How To: Add a Free Responsive Price and Service Comparison Table to WordPress

If you are offering any kind of services on your WordPress site then adding a price and features comparison table is a great way to let your potential clients easily see exactly what you have to offer and at what prices.

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In line with the current trends in WordPress theme design, many of the pricing tables that are available today are responsive in design, meaning they will display equally well on a range of device from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

This guide should help you become fully versed in the topic of pricing and comparison tables and be able to decide on the best way of adding one to your site.

What are Pricing Grids

Just in case you aren’t entirely clear on what these pricing grids or comparison tables are, they are grids in which products, services or packages can be compared, with their features listed, and the price displayed for each of the different options. The details and specification of a product usually populate a column, while the features are compared across the rows of the table or grid, although creative designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of these tables in order to showcase the features of a service in increasingly inventive ways.


As these tables are mainly used to promote and sell a service or product, the design of this element tends to be eye catching and attention grabbing in order to draw in viewers and entice potential customers. Even though a standard table in WordPress can be created pretty easily, many site owners choose to utilise a premium plugin or theme with the capabilities to create a dynamic and high-impact table that can help them promote their services in the most effective way.

Examples on Professional Sites

As these advanced tables become more popular, they are quickly becoming the norm on professional websites where modern and up-to-date design trends are a key part of the marketing and sales strategy of the site. Some well-known sites that are utilising these responsive pricing tables include:

Pricing Plans at Git Hub

Options at Shopify

How to Add a Comparison Grid to WordPress

When it comes to creating one of these attractive pricing tables for your WordPress site, you have two main options: either build one yourself or use a plugin. While creating your own features comparison grid is not a major task, it does require some knowledge of CSS and design theory to ensure your finished product ends up encouraging customers to click on the call to action button rather than repelling them from your site thanks to some off-key formatting or poorly chosen colour combinations.

Unless you are determined to go it alone, using one of the many WordPress pricing table plugins is the recommended option here. There are free and premium plugins available to help you add one of these grids to your website and with many to choose from, the hardest part of creating one of these features for your site is probably going to be making a decision on which plugin to use.

The Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

To save you many hours of time and effort, sifting through the comparison table grid plugins for WordPress, here is a list of some of the best options available including both free and premium plugins for your consideration:
Price Table

Price table is one of the better free plugins for WordPress that allow you to create these feature comparison pricing tables. The plugin has a good rating from users on and when testing Price Table it was very easy to setup an attractive grid to compare features of a product or service.


This plugin might lack the bells and whistles of the premium options but for ease of use and getting the job done for no cost at all it more than serves it purpose.

Download Price Table »

Pricing Table

This is another free plugin for WordPress that lets you easily create comparison tables for your site. Pricing Tables is a popular download on that is easy to use and create a table with. It comes with three templates to choose from and columns and rows can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into place.


It is a bit more pleasing on the eye than the Price Table plugin but those extra features and design elements make it slightly more time consuming to get to grips with and build a table with.

Download Pricing Table »

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids

While the above two plugins are free and are able to get the job done, investing in a premium plugin of this type can vastly increase the amount of features on offer as well as the impact such a pricing table can have on your click through rates and conversions.

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids for WordPress is one such premium plugin which can take your grids to a whole other level. It’s an affordable option that has a good average rating on Code Canyon and has lots of great features.


This plugin generates the tables using pure CSS and HTML and the designs are all responsive so they resize and adjust to display on screens of all sizes. It comes bundled with 42 ticks and cross icons for making the tables even more eye catching and there are 20 colour themes to choose from.

This responsive pricing grid plugin for WordPress is an impressive offering and definitely worth a closer look.

Download CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids »


This is another popular premium plugin for building these comparison tables for use on WordPress sites. It comes with less colour and design options than the CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids plugin which makes it ideal for those who are indecisive and prone to spending days experimenting with different colour combinations and fonts.


The cells in the table can each have their own hovering tool tip for displaying additional information about each feature. The grids can be edited live so you can see exactly how each one will look on your site before publishing it. While the colours can be changed, the default settings are good enough for most sites so tables can be created quickly without any unnecessary tinkering from the user.

Download uPricing »

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables

This premium plugin offers something a bit different from the others featured so far and the majority of options on offer. The design is based on rows as opposed to columns hence the vertical reference in the title.  Each table that is made can be coloured from 10 different options which makes it easier to pick a selection than the other plugins which feature unlimited colour options.


There are also animated hover states for each table cell with the CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables plugin and the dimension of the table can also be configured to suit different sized site layouts. PSD source files are included in the package for those who require full control over how their page elements look.

Download CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables »

Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP

This is the last pricing and features comparison table plugin for today and it is a very popular option over at Code Canyon. As well as accepting the standard text entries in the table, images and videos can be also inserted with the Go – Responsive Price & Compare Tables for WP plugin.


As the tables created with this plugin are responsive, any images used are responsive too, changing size to best reflect the dimensions of the screen they are being displayed on. For those not interested in cross-platform compatibility, the responsive nature of this plugin can be disabled to ensure it is always displayed at the same size. The tables are also animated should you so wish, making them instantly stand out on the page.

This plugin also comes with over 90 starter templates to choose from to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Download Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP »


Adding one of these attractive and informative pricing comparison tables to your WordPress site has never been easier and for a basic table, the plugins can be downloaded and installed for free. For those that require extra functionality and even more attractive and eye catching designs, the low cost premium plugins on offer are a great investment.

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Joe Fylan

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