase. 

  • Yearly – $59 with all premium features and full access to the site library. 
  • Lifetime – $249 which includes everything on the Yearly plan. One time payment.

We highly recommend trying the free version first before upgrading to the premium plan. If the free plan is lacking, then go for the one-time payment plan. It can be costly, but you are having the product all by yourself, forever! Plus, GeneratePress also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key Features

  • Options for navigation bar
  • Featured Images
  • Contained or full width browser window
  • RTL languages supported
  • Compatible with GP and WPML
  • Mobile responsive
  • Works well with Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Built-in schema
  • Lots of customization options


  • Beginner friendly
  • Despite a lightweight theme, it doesn’t compromise on the performance
  • Free to use
  • The free templates are surprisingly well designed


  • The drag and drop is not available at present
  • Other tools are not available such as blog layout editing
  • Not ideal for third party integration

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Generate Press Examples

As of the publish date on this post, every site is guaranteed to be using GeneratePress. And I’ve also tried to dig into the code to pick out the page builders, slider plugins, and other relevant design plugins that each GeneratePress example is using.


wplift generatepress blog examples

Now that you’re here, you can take a look at the website. WPLift runs on GeneratePress, as well as Elementor for other design elements.

So if you want to see a live GeneratePress showcase example, just click around this site!

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Go To WPLift

2. Morikami

morikami generatepress examples

Morikami.org can be a source of inspiration if you’re thinking of launching or already running an arts and culture website. 

Florida’s Morikami museum is a space that presents the Japanese culture through educational programs and first-hand experiences with traditional teahouses and iconic Japanese gardens. 

The website’s homepage is informative and it puts all the information visitors might need at their fingertips. So, you won’t have to dig deep to find out the museum’s work hours or buy a ticket for one of its programs.

Go to Morikami

3. Ede Gitarre

ede gitarre generatepress example websites

If my high school German hasn’t failed me, I believe Ede Gitarre is a website for a guitar teacher.

It’s got a great look, with GeneratePress for the base theme and Elementor stacked on top for page building functionality.

We especially like the big centered logo with the jagged line running across.

Go To Ede Gitarre

4. Skybridge

skybridge generatepress example websites

Skybridge delivers “technology to create better communities”. Looking at the website, it looks pretty great!

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We love the big fat slider options (at the bottom of the screen). That slider is powered by Revolution Slider, and then the rest of the page is built with WPBakery Page Builder..

Go To Skybridge

5. Skulls Online

skulls online generatepress wordpress theme examples

Skulls Online is on the peculiar side. It is a website that sells, well…skull products.

That’s a product niche we never even knew existed. But it appears to work well because the site looks great!

There doesn’t appear to be any page builder powering this one, but the store runs on WooCommerce.

Go To Skulls Online

6. Acme Finishing

acme finishing generatepress example

Acme Finishing is a liquid and powder finishing company that runs on GeneratePress.

The slider at the top is powered by Revolution Slider, and the rest of the site uses WPBakery Page Builder for the designs.

Go To Acme Finishing

7. Big Wheels

big wheels generatepress example

Big Wheels is a car festival in Finland with a bit of a more classic look. It’s a great example of how you can use GeneratePress for a huge range of website styles.

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There’s no page builder stacked on this one – just GeneratePress.

Go To Big Wheels

8. Skymania

skymania generatepress demo

Skymania is a useful source for all space and astronomy-related topics. The site has a two-color pattern with centrally positioned navigation menus and a search bar at the top of the homepage. Its minimalist design is a perfect reminder that you don’t have to use GeneratePress to create a complex website with animated headers and logo carousels because simplicity works.

Go to Skymania

9. Vergleich

vergleich generatepress example websites

Vergleich is a German comparison site built on GeneratePress. It’s got a unique style/approach compared to the other themes because the homepage is designed to throw people straight into the big search box. Again – a great example of how flexible GeneratePress is.

We don’t see any page builders here. The rest of the homepage design seems to be built using GeneratePress Premium functionality, like sections.

Go To Vergleich

10. Rapid’s Resort

rapid’s resort generatepress demo

Todd & Barbs Rapids Resort has a bit of a classic feel, and honestly, it fits the aesthetic the resort is going for.

The resort is also using GeneratePress sections to power the content underneath the large header, as well as Revolution Slider and Tom Usborne’s Lightweight Grid Columns plugin (Tom is the developer behind GeneratePress).

Go To Rapids Resort

11. De Hofmeester

de hofmeester generatepress example websites

De Hofmeester is a Dutch catering service with a bunch of delicious-looking food pictures on their GeneratePress-powered website.

Beyond GeneratePress, De Hofmeester uses Elementor to power most of the other designs, with the top slider using Smart Slider 3, rather than Elementor’s slider. 

The end result looks pretty great!

Go To De Hofmeester

12. The Healthy Apron

the healthy apron generatepress example

Fast site load speed and innovative use of a landing page are some of the things you’ll notice when you first visit The Healthy Apron. The blog’s homepage is a landing page made with Thrive Architect. 

Interestingly, the site doesn’t have a homepage navigation menu and you must scroll down the homepage to find the latest posts or popular topic categories. Despite this, The Healthy Apron provides exceptional user experience in a saturated niche.

Go The Healthy Apron

13. Fem Escola A Barcelona

fem escola a barcelona generatepress blog examples

Another Spanish site is up on our list. Fem Escola A Barcelona is a bit more of a content site with spots for blog posts, the latest comments, and more.

There’s nothing too complicated, but we like the color scheme.

Go To Fem Escola A Barcelona

14. Environment Leader

environment leader generatepress wordpress theme examples

Although it isn’t a one-page website, environmentalleader.com has a long homepage filled with authoritative content about environmental issues. 

