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Oxygen is a true site builder and landing page plugin for WordPress. Unlike “site builders” that offer some site building functionality but still require at a theme, you do not use a theme with Oxygen. Oxygen really is a complete site builder and offers a visual replacement for what is normally done by PHP theme files in your /wp-content/themes/ folder.

For checking alternatives you can learn about: Blox page builder review or Visual Composer with a Elementor comparison.

Oxygen’s flexbox layout engine makes it much easier to align and layout elements on your pages than you will probably be used to with typical page builders:

Use classes to eliminate repetitive styling tasks and easily get a consistent look across your site. Unlike other builders where you have to update the same styles in multiple places (at least Divi lets you copy and paste them around now), with Oxygen you can put your styles in a class, and then apply that class to multiple elements.

Now when you update the class, ALL elements with that class will be updated – even if they are on a different page of your site:

Key Features

  • You can build everything visually
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilities
  • Responsive By Default
  • Headers & Footers Made Easy
  • Design For Dynamic Content

Unlimited Sites. Lifetime Updates. Pay once.