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Extended Gallery Effects

How do you add hover effects to WordPress galleries? Native galleries don’t have any special effect or options for that. Extended Gallery effects will let you add hover effects with nice animations, colors, hundreds of fonts and icons directly from the editing panel of a post or page (and custom posts too).

Extended Gallery Effects is a revolutionary plugin. It extends the native galleries of WordPress so you don’t have to pollute your website with unnecessary shortcodes. and the management of the galleries is much easier than the usual gallery plugins.

You really have unlimited possibilities. You can use the many effects already included with the plugin but you can also create your own effects and save them so that you can build your personal library of effects. You can also transform the shape of the images to square so that they’re all well aligned and with a layout similar to Instagram.

Key Features

  • No shortcodes!
  • Extends native galleries
  • Hover effects
  • 600+ Fonts
  • Caption icons
  • Animations
  • Save your effects
  • Square images