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BuddyPress – Instant Messaging

Chat with multiple users simultaneously in BuddyPress. Now you can chat with multiple users with this Instant Messaging plugin for Buddypress. You do not need to go each profile and send messages.

Your websites should help user in socialising, it should be a piece of art you are proud of.


  • Chat with multiple users simultaneously. (100 Max Connections in free Pusher Account)
  • Store previous chat in history (DB), so that next time can check.
  • All chat will be stored in BuddyPress Message section. So if you will remove this plugin, still you won’t loose any data.
  • You can search your friends in chat window.
  • You can have a section called recent chat, so it will list the most frequent users with whom you love to chat.
  • It does not create new table in your database, so no performance issues.
  • All data goes through a third party Pusher API, so it really super fast.
  • It is very easy to setup rather than other plugins.