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Beaver Builder

BeaverBuilder makes dozens of templates available to its users, allowing them to customize these designs with their own words and images in order to make website creation as easy and seamless as possible. Users are also able to save their own designs as custom templates, applying them to pages on various different sites.

Users are able to circumvent WordPress’s editor functionalities with an intuitive drag and drop positioning, allowing columns, text boxes, and images to be resized and realigned with minimal effort.

BuilderBeaver offers a plugin that allows its users to switch their sites’ themes without losing any of their precious content. Whether BeaverBuilder remains users’ editor of choice or not, this flexible plugin ensures that any content is transferred to WordPress in its entirety.

This page builder is available in three different plans, depending on the specific needs of your business.

Key Features

  • Dozens of customizable templates
  • Reposition images and texts
  • Resize and restructure columns
  • Page builder plugin allows users to switch themes without losing content