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20 Best WordPress Podcasts to Uncover What’s Happening in WordPress World

Last Updated on June 3rd, 2024

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The world of WordPress is constantly expanding, and new resources are released regularly. Hence, it becomes essential for everyone involved in WordPress to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, news, and updates.

Until now, whether you are a WordPress designer, developer, marketer, or anyone associated with WordPress in any way, you might have gotten the gist of new things from blogs, YouTube videos, courses, and attending WordPress events. However, now podcasts have become the most crucial medium for learning new things. Why?

Over the past few years, the art of storytelling has thrived. Sharing stories through podcasts is the new normal. Moreover, people worldwide are also excited to learn about new topics from the best podcasts, as they are easy to access and available free of cost.

The WordPress community is not behind. Many WordPress experts invite WordPress designers, developers, business consultants, etc., to their shows and share their talks through WordPress podcasts.

With so many podcasts on WordPress, it becomes really challenging for you to decide which one is the best for you. Hence, here we have compiled a list of the best WordPress podcasts that you can listen to to stay updated on all WordPress-related things.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Here are the best WordPress podcasts to listen to in 2024 and beyond to explore the WordPress universe and learn new things from experts about the powerful CMS.

1. WPMRR Podcast

  • Hosts: Joe Howard, Founder at WP Buffs

WPMRR is a solid weekly business WordPress podcast. It is the first WordPress podcast that is focused entirely on growing the business’s monthly recurring revenue. 

In this podcast, the hosts invite the founders of some of the leading companies around the world, such as HubSpot, Startups.com, Beaver Builder, etc. Here, Joe asks in his podcast how these founders have made their businesses successful. If you are keen to know the success stories of these companies, this podcast is a great option.

In addition, the experts discuss daily WordPress challenges, hacks, and other best practices.

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Since WPMRR is a weekly podcast, it has new stories each week to enlighten you with the best from the intersection of WordPress business. 

  • Podcast Audience: Freelancers, WordPress Developers, and Marketers
  • Average Length: 45 Mins

Frequency: Every Tuesday

Listen To The WPMRR Podcast

2. Matt Report

Matt Raport
  • Hosts: Matt Medeiros, Director of Podcaster Success at Castos

Matt Report is considered one of the best WordPress podcasts that provide you with clarity on your digital brand or business. 

The podcast’s episodes discuss the most resilient businesses in the digital, WordPress, SaaS, and no-code space. The ultimate purpose of this podcast is to allow you to build and run successful businesses. 

Several well-known podcast topics covered until now include 

  • Building a career in WordPress
  • Life after selling WordPress plugin business
  • How to build an amazing product, etc.
  • Podcast Audience: Entrepreneurs, WordPress Freelancers, or Startup Founders
  • Average Length:40 Mins
  • Frequency: Twice a month

Listen to the Matt Report

3. The Kim Doyal Show

  • Hosts: Kim Doyal

The Kim Doyal show investigates the 10+ years of Kim’s WordPress journey and topics related to WordPress and business. You will also listen to her talking to entrepreneurs about topics such as online business, branding, content creation, and sales. 

It is a must-listen podcast series if you want to learn about topics like WordPress SEO, productivity development, marketing strategies, etc. In some recent podcasts, Kim has talked about how AI is useful in content creation and the importance of organic traffic, branding, design, sales, and more. 

  • Podcast Audience: Online Business Owners
  • Average Length: 40 Mins
  • Frequency: Twice a month

Listen to The Kim Doyal Show

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4. Kitchen Sink WP!

  • Hosts: Adam Silver, WordPress Agency Owner, Business Coach, Public Speaker & Podcaster

Adam Silver has been part of the WordPress community for more than 12 years. He started this podcast to give back to the community. You will listen to Adam Silver talking about his knowledge and interests in all things related to WordPress. Each episode of this podcast is different and touches upon different topics, such as upcoming WordPress events, tips, tools, etc. 

He also interviews developers, designers, and small business owners to talk about WordPress relayed stuff. 

