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The Best 65+ WordPress Themes with Sidebar Navigation

Last Updated on July 9th, 2020

Published on July 21st, 2017


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Even with the huge popularity of horizontal navigation menus, there’s still something that attracts users to WordPress themes that have a sidebar navigation menu. In the end, WordPress themes with sidebar navigation are a perfect solution for blogging and portfolio style websites. What’s more, sidebar navigation feels nostalgically sweet and more personal in a way, which is precisely why this type of navigation is never going to die out. Also, WordPress themes with sidebar navigation menus can only become more valuable and attractive as time goes by. If you, too, are a fan of sidebar navigation, you may be interested in the following WordPress themes.

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The Best Sidebar Navigation Themes


Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery. The theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. The theme is also responsive, meaning it will look and work great on mobile devices as well. If you are an artist looking to showcase your latest work, or if you are a blogger looking to give your visitors a fun new way to browse your latest posts, then Origin is a great choice for you!

Origin WordPress Theme

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With the Pagebuilder Elementor you can use their Menu Widget to create a vertical menu. WPLift is completely built with Elementor, yes also our menu…

elementor vertical menu

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Coastline is a portfolio theme. It uses a sidebar navigation menu and displays images of your latest work in a grid layout. It also comes with flexible layout options, including a slideshow, an image array, column listing and infinite scroll.

Coastline WordPress Theme

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OceanWP is a very versatile theme which also let’s you set a vertical menu.

vertical menu oceanwp

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Ridge is another portfolio theme. This one also displays your work in a grid layout, but it allows visitors to filter them by category. It also comes with a large header area that includes a call to action. This is paired with the sidebar navigation menu.

Ridge WordPress Theme

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Port is another portfolio theme. This one also displays your latest and greatest work in a grid layout, but it also allows you to list your business’ services, team members, blog posts and more. It hides its sidebar navigation menu behind a hamburger menu.

Port WordPress Theme

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Trail is another portfolio theme. This one is designed for photography as it relies on large, beautiful images to complete its design. It uses a dark-toned sidebar navigation menu and a vertical slider on the homepage.

Trail WordPress Theme

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Ink is another portfolio theme that uses a grid layout. This portfolio can be filtered into different categories on the homepage, and the sidebar navigation menu uses a light-toned style. You can use full-screen background images on individual project pages.

Ink WordPress Theme

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Palermo is a hotel theme designed to showcase a single location. It uses a dark-toned navigation menu on the left-hand side of the theme. It also uses semi-parallax scrolling on the homepage where the sidebar scrolls at a different pace than the rest of the page.

Palermo WordPress Theme

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Bramble is a multipurpose theme that uses a minimalist style. It uses a page builder and comes with nine pre-built homepage layouts, one of which uses a sidebar navigation menu and a filterable portfolio.

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Bramble WordPress Theme

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Infinity is another minimalist portfolio theme that showcases your work in a grid layout and allows visitors to filter them by category. It uses a light-skinned sidebar navigation menu that blends in with the rest of the theme.

Infinity WordPress Theme

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Side Box

Side Box is a minimalist portfolio theme that comes with multiple homepage layouts. One of those layouts displays your work in a grid layout and features a light-skinned navigation menu in the sidebar. It also features infinite scrolling and a responsive, fullscreen gallery.

Side Box WordPress Theme

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Premium is another minimalist portfolio theme. This one uses yet another grid layout and displays a slider on top of that. It uses a light-toned sidebar navigation menu that allows you to filter the portfolio by category.

Premium WordPress Theme

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Center is a minimalist blogging theme designed to encourage the reader to focus their attention on your content. It displays your latest posts in a grid layout and hides your navigation menu behind a hamburger sidebar menu. It features your footer in the other sidebar.

Center WordPress Theme

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SOHO is a clean and modern theme designed for creative professionals and agencies. It comes with four homepage layouts, each of which displays different content throughout the homepage. It also uses a light-skinned sidebar navigation menu.

