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Air WP Sync – Airtable To WordPress

Air WP Sync is the only plugin that integrates directly with WordPress and Airtable.

With this fantastic and unique freemium plugin, you can import data from Airtable as WordPress posts, pages, or custom post types.

Data and information can be set up in Airtable and then synced with WordPress to create the frontend. With this feature, you can use Airtable to create custom WordPress-powered websites.

Key features:

     ➜ Airtable can be integrated directly into the WordPress admin panel

     ➜ Unlimited connections can be set up and published

     ➜ Display Airtable data in WordPress in any format, including articles, pages, CPTs, and custom fields

     ➜ Imported content can be marked as draft, published, or private

     ➜ Fields from Airtable can be mapped to WordPress fields: title, date, category, author, excerpt, etc.

     ➜ Create paragraphs, headings, and more in WordPress using Airtable rich text formatting

     ➜ Configure the synchronization method (add, update, delete)

     ➜ Data sync can be triggered automatically via webhooks or manually

     ➜ Or select update frequency