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WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees For Checkout

Allows you to charge extra fees in the cart, based on the combination of multiple conditional rules that you configure.

The Most Powerful and Dynamic Solution for Creating and Managing Extra Fees

The plugin is for store owners – you can set up conditional rules where product fees will be added to the Cart based on what is in the cart, who is buying it, what is cart quantity/weight, which coupon used or where the products are being shipped

  • Charge Flexible Extra Fees
  • Conditional fee Based on Geographic Area (location)
  • Conditional fee for a Specific user/ user role
  • Conditional fee Based on Product
  • Conditional fee Based on Cart
  • Conditional fee Based on Payment Method


WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees For Checkout

Key Features

  • Plugin has 16 types of options to allow to charge extra fees
  • Add Custom Fee to WooCommerce Cart Dynamically
  • Add extra fees based on combination of multiple conditions
  • Additional parameters such as ,>=,<= available for cart total, quantity, weight – Decrease total order value on a specific condition
  • New Feature: Apply Fee Per Product/Cart Quantity
  • Charge Fees by Fixed Amount OR Percentage
  • Set Multiple Conditions for Extra Fees
  • Schedule Fees for Particular Time Period
  • Advanced WooCommerce Conditional Rules
  • 100% Compatible with WPML