SOHO WordPress Theme

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Alternate is a minimalist portfolio theme designed for creatives, such as graphic designers and photographers. The portfolio itself can be filtered by category. It uses a light-skinned navigation menu that blends in with the rest of the theme.

Alternate WordPress Theme

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Side Grid

Side Grid is a multipurpose theme that can be used as a personal blogging theme or portfolio. Its latest posts/portfolio items are displayed in a grid layout, which is paired with a light-toned sidebar navigation menu.

Side Grid WordPress Theme

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iSHOPP is the first dedicated WooCommerce theme on this list. It contains everything you need to sell products, and it uses these features inside the layout throughout the homepage. It uses a simple, light-skinned navigation menu in the sidebar.

iSHOPP WordPress Theme

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Vector is a minimalist business theme that uses a unique design. This includes a navigation menu that’s not necessarily a sidebar but still resides toward the side of the website and displays in a vertical fashion.

Vector WordPress Theme

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Oxium is a sleek, minimalist theme designed for musicians, DJs, nightclubs and more. It features a slider at the top of the homepage and displays your latest blog posts and upcoming events beneath that. Its sidebar navigation menu blends in with the rest of the theme.

Oxium WordPress Theme

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Editor is a clean, sleek and minimalist blogging theme. Its design is intended to keep the reader’s attention focused on your content. It uses a simple sidebar navigation menu that somewhat blends with the rest of the homepage.

Editor WordPress Theme

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Corner is another multipurpose theme that uses a minimalist design. This is a simple theme that can be used to showcase your portfolio. It uses a sidebar navigation menu that blends in with the rest of your theme.

Corner WordPress Theme

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iKnowledge is a slick knowledge base WordPress theme. iKnowledge features a fresh and clean design, focusing more on the content. It also comes with a rating system and post view counter to help you track article performance.

iKnowledge WordPress Theme

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WP Longshore

WP Longshore is an excellent choice for online portfolios as well as blogging with its clean yet impactful design. What’s more, the theme offers straightforward customization options and is handy for someone who wants to showcase their photography or graphic design work. Of course, you can count on 100% responsive design and ease of installation.

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If unlimited customization options are your cup of tea – together with sidebar navigation – then you should check out NYKA WordPress theme. It also comes with pre-configured pages that will allow you to spruce up your portfolio easily and quickly. Essentially, you can change whatever you want, from layout, color, and fonts to , and there’slogo, slider, etc. in order to add a truly personal touch to your online corner. It’s also worth mentioning that NYKA comes with demo content as well.

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Another great choice for all of you looking to create a fantastic online portfolio (photography-style portfolios included as well), KOSE WordPress theme with sidebar navigation is a formidable choice. Essentially, you can have fun creating whatever feels like the best representation of your work with a powerful page builder powered by Visual Composer plugin. Also, you have the freedom to make a multilingual site as the theme already supports WPML plugin.

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In case minimal and clean approach to design interests you in particular, you should have a look at Cobalt WordPress theme with sidebar navigation. After all, it’s specially designed with architects and creatives in mind to allow them full freedom to present their work and make it striking against the minimalist design. The theme also comes with different options for Homepages, Blog Pages, About us Pages, etc. Retina-ready icons thanks to Font Awesome as well as full responsiveness in design, make this simple yet classy theme a go-to choice for no-fuss, easy navigation sites.

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Interested in a 100% responsive photography/portfolio WordPress themes with sidebar navigation menu? Then don’t hesitate to check out Chitra. Thanks to its full-screen responsive design, Chitra is perfect for any type of creative work. What’s more, even though it features sidebar navigation, Chitra (just like other WordPress themes on this list) looks and performs in a sleek, functional and modern manner.

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Swift Ray

For those of you who are into blogging, or simply look to boost your SEO, Swift Ray WordPress theme is a great choice. For starters, it’s one of the fastest WordPress themes available, and the load speed will definitely improve your ranking in the search results. There are plenty of integrated features that make this theme both functional and efficient in terms of usability. You can add videos to your blogs, have a call-to-action button, contact map, etc. and still get the fastest results when it comes to loading speed. Now, this is a true gem among the WordPress themes and sidebar navigation fans are going to love it.

