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Oribi Analytics for WooCommerce

Oribi helps eCommerce stores of all sizes to leverage their store’s data, optimize their sales funnel, choose the right marketing efforts, and grow their business. This plugin connects Oribi with your WooCommerce store, giving you immediate access to a set of powerful features that will allow you to make data-driven decisions without the need for an analyst.

Once connected, Oribi automatically captures every step customers take in your store and gives you the actionable insights you need to make smarter marketing decisions. Stay on top of your store’s trends, know which content results in the most sales, and even export events to your marketing platforms, such as Facebook & Google – all completely code-free.

Key Features

  • eCommerce Dashboard (keep track of your revenue trends and recent purchases)
  • Shopping Cart Analysis (improve your sales flow by seeing where you lose potential customers)
  • Visitor Journeys (see every step your visitors take, what led them to buy, or where in the journey they left)
  • Channels Analysis (learn which marketing channels are generating the most revenue)
  • Export Events (send events from Oribi to your marketing platforms completely code-free)