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FLATsite – Secure WordPress Static Site Generator

FLATsite is the most secure and intuitive WordPress Management tool for developers, agencies, PBN, SEO, and WordPress experts. With FLATsite, users get WordPress backend built-in and they also have the capacity to plug-in hundreds, even thousands of sites, and manage them all from a single dashboard.

FLATsite is the ultimate tool for speed, security, and website management. It features a built-in static site generator that converts dynamic sites to static in seconds. Plus, FLATsite even helps you to cut hosting costs in half by creating lightweight sites – excellent for speed and SEO.

Enhance your WordPress sites’ security, create and manage all your WordPress sites, servers and users with ease today. Just transfer your sites or build new ones with the ultimate static WordPress management tool. Visit FLATsite to learn more.

Key Features

Create a secure and ultra-fast WordPress website on FLATsite. FLATsite’s key points cover security, speed, no WP maintenance, cutting hosting costs, and more:

  • Static Generator – One click, no coding WordPress static generator to convert all your sites for tougher security online.
  • Security Built-in – remote servers, IP blocking, and static sites help to eliminate WP weaknesses.
  • High-speed Sites – Lightweight static websites require fewer HTML requests, so sites load much quicker.
  • Easy DashboardGet secure admittance to FLATsite and manage servers, websites, and users from one interface.
  • Maintenance-free – Set up with automatic WP site and plugin updates.
  • Staging environment – Test and find issues before you go live.
  • Reduce Costs – With no need for a WP database, you’re guaranteed to cut-back on web hosting fees.

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