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Another fantastic full-screen photography portfolio-style WordPress theme, ePix won’t leave you disappointed. It doesn’t matter what creative niche you operate in as ePix is going to bring out the best out of your creative work. Not only does it have one of the top rankings for a photography theme, but it also comes with a ton of features unique to ePix, including the full-screen slider, stunning galleries, client login, advanced live Skin Editor, Visual Page Builder, Parallax, boxed or full-width site layout and so much more!

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Build an amazing site with PhotoMaker WordPress theme, as it will make all your creative work/photography stand out. Responsive and clean interface make it perfect for different size screens, while custom menu module makes it easy to focus on your work. What’s more, PhotoMaker allows you to showcase all your business services, not just your photography, however you feel like. It also has an obviously great photography feature together with a pretty unique blogging feature as it offers 5 formats for posts and you can show images in sliders, videos, galleries, and quotes. In-built contact template, as well as rich color skins, are more than enough to make this particular WordPress theme truly fascinating.

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Make the browsing experience smooth and satisfying for your visitors with Nordic WordPress theme. Of course, you can expect sidebar navigation, but also a full ajax theme, which loads only those dynamic parts. It’s clean and responsive, with a minimalist design so that you can focus on creating the best possible portfolio you can to present your talent to the world. There are 3 different types of homepages as well as a dark and light skin to choose from. It’s also retina- and translation-ready.

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Not only a sidebar navigation fan but also someone who prefers a one-page website? Then definitely check out what BlackWell WordPress theme has to offer. The one-page scrolling makes the showcased work very appealing and eye-catching. It’s perfect for an interior design niche, but it’s also great for coffee and pizza shops, taxi services and technology when it comes to drawing the interested visitors in. Of course, BlackWell is fully responsive, and even though you have just one page, the customization options are great and allow you to add a personal touch to the site’s appearance.

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For blogging enthusiasts, Krakatau WordPress theme with sidebar navigation may be just what they’re looking for. After all, Krakatau features clean and modern design, but the layout is still heavily focused on mixed media and typography to make reading the content a lot easier. Krakatau is completely responsive, which means that the readers can enjoy the content comfortably even on smartphone screens. This also includes images and videos, not just text.

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Contrast is a great WordPress theme that’s suitable for various purposes and showcasing the works of various creatives. Obviously, photographs look absolutely amazing when featured on this theme’s full-screen layout. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical grid. There are seven gallery variations to choose from, and the loading time is pretty great, which is very important for portfolios and even agencies. You can customize the color scheme and use your own logo, but plenty of white space will still make sure that your creative work looks amazing. There’s no limit to how much galleries you can build, and you can expect smooth animation and all post formats for the ultimate convenience. Social media links can also be easily included.

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RT-Theme 15

A great responsive WordPress theme comes with potent CMS tools. Essentially, it can have many purposes and uses, from business, corporate and product catalog to services and portfolio websites. Thanks to the Typography and Styling options, rebranding is quite simple with this theme. It’s possible to customize your own background as well as choose between 4 available skins. What’s more, RT-Theme 15 is internationalized and translation-ready.

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Mercina is a WordPress theme that’s specifically designed and developed for portfolio-style websites. In the Mercina Options Panel, you can decide how you want your website to look and the best way to organize and display your content sections. Moreover, it’s translation-ready and comes with some custom template pages such as News, Portfolio and Contact Page. Social links, video tutorials, advertising and Twitter widget are all included in the package and the theme allows you to choose among plenty of fonts as well as 50 background patterns.

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Want a gorgeous, responsive, full-screen background slideshow WordPress theme with a unique flyout menu on command that’s also retina-ready? Then Flight may be a great fit for you. Essentially, you can optimize the menu and adjust it both horizontally and vertically. The modern transparent look makes this theme very effective for a variety of niches and purposes. Of course, anything that has to do with artistry, photography and creative work will look both attractive and professional with Flight.