In recent episodes, Adam has talked about reasons to love data liberation, selling to enterprise clients, diving into WordPress maintenance for clients, and more.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users, developers, agency owners
  • Average Length: 10 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week, Every Monday

Listen to the Kitchen Sink WP

5. WP WaterCooler

  • Hosts: Jason Tucker, IT Director and WordPress Developer

Do you want to learn new ways to optimize your WordPress website? Then WP WaterCooler is your go-to podcast. Jason Tucker has been conducting this podcast for the past 11 years.

In this podcast, Jason invites various members from the WordPress community for roundtable discussions. The experts in the podcast help you leverage the full potential of the open-source platform by sharing best practices, tips, and tricks to optimize WordPress sites and ensure they remain updated according to industry trends. All of the talks are usually associated with the latest WordPress updates.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users, developers, and enthusiasts
  • Average Length: 30 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week, Every Friday

Listen to the WP WaterCooler

6. Do the Woo

Do the Woo WordPress podcast
  • Hosts: Bob Dunn, Founder of BobWP

Do the Woo is a podcast for people who want to listen to the perspectives of WooCommerce community developers, designers, or agencies who build websites, services, and WooCommerce products. This podcast has been designed to shed light on success and challenges through the journey of freelancers, businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs.

Bob Dunn is best at presenting WordPress information in a fun and easy way. You will love this podcast. 

  • Podcast Audience: Online store owners, WordPress developers and freelancers
  • Average Length: 45 Mins
  • Frequency: Mainly, Twice a Week, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Listen to the Do the Woo

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7. Your Website Engineer

Your Website Engineer
  • Hosts: Dustin Hartzler 

This podcast started in 2010, and Dustin has completed more than 500+ episodes. In each episode, Dustin examines a single subject. The primary purpose of running these podcasts is to share tips and tricks for building a successful WordPress website.

Here are some of the questions “Your Website Engineer” has explored in the past: 

  • Why should you use WordPress for small businesses? 
  • How to Analyze Your Site for Unused Plugins?
  • Creating a WordPress Pattern, Navigating DNS Settings, Why WordPress is the best CMS? and more. You will find many more episodes in the archives. 
  • Podcast Audience: Technical as well as non-technical WordPress users
  • Average Length: 15 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week, Every Wednesday

Listen to the Your Website Engineer

8. WP-Tonic

  • Hosts: Jonathan Denwood, owner of WP-Tonic.com, and Adrian Tobey, Founder of Groundhogg, Inc.

WP-Tonic is a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to learn about the ins and outs of WordPress, WordPress memberships, and WordPress online courses. Basically, they run two different podcasts: The WP-Tonic Show and The Membership Machine Show

Let’s know what these podcasts are about.

  • The WP-Tonic Show: Existing conversions with some of the popular personalities working in different organizations or are famous in the digital world.
  • The Membership Machine Show: This podcast is all about the technical things in the WordPress world.  

Besides this, there are also panel discussions that you would love to hear. With WP-Tonic, you are sure to learn something new from each episode.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress LMS users, enthusiasts, and online business owners.
  • Average Length: 40 Mins
  • Frequency: Twice a Week

Listen to the WP-Tonic

9. Women in WP Podcast

Women in WP Podcast
  • Hosts: Amy Masson, Tracy Apps, and Angel Bowman

The Women in WP podcast was started to raise awareness about women in WordPress and encourage more inclusivity and diversity in the WordPress community. 

The co-hosts of the Women in WP podcast invite and converse with women who are bloggers, designers, developers, or marketers in the WordPress community. The ultimate goal of this podcast is to showcase women’s achievements in the WordPress field.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users, bloggers, or entrepreneurs 
  • Average Length: 40 Mins
  • Frequency: Bi-monthly, every other Monday

Listen to the Women in WP Podcast

10. WP Builds

WP Builds
  • Hosts: Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley

In the WP Builds podcast, the hosts interview professionals, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and others in the WordPress community. They usually discuss plugins, writing tips, WordPress core, hosting, themes, coding, and more. 

