Logo showcase plugins provide a simple yet effective way to list the sponsors that support your company or the partners and clients you work with in various places on your site. This makes it easy for customers to see what brands are associated with your company.

Here are 14 of the best logo showcase plugins for WordPress.

1. Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin that comes with a number of different features. This includes numerous layouts and ways to showcase logos, such as responsive carousels and responsive grids.

The plugin even allows you to insert your logo collection in multiple ways. This includes a widget that can be placed in the sidebar, footer and any additional widget areas your theme comes with. It also adds a component to the WPBakery page builder plugin and enables you to generate shortcodes and PHP functions.

Logos Showcase


2. Loogos Showcase

Loogos Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin that’s fully responsive and compatible with touchscreen interfaces. Logos can be displayed in a carousel, grid or list. The plugin is compatible with WPBakery, and your logos can be inserted with widgets and shortcodes, which you can generate yourself.

Loogos Showcase


3. Super Logos Showcase

Super Logos Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin that displays your logo collection in a grid. A drop-down screen displays when you click on a logo. This screen allows you to add information about each brand to give potential customers a little information about your clients, sponsors and partners.

There’s also a sidebar menu to the left that lets you set up categories if you need to showcase brands from different niches.

Super Logos Showcase


4. Logo Showcase

Logo Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin that comes with a number of different features. This includes such styles as a grid layout, an isotope layout and a carousel layout, but it also includes features that let you add information about each brand.

This includes a list style that lets you write a small description for each brand as well as a pop-up feature, pictured below, that lets you display even more information about each brand.

Logo Showcase


5. My Logos Showcase

My Logos Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin that comes with a number of different features. Logos can be showcased in a grid or slider, and they can be displayed using a number of different styles and animation effects. In fact, the plugin comes with enough effects for you to create over 10,000 different style combinations.

My Logos Showcase


6. WP Logo Showcase

WP Logo Showcase is a premium logo showcase plugin with a somewhat modular design. It has three main layout designs, which are a slider, a grid and a filter. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder that lets you build a layout and rearrange logos with ease. Some of the layouts let you organize brands by category. It can also generate an unlimited number of shortcodes.

WP Logo Showcase


7. WordPress Logos Showcase

WordPress Logos Showcase is a premium plugin that’s simple yet effective. Logos can be displayed in a grid, in a one-by-one carousel, in a group carousel or in a perspective style, which is depicted in the image below. The latter three styles can be displayed in black or white skins.

Additional features include border options, grayscale options, auto-play options and support for touchscreen devices.

WordPress Logos Showcase


8. Logo Carousel Slider

Logo Carousel Slider is a free logo showcase plugin that also has a pro version. The free version is very simple but comes in a number of different styles, three of which are depicted in the image below.

It’s simple to use as well. All you have to do is upload your logos and insert the shortcode wherever you would like your logos to be displayed.

Logo Carousel Slider


9. Logo Carousel

Logo Carousel is a simple and free logo showcase plugin that displays your logos in a carousel slider. The overall design and features are simple. You essentially have a choice between how many logos are visible in your slider at any given time and where the navigation buttons are placed.

It also has a premium version that comes with a number of additional features, such as a shortcode generator and advanced design settings.

Logo Carousel


10. Logo Carousel Free

Logo Carousel Free is a free logo showcase plugin similar to the one above that displays your logos in a carousel and uses bullets or numbers as visual cues to portray which slide the carousel is on. It’s a simple and lightweight plugin that takes nothing more than a shortcode to use.

The plugin promotes the same premium version seen above, meaning you’ll enjoy the same premium features if you upgrade.

Logo Carousel Free


11. TC Logo Slider

TC Logo Slider is another simple and free carousel slider logo showcase plugin. A simple shortcode lets you insert your slider anywhere, but it also comes with a custom post type that lets you create different categories for different types of brands.

The premium version of this logo comes with a shortcode generator, different layout styles and a number of additional options.

TC Logo Slider


12. Placid Slider

Placid Slider is a premium slider plugin that uses a scrolling effect similar to a news ticker. It can be used to display any type of image but works best as a logo showcase slider. It comes in multiple styles, including with or without a grayscale effect, vertical scrolling, and a lightbox effect. You can also turn off the auto-sliding feature if you so please.

Placid Slider


13. Logo Slider

Logo Slider is a simple, free and lightweight logo showcase plugin. It’s a simple slider that uses two arrows for navigation. Uploading images is simple, and it comes with a drag-and-drop interface for rearranging logos. You can even have the slider slide automatically.

This plugin comes in a premium version that includes a number of additional features, such as the ability to create multiple sliders.

Logo Slider


14. WooCommerce Brands

WooCommerce Brands is a logo showcase plugin that differs from the previous plugins. It lets you showcase the brands you feature in your shop by assigning products to them and creating a large page filled with brands. These brands can be filtered in alphabetic order and style.

You can also create the same carousel and grid layouts the previous plugins use. These layouts can be used as widgets in the sidebar or footer of your shop.

WooCommerce Brands


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