How To: Create Custom Register & Login Pages with Rich User Profiles in WordPress

If you wish to allow user registration and login on your WordPress website you will quickly find that the default system which ships with WordPress is not the best – users have to go to the wp-login.php page to signup and login which is branded with WordPress logo etc and doesn’t allow you to have any custom fields etc. There are plugins to brand this if you wish but a much better way is to allow this from a page on your actual website – that way people don’t feel like they are being dragged away from the look and feel of your site and provides a much smoother user experience. For example you could create a landing page on WordPress by using one of the plugins that allow you to adjust the design and use shortcodes to apply Profile Builder features.

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One very extensive plugin you can use to handle this is Profile Builder by Cozmos labs which provides a lot of features for creating registration pages which you can completely customize to your site’s needs, and provides a user profile system so users can edit the profiles, update details and so on.

Profile Builder Plugin

In today’s post I am going to be taking a look at the plugin and how to configure it.

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Configure The Plugin

After you have downloaded and activated the plugin you will need yo enter your key code to enable automatic updates, once that is done you will see a new menu item named “Profile Builder” which contains everything you need to get started using the plugin. The first page you should visit is the “Basic Information” page.

Basic Information Page

At the top you will see three shortcodes for a login page, a registration page and an edit profile page. You can add those now if you wish by going to “Pages” > “Add New” and creating and publishing a page for each, adding the shortcodes in the body. You now have a functioning register / login / edit profile system but of course, the whole point of this plugin is to customize it for your site’s needs. So under the shortcodes area you will see an “Extra Fields” section, so click that button and you can begin customizing :

Customize Fields

Here you will see a lot of fields added by default – you can go through and delete any that are not needed, you can choose to make them “required” or not and then you can add any new fields from the drop down menu.

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There is a huge choice of fields here to choose from so you can completely customize to your needs – some good additions are avatar upload, reCaptcha, along with usual fields such as username, website, password, email and so on.

If you visit your register page you created before on the frontend of your site, you will see the form in action with any custom fields you added :

Registration Form

If you visit the “Edit Profile” page you created, you will see what a user sees and how they can edit the details of each field:

Edit Profile

Enable Extra Modules

The pro version of the plugin comes with some extra modules you can enable :

  • Multiple Registration Forms
  • Multiple Edit-profile Forms
  • User Listing
  • Admin Email Customizer
  • User Email Customizer
  • Custom Redirects

Extra Modules

When you activate these modules, you will see extra links added to your sidebar menu to configure these, for example, the admin email customizer allows you to create a custom email message when someone registers and insert information such as their username, email, password etc – very useful feature :

Admin Email Customizer


The plugin is available in two version – Pro and Hobbyist at $139 and $59 respectively. The Pro version includes the extra modules Multiple Registration Forms, Multiple Edit-profile Forms, User Listing, Admin Email Customizer, User Email Customizer, Custom Redirects.

Plugin Pricing


I loved this plugin – it couldn’t be any easier to setup, enable the plugin – place 3 shortcodes and away you go but the real power of this plugin is all the customization options available to you. The WordPress user system is very good as it is but this plugin adds a whole new layer of functionality to it allowing you to build community websites. As mentioned it comes in two versions – the Pro version for $139 and the Hobbyist version for $59 but I think to get the most out of it you are going to have to choose the Pro version as the extra features included will really enable you to tailor this for your site’s needs.

I highly recommend you check out this plugin for an all in one user registration and profile system for your community website.

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