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Under Construction Page

There’s nothing worst than visitors seeing a broken site while you’re doing “just a few tiny modifications that won’t take more than a minute” on it. You know those “little fixes” always take more than you’ve planned. Instead of clients and visitors seeing a broken, slow or unavailable site show them a fun and friendly under construction page. They’ll see you have things under control and return later when the site’s back to normal. And the best thing – setting up the under construction page won’t take you more than 60 seconds.


The Under Construction Page plugin won’t waste your time! You’ll have it up & running in under 60 seconds because we only included the features you truly need. Forget about endless options, configurations and things you don’t understand. Choose a theme, edit the text if needed (default is fine for 90% of the time) and click enable! That’s it! Done!

Will you be able to see the site while you’re working on it with maintenance mode enable? Of course, you will! You can quickly select user roles and individual users who see the site and can work on it. Everybody else gets to see a fun under construction page. If you still don’t have a site and are just preparing to launch it creating a coming soon page is a must! Creating one with UCP is super-easy. Write a few lines describing your new site, upload a logo if you have it, list your social profiles and click enable. Visitors will be thrilled, and you can work on the website in peace without feeling pressured to finish things. Whatever you choose to do with Under Construction Page plugin your site’s position on Google will be safe because we’ve included all relevant  SEO options that’ll prevent penalization while under maintenance.

This free, useful and super easy-to-use plugin is continuously getting new features. Updates come out several times a month and always include new designs, themes, options and user-suggested features. For now, you can put Google Analytics tracking on the page, but soon, there’ll be stats built into the plugin. A future feature is a newsletter form to collect leads, a drag and drop builder and many, more designs.

Key Features

  • popular – trusted by more than 50,000 users
  • simple & fast – guaranteed setup under 60 seconds
  • user-friendly – has only the options you truly need
  • fun – unique designs will brighten your day
  • SEO friendly – Google won’t penalize your site
  • Google Analytics compatible – track visits on under construction pages
  • automatic end date – remove UCP page on a preset date
  • mobile friendly – looks great on all devices
  • easy login – access WP admin from the under construction page
  • customizable – easily make a page that’s “your own”
  • 20+ contact icons – from email and phone to Facebook and Twitter
  • continuously improved – new version comes out every 10 days
  • great support – we answer all questions the same day