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond may be a dream come true for all the photographers out there as it’s modern, powerful and has features specifically intended to make showcasing professional photography more beautiful and easier. For starters, full-screen slider supports both images and videos. Also, you can create as many albums as you desire. There are different options to choose from when displaying your photography, but one of the most popular methods – masonry-style layout – is also available. It helps you showcase your work beautifully but saves space at the same time. Ribbon gallery and portrait format are also available. Of course, you can pick and choose whether you’d like to have a full-screen blog or a standard one.

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Another portfolio theme, Bedford allows you to showcase your creative work in the most professional, elegant and functional manner. Flexible grid layout system, as well as retina-readiness, makes Bedford one of the top WordPress theme picks. It’s easy to set up and simple to use thanks to the drag and drop Page Builder. Demo content is included, and, obviously, the theme is perfectly responsive. Not only is it compatible cross the devices but Internet browsers as well. Bedford is translation-ready and comes with three extra Post Types.

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This elegant and vanguardist WordPress theme is an excellent multipurpose choice as it’s perfect for a variety of niches and uses. Customization options are numerous, including the ability to play with background colors, page layouts, fonts, sizes, areas, etc. to add the ultimate personal touch to your website. Aside from the powerful admin panel, the theme also has metaboxes for everything. It also comes with Portfolio, Team members, Slideshow and Shortcode Manager, five widgets, over 600 Google fonts to choose from, unlimited colors and responsive design.

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Yet another photography-perfect theme, Lens makes viewing and displaying photos a true work of art. Fans of minimal and flat design will absolutely love this WordPress theme. What’s more, it offers full-screen galleries and slideshows, grid-based photo galleries as well as a journal so that photographers can track every creative idea and thought with ease. As a photography-focused theme, Lens offers incredibly smooth yet really fast animated page transitions. It’s social-friendly, allows you to choose between 600+ Google fonts, offers video support, translation to different languages, unlimited color choices as well as PixTypes and PixCodes plugins.

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Get ready for countless customization options with Samba WordPress theme! You can expect a smooth content load and color switch. Also, the menu can be collapsed and switch visibility across all the devices. Thanks to the WPBakery Page Builder, building a unique and functional website has never been easier. Of course, Samba is fully responsive and retina-ready, for perfect viewing on screens of all sizes. With this theme, you can easily translate your site on multiple languages as it’s also compatible with the WPML plugin. E-commerce installation is also incredibly simple, with added styles and features for effective integration of WooCommerce plugin.

When it comes to the Options Panel you can have as much creative fun as you want thanks to the ability to customize colors and fonts, upload images, include social sharing buttons, custom CSS and scripts, manage URL slugs, and so much more! As the main purpose of this theme is to make the website intuitive, 3 custom Post Types are also included – Portfolio Entries, Team Members and Slides.

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Sixteen Nine

It doesn’t matter whether you want to showcase your visual or verbal creativity as Sixteen Nine WordPress theme will make sure that it shines through beautifully. After all, the whole purpose of this theme is to use stunning design in a simple way in order to highlight your content. It offers the possibility of a custom background and is HTML5-based so that you can build the most useful website that fits your needs perfectly. Moreover, of course, it’s completely mobile responsive.

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Drury Lane

It’s time for something completely different in the world of WordPress themes with sidebar navigation. Drury Lane WordPress theme is designed with musicians, bands and artists in mind, and it’s also perfect for record label companies. As it’s based on default WP functionality, the theme is straightforward to use (there are no custom post types or page builders). Still, it offers 6 small custom plugins and two parts sliding homepage (Introduction and Out Now) for your convenience. You can count on the masonry-style layout, readable typography, retina-readiness, responsive embedded videos, share buttons, metabox for reviews, web and icon fonts, and much more!

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Built for photographers and other creatives who want to showcase more graphic work, Analytical is a full-width, responsive WordPress theme that’s highly customizable and 100% responsive. There’s also collapsible side navigation for larger display, expanded and collapsed as well as draggable text description box, easily accessible social links, quick-response contact info, Google Maps, custom sidebars (show/hide), both vertical and horizontal layouts, dark and light color schemes, unlimited color choices, a template for Portfolio and Blog Page, 500+ Google fonts, social media buttons, 10+ custom widgets, and so much more! It’s also worth mentioning that Analytical is WooCommerce- and translation-ready.

