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10 Ways to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Lucrative Money-Making Machine

Last Updated on January 12th, 2024

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Are you wondering how to make money with WordPress? In this post, we share 10 ways to make money using WordPress sites.

While the world is constantly evolving and the internet continuously dominating people’s lives, WordPress was created. Its main purpose is to help and allow individuals to make their own websites designed based on their needs and desires.

Many website owners establish grandiose objectives for their sites, such as earning enough money to quit their jobs. That is conceivable, but it will need a highly successful website. 

Fortunately through WordPress, individuals and even companies can make use of their self-created websites or webpages to generate revenues and boost their businesses. Regardless of the objective of your website, there is no doubt that you can make money with WordPress.

Because it’s so reachable and fulfilling, earning enough money from your website to pay for itself is a great place to start. 

By the way, we listed the same strategies utilized by million-dollar websites, so you may keep using them to increase your site’s revenues year after year.

10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Monetize your Website 

By imposing fees to fully access the content of your website or platform, one may earn money from it.

Display ads

Display adverts are often the easiest method to monetize WordPress. These advertising may show as static displays, popups, or native adverts on your website. If you think this is the appropriate approach for your website, it can even make sense to install a WordPress theme with ad space. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression (PPI) are the two most frequent payment types for display adverts. When someone clicks on a display ad on your site, you are paid under a PPC model. You’re compensated every time a user views an ad in a PPI model. As long as consumers click on your PPC ads at a regular pace, you’ll make more money.

Bloggers work with advertising networks, which match advertisers with websites to host ads, to post display adverts. If you want to show advertising, your network will pay you for ad clicks/impressions and choose which advertising will display on your site, so make sure you select a trustworthy network.

Earn as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers use their blogs to promote third-party items. They highlight items in their blog articles and include special affiliate links that allow viewers to click on a third-party website and purchase the goods. 

Your affiliate links are labeled with a unique tracking code that informs the retailer that the traffic originated on your site. You gain a portion of the money when people purchase a product on their website using your identifying link.

Because of the numerous chances for affiliate link placement, blogs are an excellent platform for affiliate marketing. You might, for example, write a product review or mention a product in a post about a bigger issue.

Sell your Skills

You can actually earn money by offering or extending your skills to online users for a fee. 

Plugin Developing

how to make money with WordPress - Plugin development

If you’ve honed your plugin development talents, you might be able to make a decent living as a WordPress Plugin developer.

Despite the fact that the WordPress.org plugin repository has almost 30,000 free plugins, many customers are prepared to pay for a premium product or service. When it comes to monetizing your plugin, there’s the Envato-backed CodeCanyon marketplace, which has over 2,000 premium plugins priced from a few dollars to $45. 

However, joining a marketplace isn’t the only way to sell your plugins; many plugin authors choose to sell their plugins directly from their own website. Making your plugins accessible on a premium model is a popular technique for monetizing them. This entails providing a free version of the plugin with an upgrade accessible for those who prefer to pay for the premium capabilities. 

Another somewhat different alternative is to make the basic plugin free and then charge for premium extensions and add-ons that enhance the plugin’s capabilities. The WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, which is free but can be expanded with a large range of paid extensions from the plugin creators and other parties, is a good example of this. This implies offering a free version of the plugin with a paid upgrade available for individuals who would rather pay for the premium features. 

Another option is to offer the core plugin free and then charge for premium extensions and add-ons that expand the plugin’s functionality. An excellent example of this is the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, which is free but can be expanded with a huge number of premium extensions from the plugin makers and others.

Theme Developing

Another potentially lucrative method is selling WordPress themes. The benefit of this company is that you may resell the same theme over and over again, generating ongoing revenue. To compete in the market, your theme must keep a very high degree of quality. You should be able to provide your clients with pixel-perfect design, well-written code, complete documentation, support, and maintenance. 

You have the option of starting your own theme shop or submitting your theme to well-known theme marketplaces such as Theme Forest. Having your own store entails the additional task of creating an eCommerce site and driving traffic to it.

The advantage is that you get to retain all of the money you earned from sales. 

Selling on renowned theme marketplaces has the advantage of providing you with a lot of free publicity. They take care of your marketing and advertising. Starting by selling on theme marketplaces and then transitioning to your own eCommerce site as you build popularity and brand exposure is a fantastic option. 

Offering Services

A person may post the services they offered and their corresponding fee on their website. They may also showcase their previous works to establish their reputation when it comes to the line of service they provide.

Construct an auctions website

how to make money with WordPress  - offering services

You discover what you want to sell from a source, then put it on your website at a price you decide on. Following that, when someone orders that thing, your consumer pays you the retail price you’ve specified, and you profit. Then, at a wholesale price, you’ll place an order with your supplier and have it transported straight to your consumer. Whether you believe it or not, there might be a significant sum of money stashed on the shelves of your garage or in your basement. The ancient adage, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure,” is true. 

This is a terrific opportunity to earn some additional cash, get rid of unneeded stuff, and learn about Ebay’s procedure all at once. While you’re at it, keep an eye out for the products that sell the fastest and for the most money, and explore the site to see what others are selling and which goods sell the best. Keep note of all of this information because you’ll want to refer to it once you’ve sold everything you can around the property.

Make a website for a job marketplace 

Job boards may be a lucrative method to make money with your website. 

The procedure is straightforward: people wishing to hire someone in a certain area will publish a job advertisement on your site, and your visitors will apply. 

The homepage of the Balance Careers website. 

You may either charge folks to advertise job openings or you can do both. You might also charge a monthly membership fee to access the employment board for your visitors. 

Keep in mind that for such a site to operate, you’ll need a fair amount of visitors. A firm will not pay to advertise a position on your website if you do not send them any eligible candidates.

