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Fancy Product Designer Plugin Review & Setup

Last Updated on July 9th, 2021

Published on November 19th, 2014

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Customized products are big business online these days – people love creating T-Shirts, Badges, Mugs and so on that are unique by uploading their own images and photos. Allowing customers to customize a product used to be a difficult process and complicated custom systems would need to be written. I have found a plugin called “Fancy Product Designer” which will allow you to add this functionality to your WooCommerce powered online store quite easily so you can start accepting customized product orders.


The plugin works with a layer system so the users can upload an image and see it on your product before they order, giving them a preview of what to expect when their product is delivered – this is great for online printers, T-Shirt manufacturers and so on. You can also use the plugin to set up a number of pre-defined designs to choose from and you can even allow customers to add images from Facebook and Instagram.

In this post I will show you how to use the plugin and add this functionality to your site.

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  • Enable a product as a Fancy Product easily
  • Add multiple views to a product, e.g. a front and back of a T-Shirt
  • Helpful product builder in the admin
  • Add images and texts to a view and set parameters like x, y, price, color…
  • Manage the designs for the sidebar and their categories
  • Settings tab integrated in the WooCommerce settings
  • Change product designer’s dimensions, styling and other options in the settings
  • Handle the default parameters for design and text elements in the settings
  • Over 40 options to change the text and labels in an own language
  • Use System Fonts, Google Webfonts (320+) & Custom Fonts for the fonts dropdown
  • Edit link for each oder item in the cart
  • Customers can retrieve their customized products from the “View Order” page
  • Customers can share their customized products with others by using unique URL’s
  • Open the customized product in the “Edit Order” page & view the element parameters
  • Save each element of the order as an image on your web server

Configuring The Plugin

Make sure you have WooCommerce installed and setup and you have a product added that you would like to use with the Fancy Product Designer plugin. Add the Fancy Product plugin and activate it. You can then configure the plugin settings, it has its own tab in WooCommerce so go to:  “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Fancy Product Designer” and you will see many settings for the layout and skin.


You also have an “Image Parameter” group of settings which control how uploaded images are positioned, centered, whether they are drag-able and so on.


Finally, you have a “Labels” and “Font” groups where you can make further changes to the front-end interface to fit in with your site.


Creating a Customizable Product

Now you have your main settings configured, you can setup a product. To do this, you can edit an existing product or add a new one as you would normally with WooCommerce but at the top of the “Product Data” section, tick the “Fancy Product Designer” box and a new tab will be added.


Click “Add a View” , enter a title and choose a thumbnail image for that view and it will be added to the product, you can then click “Edit Elements” to setup the customization for the product. You can choose to add the following Elements to any product :

  • Image ( Predefined Images )
  • Text ( Let user enter custom text )
  • Curved Text
  • Upload Zone ( User can upload their own image )

You should use the “Add Image” to set the product image which can be customized, so you here you would add a blank T-Shirt or other item to be customized.

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Save your settings and visit the product on the front-end of your site and you will see the product designer in action:



Loved this plugin – was really easy to use and integrates nicely with WooCommerce but it has a huge number of customization options which you can sue to really tailor this to your site – for a price of $39 I think this is an absolute bargain, I don’t want to think what this type of functionality would cost if you hired a developer. Using this plugin alongside WooCommerce you can have your own custom product business up and running in no time at all, and as I mentioned, the market for this is huge – I constantly see adverts for these types of products in my Facebook feed.

Check it out …

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