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SmartFrame – WordPress Image Security & Compression Plugin

SmartFrame is a new image standard that protects your images from being copied, downloaded or used in any unintended way. When you use the SmartFrame plugin for WordPress, your published images are protected from right-click actions and common screenshot attempts, which will discourage most users from trying to copy your images. Furthermore, they also disappear from that page’s source code, which protects your images from malicious web crawlers that may try to scrape your site’s content.

On top of that, you don’t need to choose between image quality and page speed. SmartFrame uses a proprietary algorithm to compress JPEG images and maintain page load speeds. Whenever a page with embedded SmartFrames is loaded, images are optimized to match the resolution of the device used to display them. This means that images displayed on the average smartphone or tablet, for example, will be rendered at a lower resolution than on a Retina display.

Last but not least, you can add controls for image sharing and full-screen viewing, and place interactive text over the image. All of this is retained if the image is embedded on another website.

Key Features

  • Right-click, drag-and-drop and screenshot blocking
  • Original images invisible to bots and extremely hard to capture by end-user
  • Fast CDN to process and deliver responsive, always sharp images to any screen
  • Ability to zoom right into the image just by clicking, even in full-screen mode
  • Configurable buttons and caption for your images