Apart from this, they even release a half-hour episode every Monday on “This Week in WordPress,” where they discuss recent developments and news in the WordPress space in detail.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users, developers, and enthusiasts
  • Average Length: 40 Mins
  • Frequency: Two Times Per Week

Listen to the WP Builds

11. WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly
  • Hosts: Nathan Wrigley, Agency Owner at Picture and Word

WordPress Weekly is a live podcast conducted by people at WP Tavern. The podcast is targeted at all the people involved in the WordPress community. In this podcast, Nathan Wrigley interviews some leading personalities shaping the entire WordPress ecosystem. 

The ultimate purpose of this podcast is to explore the vast ocean of things happening in the WordPress world. Hence, you will be able to listen to the people who have made major contributions to the open-source platform. They talk about everything from plugins, blocks, WordPress themes, the WordPress community, events, accessibility, diversity, WordPress history and future, etc. 

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress developers, designers, freelancers, and enthusiasts
  • Average Length: 30-60 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week

Listen to the WordPress Weekly

12. The Agency Mavericks Podcast

The Agency Mavericks Podcast
  • Hosts: Troy Dean from The Agency Mavericks

The podcast is particularly focused on helping WordPress business consultants. It allows freelancers and agency owners to survive and thrive in the business world. 

In this podcast, the hosts invite industry leaders and successful agency owners. They talk about various things involved in the website world, such as web design, development, SEO, and digital marketing. They even share insights on how to grow your team, streamline your operations, and increase sales in the competitive era.

So, whether you are looking forward to starting, growing, or scaling your digital, design, or web agency, this WordPress podcast is for you.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress consultants – developers, freelancers, or agencies.
  • Average Length: 30 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week

Listen to the Agency Mavericks Podcast

13. LMS Cast

LMS Cast
  • Hosts: Chris Badgett, Founder and CEO at LifterLMS 

Chris Badgett is a passionate entrepreneur who loves to share insights about online courses, marketing, growth, and business development. This podcast is ideal for you if you are interested in creating more impact and income with your business. 

In every podcast, he features business owners, online course experts, and marketing gurus who share their journeys with the world. He also features subject-matter experts who share various essential tricks and tips for starting and growing a business of online courses.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress LMS Enthusiasts, teachers, course creators, business owners, marketers, and more.
  • Average Length: 45 Mins
  • Frequency: Weekly

Listen to the LMS Cast

14. WordPress Plugins from A to Z

WordPress Plugins from A to Z
  • Hosts: Jonathan Cutrell and Marcus Coach

Being in WordPress for a long time, you will definitely be familiar with plugins. These are available in many categories and are generally used to enhance a specific functionality of the WordPress website. 

With more than 60,000+ plugins (free and paid) available in the WordPress directory and other third-party marketplaces, it becomes really challenging to choose the best one. Hence, the host invites various top WordPress developers to their podcasts. They discuss the top WordPress plugins in multiple categories and how to insert them on your website.

Apart from this, they discuss about everything involved in WordPress, such as what precautions to take before installing any plugin, plugin vulnerabilities, and more.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users, developers, freelancers, and website owners
  • Average Length: 25 Mins
  • Frequency: Once a Week, Every Thursday

Listen to The WordPress Plugin A to Z

15. Hallway Chats

Hallway Chats WordPress podcasts
  • Hosts: Tara Claeys from Design TLC and Liam Dempsey from LB Design

As the title implies, Hallway Chats is a WordPress podcast where WordPress community members sit together and have WordPress-related chats. They share the stories of diverse individuals in the WordPress community. 

In this podcast, designers, developers, marketing consultants, content creators, project managers, etc., are invited to discuss their stories of challenges and success. The stories of the individuals from the WordPress community will empower you as a listener to understand their challenges and how they overcame them.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users and enthusiasts
  • Average Length: 30 Mins
  • Frequency: Twice a month, every other Thursday

Listen to the Hallway Chats

16. Think Like a Hacker

Think Like A Hacker WordPress podcast
  • Hosts:  Mark Maunder and Kathy Zant from Wordfence.

