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Maps Marker Pro

Display locations and directions on your WordPress site. Organize customized icons in tidy layers on a variety of maps and even in augmented reality browsers. Maps Marker Pro is your individual Geo-CMS that features the highest security standards and a moral code.

With Maps Marker Pro, you can

  • pin your favorites places with markers,
  • search for locations by using keyless geocoding providers like Algolia Places or Photon@MapsMarker (optional:
  • use the geocoding providers MapQuest Geocoding or Google Places with mandatory API key registration),
  • show directions for your locations,
  • choose from over 1000 free, customizable icons from Maps Icons Collection,
  • add popup description text or images for each marker,
  • organize your markers using filters,
  • choose an individual basemap, size and zoom level for each map
  • display your maps by just adding a shortcode – e.g. [mapsmarker map=”1″] – to posts, pages, widgets and templates
  • on the basemap of your choice: Open Street Map, Google Maps (road, satellite, hybrid, terrain), Bing (aerial, aerials + labels, road), HERE and any custom WMTS-map
  • and even in augmented-reality browsers like layar!

This plugin is built by a team with a vision. We follow a moral code and value the plugin’s security, your privacy and the documentation of our work. Read our mission statement here.

We are working hard on delivering the best mapping solution available – helping you to share your favorite spots and tracks, ready to use with free maps and free geocoding.

maps marker pro

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Key Features

  • Multimaps: The more, the merrier: Use Open Street Map out-of-the-box or Bing, Mapbox or Google Maps as opt-in solutions. Custom WMTS maps are also supported.
  • Keyless geocoding: No need for additional API keys with included keyless geocoding providers Algolia Places and Photon@Mapsmarker.
  • Filters: Allow your visitors to pick what they want to see by filtering markers on their frontend map.
  • Marker clustering: Tidy maps, minimal loading time: Create animated marker clusters for each map.
  • Augmented Reality: Create your world: Display markers in Layar’s Augmented Reality Browser based on both vision and location.
  • Dynamic marker lists: Sort markers by date, name and distance to current position and search or browse through all markers.
  • Service and support: Reach out via Twitter, Facebook, email or support ticket – in any way, we’re right here to help you.
  • GPX tracks: Sometimes it’s all about the journey: Display routes with optional metadata like distance, duration, pace or elevation.
  • Geolocation show & follow: And yet it moves: Share your current location and movements on the map in real time.
  • Import & export: From .cvs to .xlsx: Bulk options outside of WordPress ensure a smooth transition.
    46 translations: Thanks to over 100 translators around the world, more languages are added regularly.
  • Moral code: When it comes to security, privacy and documentation, the team behind Maps Marker Pro doesn’t compromise.
  • QR code: For those real-life moments: Share your maps offline via QR codes.
  • SEO optimized: Improve the local SEO value of your site by automatically adding links to KML maps to your XML sitemaps.
  • APIs: Want to go even further? Build custom apps or integrate third-party- services with our fully featured APIs.
  • Customizable geo-CMS: Over 600 settings in front- and back-end: Start straight away with optimized default settings and reset to default anytime.
  • WPML & Polylang support: Creating multilingual maps has never been easier, thanks to full support for the WPML translation and Polylang plugin.

For more details about our service, support & ethical code please also check out