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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

The #1 Labels Plugin for WooCommerce. Increase conversions by making needed products noticeable, attractive and dynamic. Lead your customers toward their ideal product. Speed up the purchasing process and improve the conversion rate. Templates to make it nice and fast.

Key Features

  • 50+ ready to use templates – Our WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels offers 3 types of templates: CSS, Image, and Advanced
  • CSS templates – Choose any fully customizable templates with plenty of styling options
  • Advanced templates – Provide more info about the discounts you have
  • Select an Image template or upload your own – Choose from ready to use images or upload your own ones to highlight the product


Discount Timer templates

  • 8 templates – Place compact or large templates under the labels
  • Stylization – Style the timers regardless of the settings that labels have: set margins and add a more natural look by editing opacity or shadows!
  • Hiding automatically – When a timer is up it is hidden automatically with the label remaining on the products, and if you delete the label – the timer is also removed
  • WooCommerce sale schedule – Getting time from WooCommerce sale schedule option. Configurable per product

Designed to Sale

Get the most of our Design Label options to form a positive customer experience that leads to profit!

Opacity & Gradient

  • Call to action – Gradients and opacity are perfect ways of reviving your design and moving customers toward action by evoking their emotional responses to colors!
  • Eye-catching combos – Blend different shades of vibrant colors and create unique nature-inspired combinations by setting the gradient start & end colors!
  • Gradient orientations – Pick from gradient orientations (linear, radial, elliptical) that will fit the design of your site flawlessly!
  • Additional settings – Modify gradient size (farthest-corner/farthest-side), gradient position (e.g. top left/ top center/ bottom left/ bottom right etc.) and gradient angle to create one of the best stand-out WooCommerce designs!


  • Shadow effect – Create a deep multi-dimensional effect by adding shadows to labels to infuse new life into your design!
  • Shadow color – Liven up your design with bold and bright shadow colors!
  • Dreamlike haze – Modify shadow blur and opacity settings to soften the labels and create an endless variety of unique and alluring labels.
  • Shadow shift – Shift the shadows to the right/left or up/down.

Customizable Label Style

Customize labels to bring a creative spirit and exclusiveness to the online stores you run!

Label style options

  • Font size and color – The plugin offers a great variety of customizable features: use a background text color/ image and font color. Set the font size in the text blocks and select the units of measure px|em|%. Make the text look even better by setting the line height for any text in a label. Label height, width, and opacity are also adjustable.
  • Border – Customize label borders with border radius, border width, and border color to add more contrast to label designs.
  • Google Fonts – A collection of Google Fonts is at your disposal! Apply your favorite font anytime you need it.
  • Rotate – Use the rotation feature (-90 to 90 degrees) to make the labels noticed.

Size multiplier

  • Proportional size changes – Enlarge (or make smaller) labels proportionally (H+W) with the help of the Size Multiplier feature.
  • Another size for mobiles– Use together with Hide on the option to easily create smaller labels for mobiles
  • Scale needed things only – Each scaled option(font size, margin, etc) has sub-option to not be scaled. So you can make the label bigger while the font size will not be changed.

Label types & Tooltips

Discover the freedom and diversity of creating a more practical design with the help of Label types and Tooltips.

Label types

  • Label – Type of label displayed below the product image, left/center/right alignment.
  • On image – Type of label displayed on images, left/center/right alignment.
  • In title – Type of label displayed in the product title, left/right alignment.
  • Positions – Adjustable labels for positions Left, Center, and Right


  • Templates – Select the template for your tooltips: dark, light, or translucent.
  • Style & Feel – Set the max-width and tooltip arrow visibility. Set the way tooltips appear: open/close delay; open when clicked on/ mouse over
  • Tooltip position – Place tooltips right where you need them to appear: top/ bottom/ left/ right.
  • Image Tooltip – Upload your own image to use as a tooltip

All the features you need in the all-in-one package

  • Shortcodes for Builders – Some builders can miss needed hooks if you build the product from scratch. Just add our shortcode to the product where you expect the label to be shown
  • Theme compliance – We’ve added a special option that will cover 99% of other themes. Your theme will work
  • WPML and Polylang compatibility – Easily translate the plugin into other languages with the powerful WPML and POLYLANG tools
  • Conditions – Choose from 19 Conditions for the products labels that they will be attached to
  • Mixed Conditions – Mix conditions with AND or OR operators
  • Templates – 56 ready to use templates: CSS, Image, and Advanced
  • Hide On the device(s) – Manage devices to show labels on mobile, tablet, and/or desktop
  • Content types – 8 Content types: Text, Discount percentage, Price, Stock Status, Time left for discount Discount amount, Custom discount text, Product attribute
  • Background Image – Use Background Image for the label to make it brighter
  • Link the label – Make labels more useful. Add a link with the option to open in a new tab
  • Text Before and After – Text Before and Text After the main content. To add an advanced label use the new line option
  • In-label Shortcodes – Shortcodes for the main content, Text Before and Text After when Content Type = Custom discount text
  • Attribute values view – Choose from 3 views for attribute values as a content: term name, color, and image
  • Advanced Styling – Label background and font colors
  • Online Documentation – Check out the plugin documentation to help you get the most out of the plugin