Think Like a Hacker is a very interesting WordPress podcast from Wordfence. It was co-founded by Mark Maunder after his WordPress site was hacked. That was when he learned how important it is to stay secure and clean with your sites. Since then, he has been helping 4 million WordPress sites to remain protected from hackers by sharing essential tips and tricks through his website and podcast. 

The Think Like a Hacker podcast covers exciting topics related to WordPress development, security, clean websites, and innovation. In addition to that, they also call individuals from information security communities to discuss security news and information.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users and website owners
  • Average Length: 25 Mins
  • Frequency: Weekly

Listen to the Think Like a Hacker

17. WP Briefing

WP Briefing WordPress podcast
  • Hosts: Josepha Haden, Executive director of the WordPress open-source project

WP Briefing is another well-known WordPress podcast that premiered on February 1, 2021. The podcast aims to provide listeners with quick insights into the philosophy behind the WordPress open-source project. It is designed to help WordPress users, developers, and contributors of all levels. 

Whether you are a WordPress professional or a beginner, you can listen to this podcast without any second thoughts. In this podcast, Josepha Haden interviews individuals from the WordPress community. In addition to that, they also help listeners stay updated on the latest WordPress news. 

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress users and contributors at all levels.
  • Average Length: 15 Mins
  • Frequency: Two episodes per month

Listen to the WP Briefing

18. Developer Tea

Developer Tea WordPress podcast
  • Hosts: Jonathan Cutrell, co-founder of Spec and Director of Engineering at PBS

Developer Tea is a WordPress podcast that helps developers connect to their career purpose and improve their work. In this podcast, developers and new-age WordPress enthusiasts learn about WordPress news, trends, topics, and other things going on in the community.

In this podcast, developers can get expert advice from the best people in the industry and learn new coding tips and programming languages that will help them grow in the WordPress world. 

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress Developers and Enthusiasts
  • Average Length: 5 to 45 mins
  • Frequency: Once or Twice a Week

Listen to the Developer Tea

19. How I Built It

How I Built It WordPress podcast
  • Hosts: Joe Casabona from Creator Courses

As the title suggests, How I Built It is another WordPress podcast that is ideal for those interested in learning about the stories behind different WordPress products or services. Various individuals are invited to share their stories of building their products, sites, blogs, etc., and growing their businesses.

The best thing about this WordPress podcast is that you don’t need to have WordPress developer experience to understand and appreciate it. In fact, if you are a WordPress professional, you will understand all the tools and businesses that are talked about in the How I Built It podcast.

  • Podcast Audience: WordPress developers, online business owners, startup founders, and more.
  • Average Length: 45 Mins
  • Frequency: Weekly, Every Tuesday

Listen to the How I Built It

20. Distributed With Matt Mullenweg

Distributed WordPress podcast
  • Hosts: Matt Mullenweg

Distributed with Matt Mullenweg, it is one of the best WordPress podcasts to listen to this year. 

Although this podcast is not related to WordPress, the hosts invite some of the most popular personalities in the business world. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and the perspectives of people who have overcome the challenges related to it. It is really an engaging and fun podcast.

  • Podcast Audience: Developers, Freelancers, Business Owners, and more.
  • Average Length: 45 Mins
  • Frequency: Two times per month, every second Thursday.

Listen to the Distributed

Final Thoughts: Elevate Your WordPress Journey with These Top Podcasts

So, here is our exclusive list of 20 best WordPress podcasts that you can consider to upgrade your knowledge and expertise about the WordPress domain.

So, whether you are a WordPress freelancer, developer, enthusiast, marketing professional, or business owner, you need to remain updated with all the trends and news going into the WordPress space. These podcasts on WordPress are the best source for learning new things in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

So, it’s your time to pick up any of the best podcasts on WordPress from the list and start listening to learn about WordPress tools and technologies, start or scale a WordPress agency, and more.

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.