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Where some page builders offer templates and other afford their users full creative control, Divi strives to establish a happy medium. This platform offers over 20 pre-designed templates, as well as an array of tools for its users to create and save their own layouts.

Regardless of whether they choose to create or save their own Divi templates, users are provided an array of editing tools that emphasize both intuitiveness and speed. These include real-time front-end designs with little to no loading time to reflect immediately on websites, as well as live previews of edits.

Divi allows for global elements, like headers and footers, to be added to all of your pages and synchronized instantly. This means that, once a footer is edited on one page, the updates will automatically be reflected on all of the other pages of your site.

Perhaps one of the most valuable elements set in place by Divi is the ability for its community of users to share layouts with each other. This optional sharing platform makes users’ access to amazing templates limitless, whether they’re on a free or premium plan.

Key Features

  • Customize every element of your websites
  • Use pre-made templates or start from scratch
  • Minimal (if any!) loading of your updates
  • Click and type – no “Settings” panel needed
  • Import and export layouts to your library
  • 46 content elements