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Pager offers a genuinely unique blogging experience with beautiful HTML5/CSS3 animations. What’s more, this WordPress theme allows for self-hosted video and audio content as well as Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud embeds. Among other features, you also get custom Flickr widget, social icons support, full post-format support, a generous amount of gorgeous shortcodes, responsive columns and Google Analytics integration. This is not all, however, as Pager is translation-ready, allows all post formats as well as a custom logo and favicon upload, color customization and working contact form.

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Vacation Rental

As the name of this WordPress theme suggests, Vacation Rental is a perfect choice for an advanced booking system and property management. Essentially, you can’t go wrong with this theme if this is the niche you belong to, as Tevolution and Booking System plugins power the theme. There’s also a calendar checker among other powerful booking features to fit all your rental needs. By changing the widgets around, you can organize the homepage however you want and you also have the freedom to add new fields to your customizable reservation forms. It’s multilingual and offers everything a rental business website could need – from extra services and seasonal rate prices to booking discounts and travel blog. Obviously, Vacation Rental is totally responsive.

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Want to go really simple and minimal when displaying your creative work? Then give Rough WordPress theme a try. As it’s fully responsive, you’ll be able to showcase your work perfectly over multiple devices regardless of the size of the screen. And even though it’s minimal in design, the theme offers plenty of customization options to help you create a truly personal portfolio website. It has full-width post support together with customs CSS support and comes with Zilla Dribbbler, WordPress Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and Custom Post Templates plugins included.

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Daily Journal

For a fully responsive personal blog with sidebar navigation, Daily Journal is a great option. The WordPress theme always adjusts and adapts to the size of the viewer’s screen thus ensuring that the content can be viewed beautifully regardless of the size of the screen. As it has a strong personal feel thanks to the fun and charming design, this theme is an excellent start for anyone looking to take their content online. It’s compatible with all of the popular browsers, comes with four unique color schemes, it’s translation-ready and is always updated to ensure the best possible WordPress performance.

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Snazzy is most definitely one beautiful WordPress theme for creatives who want to share their work with the world. There’s nothing to distract the viewers which makes Snazzy’s minimal design a great help in attracting and retaining the interested viewers. You can share text, images and video content with ease. It only takes one click to create a lightbox gallery,  and there’s smooth infinite scrolling as well as full-width imagery display. Moreover, the grid-style portfolio will help you leave a powerful impact on the viewers, and the theme is retina-ready. Of course, you can customize the colors and fonts, and make amazing overlays so that your portfolio stands out even more.

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Another excellent WordPress theme for blogging is a typography-based Worldview. The theme offers really pleasant and comfortable reading experience so if your creative work consists of a lot of text, this is the right choice. Thanks to the large photos and bold colors, the readers are easily drawn and immersed in the text. Of course, Worldview is fully responsive and looks great an all screen sizes. This theme is mobile-first, and it also allows you to add a personal touch with Custom Header Image. Thanks to the Custom Design Upgrade, you also have the freedom to customize and personalize your site more, with tons of colors and fonts to choose from. Of course, you can count on custom social icon menu.

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Gridspace is a WordPress theme that is a great choice for showcasing images, be it horizontal, vertical or square. It’s fully responsive so that the images you share look absolutely fabulous on all devices. After all, Gridspace is a theme that’s built by photographers for photographers. Thanks to the clutter-free design, your work is bound to be the highlight of your website. You can also toggle between a grid and list view as well as set the default view on the Theme Options page. Customization options are also great as you get to upload your logo, switch between dark and light color schemes, add a welcome message and, as mentioned, choose between horizontal, vertical and square images (thumbnails). Three color styles (retro, dark and light) will make your website stand out from the rest.