Reviewing Goods and Services

Reviewing Goods and Services

Aside from selling goods and offering services, a person may also use their self-made web pages to review the products and services of different businesses. 

What do you usually do first before acquiring a new product or service? Most customers conduct some research and read reviews before purchasing something. 

By launching your own product review site, you can be the one to supply that information. Product review sites provide a wealth of opportunities for visitor growth and revenue. 

Product reviews, especially if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, can help you boost your entire blog income. Review sites may be funded using a number of strong strategies such as affiliate marketing and sponsored content, and they’re ideal for driving traffic from long-tail searches.

Sell Premium Content or Goods 

After a period of blogging, you’ve most certainly developed your expertise on a subject and assisted your readers in doing the same. Premium content is another popular monetization method among skilled bloggers. 

Premium content should include themes relevant to your blogging specialty while also providing insights not available in normal blog entries. Consider one of the following content kinds if you’re thinking about what kind of material might be useful to readers:

  • Exclusive posts: In addition to your free postings, these posts provide value. Exclusive blog entries might be completely new or can enhance or supplement current entries. 
  • PDF: Converting your longest blog entries into printed PDFs that people may purchase is another possibility. You might also include some added special information, such as a summary or worksheet for instructional pieces, in these PDFs. Tim Urban of the prominent blog Wait But Why, one of my favorite authors, uses this technique.
  • Ebooks: Ebooks are ideal for use on blogs. They take less time and effort to develop than other types of content, are usually less expensive, and can even be made from past blog posts. In fact, we offer a free handbook that will guide you through the process of producing your own. 
  • Courses: A comprehensive online class based on your themes is the next step up from an ebook. Use your existing blog material as a springboard for presenting your expertise to students in an easily accessible style via textual and/or video material. This will take some time and work, but an e-learning plugin like LearnPress may assist you in creating your course.

Accept Donations

If you don’t get a lot of monthly visitors but have a strong, active community, what should you do? Simply request donations from your readers! 

Accepting one-time gifts isn’t a certain way to get wealthy, but it can help you pay expenditures in the near term if people enjoy what you’re saying and want to assist you out. 

There are a number of different methods to start receiving donations. You might include a PayPal or Stripe donation button on your website. You may also use WPForms to create a contribution form on your WordPress site for a more professional design and sophisticated capabilities like email marketing integration. Check out the best WordPress donation plugins here.

Start a Hosting Company

Start a Hosting Company

If you work in IT infrastructure or web design, adding a hosting service to your existing platform can bring in additional revenue and clients, allowing your firm to develop sustainably. If you’re just starting started, a hosting firm can help you add additional revenue streams and goods to offer potential clients.

Web hosting is a service/business that provides storage space for websites that we visit over the Internet. When it comes to making money from it, it’s no walk in the park. It has the potential to be quite profitable if done correctly. The owner of the hosting company wants to rent the storage space as well as the bandwidth used. 

This rent is accepted for a set length of time and then renewed at the end of that term. The profit margin earned by the owner is the difference between the amount charged to consumers and the cost of operating their servers and providing customer support(s).

Also, with reseller hosting plans, you don’t even need to handle the infrastructure yourself. Instead this can be managed by a third party, while you simply put your branding on hosting packages to sell on.

Commenting in Forums

You may earn money by posting on forums. 

A lot of businesses assist new and old forums in generating interest. How do you do it? By incentivizing regular internet users, such as yourself, to participate. If a forum has become a bit stale, this helps spread the word, makes a fresh new forum look busy, and overall gives off a dynamic atmosphere. 

Consider signing up with one of these firms if you already enjoy participating in forums or simply enjoy being sociable online. You can get paid to post on forums!


You don’t have any money to invest in things, and you don’t have any room for inventory when you look around. That, after all, is the essence of dropshipping. 

You see, dropshipping allows you to sell things online without ever having to hold them in your hands. All you’ll need is a computer, an online shop, and a basic grasp of how to promote and sell products on the internet. This is how it goes. 

You discover what you want to sell from a source, then put it on your website at a price you decide on. Following that, when someone orders that thing, your consumer pays you the retail price you’ve specified and your profit. Then, at a wholesale price, you’ll place an order with your supplier and have it transported straight to your consumer.

Start a Podcast 

Start a Podcast

One of the most effective strategies to expand your audience is to start a podcast. A podcast may help you reach a focused audience that converts, whether you write for pleasure or have a business to develop. 

Your podcast episodes may be listened to on the go, at the gym, while jogging, or right before sleeping. In contrast to text or video information, which compels individuals to look each other in the eyes. 

It has the potential to help you reach millions of individuals. You’ll gradually amass a fan following of hundreds of millions of people all around the world. Hearing your voice is an easy approach to make an audience fall in love with you and your brand. Today, there are two major differences in how podcasts generate money. When you put them all together, you have a continuous cash stream that can help you make money podcasting. 

Direct monetization tactics are the ones that are now the most prevalent. When you sell the show directly, you’re doing direct podcast monetization. You may make money by generating unique material, reusing it, and offering paid members special access. 

Indirect podcast monetization, on the other hand, is a growing trend. This is when you utilize your podcast to promote other products. Your podcast becomes a medium for product promotion and demand generation among your listeners.

Make money with WordPress today

The number of ways to make money online without paying anything is only increasing. You may do freelance work, open a dropshipping business, design your own items, or advertise other people’s items on a blog. It only takes a little know-how and commitment to succeed. We hope this post teaches you how to make money with WordPress.

Begin working on your own company now to create something worthwhile and fascinating. It will ensure that your time and effort are put to good use, and it will pay off in the long run as you develop your internet profile, acquire new clients, and generate sales!

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