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Cloudinary – Dynamic Image & Video Management

Cloudinary makes automating your image, video, and rich media workflow easy, offering significant advantages over native WordPress capabilities. From upload to management to manipulation and optimization through delivery, all features are offered from within the plugin.

Optimize your site performance and user experience with faster page load times, advanced auto-responsive delivery, and better visual experience. Automate quality and encoding settings, scale and crop images using AI to focus on the most important region, apply comprehensive transformations and effects, and deliver on any device in any resolution or pixel density.

And with an embedded digital asset management platform offering full DAM capabilities, you won’t need to leave your WordPress environment. Take full advantage of advanced search, AI tagging, automation, collections, structured metadata, and an intuitive UI making it much easier to manage all of your media in WordPress.

Key Features

  • Automatically optimize and apply specified global transformations to pre-existing images and videos upon plugin installation as well as all future uploads.
  • Search and browse your media with AI-powered tagging and attributes including file type, size, format, metadata and many other parameters all within the media library.
  • Automatic responsive images for delivery on various devices in different resolutions.
  • Fully integrated DAM platform for a seamless media management experience.
  • Taxonomy level transformations allow users to set transformations by “category” or “tag” and apply these in real time.
  • Transcode, AI crop, apply filters, generate thumbnails, and more with our video transformation capabilities.
  • The most comprehensive array of image and video manipulation capabilities, powered by AI.
  • Ability to display videos using Cloudinary’s video player giving additional features such as bitrate limit, analytics, monetization, and more.