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Minimal in design, with a clean, fresh and fully responsive layout, Moka is great for blogging websites and magazines as it also adds elegance to the reading experience. This WordPress theme allows you to create a custom home page as well as add sticky featured post or post slider together with recent posts and other custom front page widgets. There are also About and About Image widgets together with a Quote one and multi-column Recent Post. What’s more, Moka allows you to separate your posts into categories so that your readers can find what they’re looking for with ease. It also comes with Archives, a full-width page template, as well as social links footer.

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Designed to boost readability on all devices, NEO is a modern blog WordPress theme that offers sidebar navigation as well as smooth parallax scrolling. It supports various post formats as well as a functional display of videos, images, and audio. The theme is also great for any type of journaling as well as a portfolio. There are 9 custom widgets and 6 header style options, unlimited colors, plenty of fonts and icons to choose from, built-in ajax search function, boxed/wide layout, and a lot more! NEO is based on Bootstrap and comes with free updates and support.

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Metro CreativeX

Coded with care in HTML5 and CSS3, Metro CreativeX is an exciting WordPress theme that offers a totally responsive design that’s very clean and minimal but still has a colorful and fun side to it. The theme is straightforward to customize as it offers custom background, colors, header, menu, featured images, post formats, threaded comments and is translation-ready.

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When it comes to elegance and originality, Ginger WordPress theme is hard to beat. This is a multipurpose theme, which means that it’s a great choice for blogs and portfolios but corporate one-page websites as well. The content is structured into panes which are revealed as the page is scrolled. Thanks to the barba.js library, transitions between the pages are smooth and boost UX. Customizing is easy with the drag and drop PeHaa Themes Page Builder plugin and a PeHaa Themes Simple Post Types plugin. Ease of installation, plenty of colors, logos, header and font options, Google Maps, full-width sections, translation-readiness and many more useful features, make this theme amazing.

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This WordPress theme is built with the best user experience practices in mind. In general, Uidoyen is great for portfolio-style websites, but agency sites as well. This is a responsive, retina-ready one-page parallax template that features content-focused design, masonry portfolio grid, ease of customization, compatibility with Bootstrap, Google Maps and fonts, as well as many other amazing features to spice up both your creativity and UX.

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Again, if you plan to share your photography work online, there’s nothing better than choosing a WordPress theme such as Vlieland that will focus the viewer’s attention on your work. This theme has a split screen with fantastic usability and simple interface for a narrative and clutter-free presentation of your photographs. It’s built on Bootstrap 4, fully responsive, offers smooth transitions, complete customization, different post, header, gallery, blog and splash screen layout to choose from and possess useful shortcodes for photographers.

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Modern and minimal in design, Sobre WordPress theme is perfect for photographers, freelancers, video producers and other creatives in similar niches. It includes ten different homepage layouts and the ability to customize the theme’s appearance through the Theme Options panel. It’s powered by Bootstrap, features drag and drop Page Builder, offers excellent loading speed for better SEO, it’s retina-ready, has video backgrounds, and a lot more!

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The beauty of the Bullet WordPress theme is in the fact that the vertical menu is located right above the sidebar which makes room for all sorts of widgets and social media buttons. You may even want to include a contact form or recent posts. It comes with both boxed and full-width layout, parallax image and video scrolling, movable sidebars, unlimited colors and portfolio layouts, and is also retina- and translation-ready. What’s more, there are several plugins included in the package such as Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and Essential Grid, etc. Bullet is built on Twitter Bootstrap and looks great on all devices.

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As the name suggests, Vertical is one of the WordPress themes with sidebar navigation (vertical menu). This is a multipurpose theme that’s totally responsive and offers unique vertical navigation. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and features ultra-clean design. It offers 11 pre-made skins to spice up the look of your website and is compatible with all the most popular Internet browsers. Even though this is a rather simple WordPress theme designed with the ease of use in mind, the SEO tools are quite impressive. In case you’re interested in boosting your vertical menu even more, you can simply add ajax navigation. There are also some premium plugins included in the package such as Revolution Slider and Flex Slider. And with the access to 50+ content modules, you are free to customize your site however you like.

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