The homepage’s header features links to open calls and content category menus that cover everything from air pollution to sustainable manufacturing. 

The site’s design sticks to the GeneratePress’ basic layout, so you won’t see a unique color pattern or awe-inspiring header videos. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the blog is easy to navigate and functional.

Go to Environment Leader

15. Phoenix Lifestyle Support Association

phoenix lifestyle support association generatepress example

Phoenix Lifestyle Support Association combines GeneratePress with the free SiteOrigin Page Builder for their site.

Again, there’s nothing too complicated about this site, but we appreciate the nice simple design and feel that it fits their services.

Go To Phoenix Lifestyle Support Association

16. Půjčovna Lodi

půjčovna lodi generatepress example

We honestly think that this one is about rafting in the Czech Republic. Our Czech isn’t too hot, but Půjčovna Lodi looks great! We love how the big logo faded out on the map at the bottom.

Go To Půjčovna Lodi

17. Proventure Consulting

proventure consulting generatepress wordpress theme example

Proventure Consulting has a great-looking site that uses GeneratePress as the base theme and the Elementor page builder for the rest of the design.

The sticky transparent header on this one works great.

Go To Proventure Consulting

18. CCNY Tech

ccny tech generatepress demo

CCNY Tech has an eye-catching site built on a combo of GeneratePress and Beaver Builder.

While we’ve seen plenty of Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder designs, this is the first time Beaver Builder has made an entrance.

Go To CCNY Tec

19. Woorkup

woorkup generatepress demo

Although its content could use some freshening up, Woorkup is still a valuable source of information about website management and digital marketing

The blog’s homepage is essentially a list of its most popular articles along with a header with links to the site’s pillar pages. Woorkup is built with the GeneratePress premium version but the site has only basic functionalities. 

Hence, it’s a perfect example of what you can accomplish with GeneratePress even if you don’t have advanced web design skills.

Go to Woorkup

20. Michael Joyce Upholstery

michael joyce upholstery generatepress example websites

Michael Joyce Upholstery uses GeneratePress as a one-page theme for his site. The different sections in the one-page design are all powered by Elementor.

Go To Michael Joyce Upholstery

21. Ashland Ohio Balloonfest

ashland ohio balloonfest generatepress example

We didn’t know there was such a thing as a balloon fest, but now we’ve been enlightened. Ashland Ohio Balloonfest not only does Balloonfest exist, but it also uses Elementor to power its site!

Go To Ashland Ohio Balloonfest

22. Sleepopolis

sleepopolis generatepress example website

The blog makes the most of the GeneratePress theme by following its recognizable layout. Its homepage is dominated by the content carousel that highlights the blog’s latest articles about topics relevant to its niche. 

Sleepopolis focuses primarily on mattress reviews and comparisons, but it also offers a wealth of information about the science of sleep. The blog also does an excellent job of establishing authority by using team member boxes on multiple pages.

23. Love Limpopo

love limpopo generatepress wordpress theme examples

Love Limpopo is “an epic South African love story” built with GeneratePress and Elementor.

Make sure to check out the whole homepage as there are some really nice effects as you scroll down the page.

LGo To Love Limpopo

24. BhambraBland

bhambrabland generatepress example

BhambraBland has a super unique layout – there’s no scrolling on the homepage. Visitors can interact by either clicking a CTA or expanding the full-screen hamburger menu. 

On a technical front, BhambraBland uses Elementor in conjunction with GeneratePress to power its design.

Go To BhambraBland

25. 12 Minute Athlete

12 minute athlete generatepress demo

Aside from the custom colors, there’s not much else that indicates that the 12 Minute Athlete website was created with the premium version of the GeneratePress theme. 

The homepage header uses the image carousel to inform the visitor what the website is about, offer a fitness app and promote the site owner’s book. Also, you can find additional information about the website’s founder and her latest articles while scrolling down the homepage.

Go To 12 Minute Athlete

Frequently Asked Questions about the GeneratePress Theme

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is an open-source WordPress theme developed by Tom Usborne and his team. The theme is lightweight, as its stylesheet is smaller than 1MB and it loads quickly even if the website has a lot of media files. 

It’s compatible with all popular page builders and countless WordPress plugins. So, you can design its pages with Gutenberg, Elementor, or WP Bakery. This multipurpose theme is commonly used for eCommerce, business, and blog websites but it can also be a good option for digital marketing agencies, freelancers, or artists that want to build their online portfolios.

Is GeneratePress Easy to Use?

GeneratePress is a speed-oriented theme, which means it doesn’t contain unnecessary functionalities. As a result, inexperienced designers might find it difficult to add a paywall to a page or implement other functionalities on websites that use this theme. 

Nonetheless, customizing GeneratePress isn’t complicated since expanding the existing navigation menus or adding different page elements takes only a few clicks. The theme is compatible with a broad range of page builders, so you can simply drag an element and drop it into a page section. The customization options on the theme’s free version are somewhat limited.

Is GeneratePress Free?

You don’t have to spend a dime to start using this theme on your website. Aside from being compatible with different page builders, its free version is also responsive and it looks great on mobile devices. 

Featured images, footer widgets, or complete control over the theme’s layout are among the options the free version of GeneratePress offer. Upgrading to its Premium version will enable you to customize colors, access the elements module and use the theme’s WooCommerce features. The developer offers annual and lifetime plans that enable you to use the theme on up to 500 sites and have access to the entire site library.


And there you have it! Some of our favorite GeneratePress examples from around the web. We covered a variety of niches and hope you found a design that inspired you. 

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.